The Last Ditch Effort

By: Habibullah Khan


ISLAMABAD (CAP news desk) – The recent turn of events have yielded extremely volatile and chaotic results inside Pakistan. The Khawarij (Takfiri) Tehrik e Taliban Pakistan are now demanding an implementation of Shariah Law according to their own interpretation of it. According to them, the Shariah law will be implemented in the following manner:

1)      Kill and maim all opposing factions of Muslims inside Pakistan (i.e. Ehl e Sunnat val Jama’at, Shia, Ehl e Hadis, and other sects already existing inside Pakistan).

2)      Promote and execute the plan to do as they please (rape women and keep them as sex slaves, destroy the entirety of the Pakistani state and government, take over the entire country and let it break apart from within while giving the Americans and Indians the chance to invade Pakistan).

3)      Brutally murder and punish anyone who opposes their point of views (i.e. anyone not belonging to their mindset must be killed).

4)      Public lashings, beheadings, beatings, and playing soccer with the skulls of our security men.

5)      Humiliate and destroy the Pakistan Armed Forces as an institution and take over every governmental aspect of Pakistan.

Their demands (besides being highly unreasonable) are brazenly against the very nature of Pakistan itself. They claim that they will talk of nothing short than to implement the constitution of Pakistan, but the constitution of Pakistan has a governmental structure lay out according to the principles of Quran (please leave aside the argument of whether or not it has been implemented yet or not; it hasn’t been so it’s useless to say that it doesn’t exist: it does, just not been implemented) which forbid such acts of barbarity and encourage a socially healthy and morally sound society, which is everything the TTP are not willing to implement anywhere in the state; besides being compulsive brazen liars, they are also hypocrites as well.

They themselves don’t understand a word of “Shariah Law” let alone implement any aspect of it! Quran clearly states to eradicate and brutally decimate anyone who spreads chaos, anarchy, and bloodshed in the land, the entirety of the capital punishment announced in the Quran actually applies to themselves! Then how can they implement any Shariah Law at all?!

To understand the game plan of the TTP one must also understand the words of Senator Louie Gohmert who most recently gave a speech in the House of Commons in the United States asking the USA to dismember Balochistan away from Pakistan. It is no secret that the countries known as Muslim nation states across the Middle East, South Asia, and Africa are being and have been dismembered in the past; examples include Ottoman Empire, Iraq, Sudan, East Pakistan, Central Asian States, and many other smaller countries. One of the bigger more brutal examples is Yugoslavia, though not a declared Muslim country, it used to be the 5th strongest military might in the world: was dismembered in a period of 6 years due to internal conflict while no other country from the outside actually attacked or invaded the country at all! This was the birth of the 4th and 5th generation warfare, where an enemy is brought down on its own weight by weakening its roots and creating doubts and misconceptions about itself via massive propaganda tool, lies, and extreme levels of deception and sometimes war like in the case of Iraq, Afghanistan, and now the threats towards present day Pakistan.

Pakistan’s last ditch effort would have been to actually bring in patriotic caretaker government who would have been able to stop the bleeding, patch up the wounds and given strength to the federation, however, the same corrupt jackals are still holding Pakistan/Pakistanis hostage. This situation must and will end, but in order to do so good patriotic, and staunchly Pakistani people must and will rise to take over the governmental affairs and stabilize Pakistan, though the bad news is that this effort will not be enough to save Pakistan, now a new body of war-council is needed, without it Pakistan’s enemies will simply overrun it while a treacherous, treasonous, and extremely moronic government is still in power. Pakistanis will have to fight a bloody war for independence from the clutches of such an enemy and the cost will be very high indeed, but if the right decisions are made and the present setup and the government are removed and a more loyal government replaces all aspects of it, then it is possible to ‘cushion’ the casualties and keep it at a minimum of 10% of the total Pakistani population, and even then 10% would mean at least 20 million dead and/or wounded, and that in by itself is a very, very large number by any standards, a scenario which is at this moment unavoidable.

The Americans and the Indians are sharpening their daggers and waiting with keen evil grins to attack and dismember Pakistan, though it would be a huge risk to them, they can’t wait any longer because the opportunity couldn’t have come at a more perfect time! The state of Pakistan has been weakened by the terrorist guerillas sent in by the intelligence agencies of the said countries, and the main target is the nuclear weapons of Pakistan; to weaken the country and if possible, to destroy its nuclear arsenal and dismember it as an added bonus. To do so, they needed a sold-out, treacherous government who would do the job for them: the Zardari regime and the third term of Nawaz Sharif did the job more than well: weakened the state by capitulating in front of the same terrorists sent by the terrorist organizations like the CIA, RAW, and Mossad (who already are an out of control entity and are wreaking havoc all across the planet to achieve their sinister goals of total global domination) and gave them ample time by staying quiet on dead serious issues like Kashmir, blockage of Pakistani waters by India (by building illegal dams on our rivers), USA now talking of breaking Pakistan into 4 different countries (by physical and covert invasion) and lastly on the way the Takfiri butchers have wounded the entire Pakistani state by killing scores of people: 100,000 plus dead and/or wounded civilians, and 50,000 plus dead and/or wounded soldiers. All of this done from across the western border line of Pakistan. A country considered safe by our founding fathers, is now party to the conspiracy to harm Pakistan!

The last Prophet (PBUH) actually outlined in one of sayings that the Takfiri Khawarij will be the same anarchic group which would take weapons, help, and muscle power from idolaters and other polytheists to destroy a group of Muslims who disagree with their evil, chaotic, and twisted ways of implementation of a law that prohibits killing and injustice wherever it may be through means of strict punishment and rule of law. However, the wrong and twisted interpretation of these laws has completely made the TTP a lost cause! They cannot be salvaged and must be destroyed at any cost in order to avoid a larger more brutal attack by the Genghis Khan of the 21st century: the Western World. For Pakistan to survive, its last ditch effort is for the Armed Forces to go all out on their promise to protect and Pakistan and keep all options on the table: first and second nuclear strike capabilities and haphazard radiological war fallout scenario. This would include every remaining institution of the country to do its best and the people themselves to help the security forces to restrain and repel the enemy propaganda and to even go as far as preparing for war time scenario by getting training in military-organized training camps for men and women to fight, act as independent battle groups (IGBs), support the frontline troops via man power, resources, and/or intelligence and an all-out preparation for worst case war scenario: the nuclear radiological fallout which at this point is the only probable outcome if things deteriorate at the same rate as they are right now. This will be Pakistan’s last ditch effort: do it die.


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