Solutions for Pakistan: a brief look

By: Habibullah Khan



ISLAMABAD (News desk CAP) – The most recent incidents involving the new appointments of important posts in Pakistan has stirred much debate and general talk among the public and other mediums of communication (social media). A new army chief who has a (hopefully) clean and prestigious background, and willingness to serve the nation, and a new Joint Chief of Staff head who will lead the Pakistani think-tanks in forming real-time effective strategies for the immaculate defense of the motherland.

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has made his intensions of ill-intent and malignant thinking very manifest. Pakistan’s current situation has gone from worse to almost irredeemable, and there is not a government is sight to say the least. Soldiers are being martyred daily in the tribal and border areas of Western Pakistan and the illegitimate insurgency and full-blown rebellion has caused much grief and destruction within the country. The real question is no longer: “will the government rise to the occasion?” but rather: “will the government survive for very much longer?” in all circles of Pakistani society and institutions alike. The bloody war on terror has no apparent end in sight and has instead escalated to new heights with the appointment of the new TTP chief: Mullah Fazlullah who has vowed “revenge” against Pakistan for letting the Americans kill Hakimullah Mehsud and wanting to continue to cooperate with Americans on all levels (which is simply not true, Pakistan is looking out for its own interests).

TTP (along with BLA/BRA/BNP and other terrorist organizations) is an asset of the foreign intelligence services who are destabilizing and destroying Pakistan (from within) via suicide bombing runs, general bombings, riots, murder, plunder, hijackings, hostage-takings, jail breaks, and absolute chaos on all levels: even going as far as keeping a weak government of Pakistan in power (limbo). It is no secret that the Pakistani government on all levels is subservient to an offshore banking cartel which sends in jackals (assassins) to eliminate any real threat towards their mercenary criminals and private gangs. And all of this to keep Pakistani society under perpetual slavery, darkness, and illiteracy on all levels.

The main solution to these problems is a strong and well-rounded government which will take on challenges and take them into stride whenever they no longer pose a valid threat to the state (Federation) of Islamic Republic of Pakistan and will overhaul a new strategy to end this ‘unending’ war and establish peace and stability within the country and the region.


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