Is pseudo-liberalism taking firm roots in Pakistan?

By Cofounder: Citizen Awareness Program


There is a formal onslaught against conservative or right wing school of thought, labeling them backward looking, old school or radicals. Yet, it is awkward to observe more conservative trends among claimers of liberalism.

Liberalism is more of a tag name for those who tend to become part of appreciated or favored community among thinkers of current times. World is in need of progressive, forward looking educationists, intellectual in order to bring world towards a more cohesive, precisely towards a more peaceful world.

With millions of  liberals, why is the world still not in peace?

If liberals are progressive, has the world achieved development In terms of psychological and mental enlightenment, which could result in war-free planet earth?

If liberals are forwards looking intellectuals, has the world achieved equality and justice in terms of distribution of wealth, justice and political participation?

The answer is a big NO.

If I will only quote examples from history of US invasions it will take many paragraphs, and several words to bring it all under a single titled document.

Today, India which is known or rather self-proclaimed secularized democratic republic is not as liberal as it likes to portray itself to the world. India’s upcoming election is predominantly winning-game for that country’s largest conservative, right-wing, hardliner, pro-hindu, and historically anti-muslim political party Bharatiya Janata party (BJP).

Here is the face of Indian discrimination against muslims, where a muslim woman disguises her true identity under hindu attire to search for employment opportunity:

In United States, although two-party system brought namely a democratic political party in the congress which is known for being less military-minded party compared to conservative republicans. It has brought more ruthlessly military-minded policies during their decade of legislation in the congress, passing bills and significantly favoring decisions in foreign countries which are conservative in nature, based on either religious grounds, personal agenda sidelining well being of other country’s public, children, their safety and future.

US support to rebel in Syria:

US congressmen support  Baloch terrorists:

While in the most recent scenario, Ukraine has become host to a highly conservatism based conflict during this century.  Crimea is as important to West as to Russia being inevitable for Russian territorial security. Referendum has expectedly produced results favoring secession of Crimea to Russia, provoking a risk of a long stagnant conflict between Orthodox Christians of Russia and Roman Catholic church of the  west.

On the other hand, human carnage in Burma is a brutality which has not been  witnessed in a long time, where faith became the most conservative foundation for slaughter of thousands  in cold blood while those proclaiming to be protagonists of human rights remained lip-tied who are otherwise liberal enough to safeguard injustices of this kind on international platforms.

Kashmir and Palestine are still in a standstill mode. World watches, hears, ignores and moves on because their liberalism has nothing to do  with it. It is a matter of their personal interest, for what favors them is liberalism, and what does not is conservatism.

India files sedition case against Kashmiri students for celebrating Pakistan’s victory in Indo-Pak cricket match:

In nutshell,  the so-called liberalism with uncanny spirit of conservativism is the producer of religion-based conservatisim in many countries, in Arab countries, and South Asia which ultimately becomes home to extremists rightly basing their case on injustices of the world of liberals.


One thought on “Is pseudo-liberalism taking firm roots in Pakistan?

  1. Just because a country is currently governed by some liberal political party does not mean it is devoid of people opposing liberalism.
    The current govt in India is so corrupt that people are willing to chance with any other govt and BJP is the largest and oldest existing stable party in India. This does not make India any less liberal or secular, because by definition liberalism allows a party to have an agenda and views of its own.
    Your so-called faux liberalism has brought equality, justice and peace in India, a country that I’m a resident of and where Hindu-Muslim wars have raged on for years & are being stopped by non-conservative or liberal govts. You cannot negate the huge contributions liberalism has done for peace in current world by showcasing one or two examples which can statistically be ruled out as exceptions.


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