Don’t count your chickens Mr.Singh

By Co-founder: Syeda Aminah Gilani


They say it right, don’t count your chickens before they are hatched. Prime minister Manmohan Singh simply resorted to overconfidence in response to Prime minister Nawaz Sharif’s considerate comment at India’s unyielding behaviour over held-Kashmir. He said, Kashmir is the flashpoint for another Indo-Pak war. While his statement was based on reality, Indian media, its analysts made mountain out of a molehill.

Prime minister Manmohan Singh went to lengths, saying if India and Pakistan ever have  war, it is not in his lifetime that Pakistan would win a war against India. I must say, it is an outright immaturity to respond to a meaningful statement with warmongering, he could rather dwell on to it positively, for it was directed towards a greater good for both countries as well as the region.  By now most of Pakistanis have known the fact that India is in a habit to behave like a man with a big ego, who would not accept a help even when he needs it the most. Surely, beside being a path to self-destruction, it leads towards destruction that will take under its radius all those who were wise enough to down play this country’s aggressive egotistical aspirations.

There is another disadvantage to such overconfident approach, many at times it takes you by surprise especially when one is expecting it the least, even proves fatal, as history tells us how countries that over-estimated their power had to fall straight on their faces, not by an equally strong enemy but those it considered incapable of twisting even a finger.

I must say, with Narender Modi, a conservative anti-Pakistan hard-liner coming into power in India, there is next to no hope for a peaceful coexistence. If a man of Manmohan Singh’s stature is likely to take refuge under war-some hate-speech then a man like Modi is going to turn the time machine backwards, where Pakistan tend to stand at the crucial moments to decide whether to remind India how smaller armies have made historical examples out of overconfident large size cheerleaders. Moreover, this time, toys we play with are bigger than how they were back in our last confrontations, we are nuclear.

Take for example the Indo-Pak war of 1965,  even though India refuses to accept how it lost, but we may regard loser to be one who requested US for cease fire. Reminds me of a pigeon that would rather close its eyes an approaching cat, self-assuming this action alone could block the danger nearing it.

Also, during The winter war between Russia and Finland in 1939, where Soviets possessed more than three times as many soldiers as the Finns, thirty times as many aircraft, and a hundred times as many tanks. Soviet losses were heavy, and the country’s international reputation suffered.

Other such examples are:

Battle of Manzikert / 26 August 1071

Byzantines 40,000 – Turks 20.000 – 25.000 (Turks won)…

First Crusade 1095-1099

Crusaders 600.000 – Turks 50.000 (Turks won But 70.000 remaining crusaders took Jerusalem. Ps. Jerusalem was an arab-jew city Not a Turkish one)

Second Crusade 1147–1149

Crusaders 520.000 – Turks 60.000 + 5.000 Arab (Turks Won)

Battle of Varna (10 December 1444)

(Kingdom of Hungary, Kingdom of Poland, Papal States, Croatia, Serbia, Bohemia, Bosnia, Herzegovina, Holy Roman – Germen Empire) 352.000 – Ottoman Turks, 50.000 (Turks won)…

Turkish War of Independence (19 May 1919 – 24 July 1923)

Allies (Britishes, Frenchs, Italians, Russians, Greeks, Ottoman Turkish forces, Arabs, Armenians, Kurds, Colonial Africans, Colonial Indians, Aussies, New Zaelanders etc) Almost 1.000.000 – Turks 350.000 (Turks won)…


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