Unexploited Police resources

By: Co-founder Citizen Awareness Program


To say that Police force in Pakistan are the unsung heroes would not be an exaggerated statement, in fact Police in Pakistan is capable of dealing with high level life-risks with an absence of modern surveillance and security facilities, alongside meagre budgetary resources and huge pile of security threats at all times. Police Force of Pakistan is like unexploited mineral resources, we own it yet it remains useless for our mounting security concerns.

Police force in Pakistan has been ignored and sidelined while counter-terrorism is predominantly a combat that is naturally the jurisdiction of the police force. Each year, Police in Pakistan give away uncountable lives countering terrorist/criminal activities. Few of the most highlighted incidents of courage and valour are to be:

  • Attack on Police academy in Manawa training centre Lahore on 30 March 2009. It was a sophisticatedly planned terror activity, while 12 gunmen who attacked the building took it under siege, creating a panic among the citizens, who flooded across from nearby areas to watch the saddening event.
  • Countering the terror onslaught targeting Srilanka’s cricket team in Lahore on 3 March 2009, when a bus carrying Srilankan Cricketers, part of a larger convoy, was fired upon by 12 gunmen, near the Gaddafi Stadium in Lahore, Pakistan. Six Pakistani policemen and two civilians were killed in the attack.

When we talk about fifth generation warfare or unconventional means of warfare, it is predetermined that your enemy aims at striking at country’s internal stability which largely relies on law-enforcing agencies and institutions, therefore leading the country towards its natural death. Under these circumstance it anticipated to be natural that Pakistan’s authority, defence analysts, policy makers direct their energies at building an equally equipped police force, which is capable of fighting security threats and terror attacks efficiently.

Police capacity is critical for tackling terrorism and controlling hydra-headed insurgency-infected areas. A growing body of empirical research has established that law-enforcement, not military force, is the most effective tool for this risk. A RAND institute’s study titled “How Terrorist Groups End” also provides evidence that effective police and intelligence work rather than the use of force, delivers better counter-terrorism results.


Douglas P. Lacky gives lucid summary in favour of this argument: “The killing of civilians by terrorists is not war, but murder, so the social genre of terrorism is crime, and terrorists should be classified as criminals” and from this right he rightly deduces ” if terrorists are criminals, their natural antagonists are the Police”. As he points out, “most of the activities considered vital for any counter terrorism effort fall within the scope of standard police activity, including forensic analysis of the terrorist sites, gleaning information from abandoned terrorist camps, searching suspected terrorists locations, the penetration of terrorist organizations by under-cover agents, surveillance of suspicious sites, monitoring suspects,, and maintaining database of suspects. Hence, weather it is to combat insurgency or terrorism , a good police force is any state’s best bet.”

While Punjab Police and the government in Punjab has expressed the will to upgrade police combatant capacity, while collaborating with Turkish authorities for assistance, efforts are not likely to prove as effective unless provinces critically plagued with extremism are brought in the same wave-length as far as law-enforcement security upgradation is concerned. Currently, 177,000 policemen cater to a population of 100 million in Punjab. In Turkey, 200,000 policemen are responsible for the security needs of 60 million people. http://tribune.com.pk/story/567101/law-enforcement-punjab-police-to-be-remodelled-on-turkish-model/

Pakistan is today a highly vulnerable target at the hands of terrorist factions, which is not a secret to any being residing this country, thus in comparison to a secure and safer countries of the world, Pakistan has to increase its police capacity double or triple folds keeping in view high security risks.


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