Roadmap to stone-age

By: Cofounder Citizen Awareness Program

TTP has finalized 15 points for talks with the government of Pakistan.

As rightfully commented by someone:  “isn’t it great! Pakistan is about to become a global tourist attracting for people visiting to observe prevailing stone-age life style”

The roadmap to achieve the above condition is given by TTP below, alongside our opinion;

Stop drone attacks

This is the most appropriate point by far given by the Taliban for the peace talks. Although drone strategy is a brutality inflicted upon the people of the tribal belt by the Taliban themselves, who are shamelessly demanding halt to the drone strikes, pretending as saviors for the victims of drone. It is noteworthy, Taliban have brought upon people the doom of drones by self-assumed convergence of interests with the Afghan Taliban on the other side of the border, who in reality do not have any common cause to share with self-acclaimed Shariah-enforcing Taliban in Pakistan.  – (Pakistan has a say and credibility as far as peace talks between US and Afghan Taliban are concerned, while Afghan government has since long been collaborating with Pakistan’s traditional enemies to support Pakistan’s terror factions, in order to keep Pakistan internally unstable, there are obvious conflict of ineterst between so-called Pakistani Taliban and Afghan Taliban)

Violation of Pakistan’s airspace by the US, sending  unmanned machines on killing spree is unacceptable to people of Pakistan, who are the official owner of the country and not the non-state actors trying to talk on their behalf, at the same time people of Pakistan have the same disposition and condemnation for the Taliban and their violence-ridden agenda as that towards the drone startegy. Public of Pakistan supports the armed forces, if an independent drone strategy is carved out by the Pakistan’s military to counter the threat from Talibanization.

Introduce Shariah law in courts

Don’t we already have Islamic provisions followed by the courts in Pakistan, after constitution of Islamic republic of Pakistan has clauses clearly instructing to abide by the principles of Islam and rejection to any laws repugnant to Islamic teachings? It would be questionable though, if Taliban demand laws that allow beheading of human beings for mere practice of freedom of expression or honor-killing of women for practicing free will in choice of life style, and marriage related decisions.

Here is more on Islamic provisions in constitution of Pakistan:

Introduce Islamic system of education in both public and private educational institutions

Islamiyat/Islamic-studies  is already a compulsory subject up till the high school in Pakistan, if Taliban are talking about radical extremist –producing  factories they  call madrassahs (which is actually a misnomer , since Madrassahs have an exalted, honorable position as a hub of learning activity in Islam, then there is big NO and NEVER).

See details on the subject here:

And here:

Free Pakistani and foreign Taliban captured in jails

Like we don’t already have enough Taliban lurking around the corner, blasting, and cuddling, and popping a cracker here and another there quite often.  This point is also the most expected one out of all the points finalized by the Taliban, at the same time it is threatening, since it has been reported earlier that terrorists freed by the courts and government, have rejoined terror activities. Therefore, freeing Taliban for a temporary deal would be mistake, which is likely to have long term negative impact on country’s security.

See here:

Restoration and remuneration for damage to property during drone attacks

Well, if they are not going to be used to conspire against the state on foreign aid like the course action of the terrorists has been for this long, but who will guarantee that?  Even if someone does, who will trust them? There are hideouts where Taliban train suicide bombers, brainwash and conspire against the state, but those innocent people these terror mongers are displaying a show of sympathy for are no short of real human sympathizers, thus mindless terrorist are only using audience-gaining tactics to win hearts of the public where they seek to operate more freely, crippling the future of public in tribal areas with venom of illiteracy, and self-destruction, while being an enemy disguised as a friend.

• Hand over control of tribal areas to local forces

Yes, only if they are not traitor like Taliban themselves. That has to be a foremost concern of the people and law enforcement agencies’ of Pakistan. There are already enough silent or either explicit supporters of the Taliban holding government offices, which has added fuel to the fire, while a unanimous national condemnation to the Talibanization is very crucial.

Withdrawal of army from tribal areas and close down check posts

Poor and innocent civilians cannot be left at the mercy of barbarics. It is like the assassins asking the body guard to let him kill his master. While lawlessness and suicide bombing becoming unstoppable, a mistake like such cannot be made.

All criminal allegations held against the Taliban to be dropped

This would be crime against the state, if it is done. The biggest damage done to Pakistan is not at the time of war with India, but the one done by the Taliban conspiring with foreign enemies to internally weaken and shake the social, cultural and religious foundations of Pakistan.

Prisoners from both sides to be released

This is surely smell of an  impending evil, while the prisoner release strategy has repercussions in the long run, if  this is done there sure will be rise of the planet of apes a sometime ahead from now.

Equal rights for all, poor and rich

Well there won’t be enough poor if they people are not brainwashed against acquisition of education as a sin, just as their won’t be enough polio-victims if polio workers are not killed by yourself

Families of drone attack victims to be offered jobs

What about those more number of victimized families Taliban have killed, are they hiring them in their team of suicide bombers? Taliban must decide what do they really want? On one hand, they are against the modern education, which is need of the time, in a competing global economic atmosphere, and which is actually a guarantee for a secure financial future. If pushing the government to offer jobs to uneducated herd of people, who are only capable of doing jobs of lower category, they are not really doing anything for them. The real service to the people of tribal belt would be opportunity for education, and health facilities (including polio-vaccination) and freedom of speech and choice, to which Taliban are completely in denial.

End interest based banking system

• Stop supporting the US on the war on terror

• Replace the democratic system of governance with Islamic system

• Break all relations with the US

As the terrorists are meant to be, irrational and mindless,  a famous saying goes like; anger and wisdom do not reside at the same time. Thus, Pakistan could either be a wise fellow among the international political circle, or it can follow the path of aloofness, and loneliness, which would bear no fruit in the long run if seen with glass of far-sighted wisdom. Breaking relations with US is a demand based on the same extremist enraged stance, with an absence of logic and wisdom, which is bound to make Pakistan suffer, while it is already in stuck in several problems.

Moreover, Pakistan could benefit out of cordial relationship with US in future, by improving economic and trade ties, earning access to US markets, following a more pragmatic foreign policy based on pure national interest rather emotional affiliations.


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