A Militant Nation


By: Habib Ullah Khan – Senior Member – Citizen Awareness Program

This 6th September 2013 marks the 48th anniversary of Pakistan Defense Day. For those who don’t know why Pakistan celebrates defending its borders from its eternal enemy: India, here is a synopsis of why Pakistan is a militant nation.

On the early morning of 6th September 1965, India did a surprise attack against Pakistan from the direction of the Lahore sector. The Indians targeted a small civilian convoy which was utterly destroyed in this cowardly unprovoked attack. When the reports reached the then President Field Marshall Ayub Khan, he got on Radio Pakistan and did a very emotional and extremely patriotic speech which shook the Pakistani nation to the core. Though this speech was only 10 minutes long, it still has lasting effects even to this day and is seen as one of the most genuine speeches ever made by any leader of Pakistan. This speech contained the opening remarks of the Indian attack by the Field Marshall, and then a call to arms (‘Jang’ meaning War in Urdu) and a finishing remark of telling the ‘Jawans’ (young soldiers) of Pakistan Army to go forth and crush the enemy for all eternity.

This speech and then the period of the war which lasted only 17 days saw the most remarkable and uplifting events which occurred in Pakistan like synchronized events. No one in that month alone commit any petty (or large) crimes, everyone in the nation stood up defiantly to the Indian aggression and even the prisoners started to donate their blood and repented from crimes and life of sin, wherever the Pakistan Army went, they were welcomed with not only open arms but also with supplies and support to the front lines. One event stands a testament to the resilience of the Pakistani nation, and that occurred in the Sialkot sector of the country where the third biggest tank battle (after the tank battles of World War I and World War II) occurred, people from the cities and villages clad in field hockey gear, small firearms, swords and machetes came out on the streets to defend the honor and sanctity of Pakistan, cursing the enemy to their face and uncontrollably marching forward to defend Pakistan with their fellow ‘Sipahi’ (‘Sipahi’ meaning elite Soldier in Urdu) to the downpour of such love and affection towards the soldiers, they too in return had to stop the people and tell them to have faith in the fellow soldiers who are defending the country from enemy aggression; celebrations of the Pakistan Defense Day is a testament to this fact.

Although not all the events can be listed in a small article like this, but the resilience, dignified and honorable stand against their enemy and a defiant posture towards the aggressor is most certainly praise worthy. Not only did Pakistan successfully defend its borders against the enemy, the Pak Army even went as far as capturing massive territory and land of the enemy and defeating many tank columns, often wiping out companies, battalions and even regiments of an enemy who was five times greater in number and strength, only gives testament to the fact that Pakistanis indeed are a militant nation.


For those who wish to listen to the Motivational and Historic Address that then President Field Marshall Ayub Khan did, below is the link:



Writer is a Senior Member of the Editorial Team of Citizen Awareness Program and can be reached at citizenawarenessprogram786@gmail.com.


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