A Twisted Logic

By Cofounder: Citizen Awareness Program


In greatest wars and historical battles that countries have fought, examples of self-criticism directed towards the respective warring country’s defense institutions have not been witnessed, but by only those, whose name will always be remembered as traitors.

Shifts in warring techniques with sophisticated means of technological advancement has widened the battlefields making them more elaborate, where media in all forms is seen playing a major role through assisting physical warfare with cyber/media warfare.

Only a day back, Indian hacktivists hacked several Pakistani government websites as part of an operation called Operation Pakistan (OpPakistan), which came shortly after Pakistani hacktivists attacked website of Banglore police leaving a message for Indian Army to free Kashmir and give right of self-determination to people of Kashmir.

In the wake of more technology-based warfare, area of debate and criticism is not bound to be restricted only at self-praise, although it has to be used wisely, where trends of international media and country’s current position, its sensitivities and paining-spots are to be kept in mind.

Pakistan is not just any other country, especially with several fronts of conflicts it has indulged itself, media is its only option in order to communicate with the world around. Pakistan has lost more lives in its war against terrorism while it is perpetually being considered exporter of terrorism however it is a victim itself. Baluchistan and its Tribal areas are a hub of terrorism who are being  funded and infiltrated through Afghanistan where troops of several foreign countries are stationed while Afghan government, and that country’s institutions have aligned itself with groups, countries and factions that hold unbelievably preposterous baseless hatred against Pakistan. Therefore, surrounded by sinister conspiracies, porous border, and foreign backed insurgency, Pakistan’s media paying an enemy to its Armed forces, its intelligence when country is facing unprecedented anarchy and instability, Pakistan’s public, its defence institutions have all the natural rights to declare it treacherous.

If media was to be truly unbiased then Why Dur Darshan or Star News have not shown hours long media reporting criticizing RAW fabricating Mumbai attack as reported by several sources? If media was to be truly unbiased then why CNN or Fox News have not reported against CIA for funding rebels or fanning civil wars through humanitarian intervention in Syria?

>>> While none of these countries are under a state of war or enduring internal instability or foreign funded proxy wars, and porous borders neither blood-thirsty enemies are lurking at their gates.

#GeoTv the other day was arguing on tv screen their reasons for broadcasting an hours long reporting criticising country’s Inter-Services Intelligence after an attack on anchor person #HamidMir by saying: “We flashed Gen. Zaheerul Islam’s photograph during the report because we flash everyone’s photo while reporting about any noted personality”

Then they went on to argue with their twisted logic by saying: “It was the right of the aggrieved family to voice their suspicion, as any investigation starts from suspicion, if Geo Tv had not given them a voice they had gone knocking door of another channel”

Anyone with a little straight logic could answer their nonsensical argument by saying: It is not the matter of any family, it is matter of national security, and when it comes to national security nothing could be taken as compulsion for risking country’s worldwide reputation, and its wellbeing while we are in a state of war. Mature reporting counts in journalism, and journalism in Pakistan is on its lowest ebb where news making and sensationalism is a synonymous to journalism.

Geo tv has a history of Pakistan’s vilification, providing a sufficient content for Indian media. Hail #AmanKaTamasha.


>>> Here are the first three strategies of “Thirty-Six Stratagems” from “The book Qi” which is a collection from famous Chinese encounters, history of battles and wars. The first three strategies are very much in relation to Pakistan’s foreign-funded media using psychological warfare against the state:

“Chapter 1: Winning Stratagems

Deceive the heavens to cross the ocean

Mask your real goals, by using the ruse of a fake goal, until the real goal is achieved. Tactically, this is known as an ‘open feint’: in front of everyone, you point west, when your goal is actually in the east.

Besiege to rescue

When the enemy is too strong to be attacked directly, then attack something he holds dear. Know that he cannot be superior in all things. Somewhere there is a gap in the armour, a weakness that can be attacked instead. The idea here is to avoid a head on battle with a strong enemy, and instead strike at his weakness elsewhere. This will force the strong enemy to retreat in order to support his weakness. Battling against the now tired and low-morale enemy will give a much higher chance of success.


Kill with a borrowed sword

Attack using the strength of another (in a situation where using one’s own strength is not favourable). Trick an ally into attacking him, bribe an official to turn traitor, or use the enemy’s own strength against him. The idea here is to cause damage to the enemy by getting a 3rd party to do the deed.

Find out more here: http://wengu.tartarie.com/wg/wengu.php?l=36ji



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