Destined for freedom – Kashmir Day

By Citizen Awareness Program

Importance of Kashmir has to be reinvented, and revitalized notably in the youth of Pakistan. Preoccupied with issues of the internal instability, freedom struggle for Kashmir cannot be sidelined, although  the struggle itself requires a stronger Pakistan.

Future generations which are not only caretakers of a prosperous Pakistan, they are also insurers of the rights and justice for fellow compatriots, but also guards of our history and values.

Quaid-i-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah through his visionary statement declared Kashmir as the “jugular vein of Pakistan.”


Since the day Kashmir was forcefully captured  by the Indian forces, everyday is a black day Kashmiri compatriots, and each morning starts with a passion as that of Kashmir day for the freedom-strugglers.

Pakistan has been the sharpest thorn in the way of Indian expansionist desires, while Pakistan achieved nuclear capability, it left  Indian with an option to contain Pakistan’s support for enslaved Kashmiris, which was to create internal distraught in Pakistan, to disrupt peaceful socio-political life in traditional rival, which earned freedom from India 67 years ago.

Thus today, Pakistan is the victim of India wrath, coming out in a very sophisticatedly designed strategies to hit Pakistan where it hurts the most, while pretending like a victim being the culprit itself.

From early days till today:

Mughals have ruled Kashmir for lengthy period of time (1586 to 1752),  who spent money and time in construction of extravagant palaces and royal gardens, just as Mughal dynasties have done for centuries,  in order to showcase the  grandeur of royal lifestyle they enjoyed.

From later than 1752 to 1819 Afghan invaders captured Kashmir, but did nothing for the well-being of the beautiful valley, but let foreign traders plunder its resources.

Start of Kashmiri oppression:

From 1819 to 1846 Sikh community conquered the valley of Kashmir and that was the start of human atrocities on the people of Kashmir, though later after some time British sold out Kashmir to Dogra hindu maharaja, and from then onwards for a century Dogra maharaja enslaved muslim Kashmiri who were majority in population, while they were mistreated in every possible way.

In 1931, when Kashmiri had given up on brutalities of the hindu raja, they striked back defenseless and armless, they retaliated to give away 22 brave lives to become symbol of martyrdom followed by 5 million more later.

In 1947 when Pakistan came into being, people of Kashmir were betrayed in the name of a migration to Pakistan where innumerable innocent Kashmiris were slaughtered in cold blood.

London Times on 10th October 1947 published the news that Maharaja Singh has killed more than 2 million Kashmiris under his own supervision in Jammu and nearby.

In 1936, Quaid e Azam himself visited Srinagar, since muslims of India were concerned about muslim genocide in Kashmir. Quaid e Azam was warmly welcomed by Kashmiris, while on the other hand when Mr Nehru visited Kashmir after Quaid had returned he failed to win hearts of Kashmiris, therefore he was treated with protests and rallies against brutalities by the Raja.

Pakistan has fought fierce wars for the right of Kashmiris against heedless & obstinate Indian occupation of Kashmir.

Later,  international attention drawn to Kashmir, which was mainly for the efforts of Pakistan and its strong support for freedom-struggle in Kashmir. International organizations, including United Nations raised voice against Indian atrocities. UN had passed resolutions, signed and agreed to provide Kashmiri people’s right of self determination by holding a plebiscite. Time and over, India has violated natural right of Kashmiris to decide their future, while not implementing clauses of the UN resolutions, in fact massive militarization of the Valley of Kashmir was done, while Kashmiris have repeatedly shown their deepest resentment against Indian occupation by hoisting flag of Pakistan and chanting slogans in favour of Pakistan.

Freedom-struggle in doldrums

After Pakistan was striked in an act of vindictive vengeance from the Indian side, which left Pakistan crippled losing its eastern wing, struggle for Kashmir lost strength as it held earlier. Thus on 25th february 1975, Sheikh Muhammad Abdullah of Kashmir betraying his own people signed an agreement of withdrawal from freedom-struggle with Indira Gandhi, which became a huge turnover for the freedom-struggle movement, while Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto called for protest against this move which is known as Indira-Sheikh accord, it was largely despised and condemned by common Kashmiri people striving to get freedom form Indian shackles.

Kashmiris on the both sides completely followed the call of Pakistani Prime minister, and came out stronger than ever before.

Nevertheless, some time later Sheikh Muhammad Abdullah was exiled after being jailed for recognizing Indian agenda on Kashmir, while India called it Kashmir conspiracy case.

Pakistan has emotional, cultural, spiritual in fact a multi-faceted relation with Kashmiri people, whereas as Kashmir is rightly called the Jugular vein of Pakistan.

Each year Kashmiris observe India’s Independence day, Republic day and other days of that country’s national significance as black day, as the colour black represents denial, death or disapproval of Indian occupation of Kashmir.

Indian Army has been found guilty of uncountable war crimes in Kashmir including the mass graves of thousands of Kashmiris found sometime back.

Kashmiri resistance towards Indian occupation has spoken louder, clearer and greater than many freedom-struggle movements in the history.


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