An Urge – Public Awareness Message by Team Citizen Awareness Program

Education is the foremost thing required
Because without it only defeats are acquired
An Urge is a story about a lesson that a journalist learnt from an unlikely source; a boy aged 10, who sold newspapers. The story begins with the journalist reflecting upon a past encounter with a boy named Riaz after receiving an e-mail from him many years later.
• To highlight the loopholes of education system in our society.
• To discuss about the need of basic education in children.
• To research out the fact that our children have an urge to seek knowledge.
• To find out the fasts that how our society can help such children who want to be educated.
This story is a testament to the fact that our youth is thirsty for education.

Directed & Produced by:
Tornado Productions for Citizen Awareness Program

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