The fault in our Peace-process

By Cofounder: Citizen Awareness Program




It is a strange reality that Pakistan’s peace process with Tehreek I Taliban Pakistan (TTP) are only lopsided mumbo jumbo, which inspite of producing homogeneity of opinion among the citizens has become a catalyst of increased confusion, clash of perceptions in a nutshell this is “failure” on the part of the government made presentable by a little unnecessary embellishments of astounding words like “National Interest”, “dedication” , “Economic Progress”, “Peace” etc.

However, national interest is naturally a phenomenon involving multiple stake-holders, perceptions, thinkers and school of thoughts shaping country’s national outlook. Whereas, Pakistan’s peace process is flooded with more inward-looking unipolarity of opinion from the conservative school of thought, which offers unmitigated  acceptance towards thought process, and demands of the Taliban.

Nowhere in the world a precedence of this kind has been witnessed. If the Taliban demand to cut-off any relations with United States, is Pakistan in a position to do so? If Taliban demand to implement Shariah Law above all others, are we ready to accept such a demand? – Even if a large majority of reality-oriented citizens have serious reservation over these demands, who is representing them? Repeatedly, voices of either Maulana this and Maulana that comes echoing out of the television screens supporting the cause of Taliban, calling their demands reasonable enough to be accepted, leaving whole bunch of progressive-looking divergent opinion-makers in a complete state of agony and discomfort.

While keeping the philosophical and theoretical aspects of delusional peace process aside, factual realities provide exceptionally undeniable evidence of “failure” of the peace process, not as an obligatory option for conflict resolution, but in its spirit. Pakistan’s attempt to Peace talks is thus faltered in spirit, initiated with a hunch of “peace-for-any-cost” it was bound to provide an upper-hand to Taliban at the cost of sacrificing national-pride and progress as a tolerant society.

America is all set to leave the Afghan soil on a cordial note, peace-process between the Afghan Taliban and United States could never be brought to comparison with the one in Pakistan as done by few supporters of Pakistani peace process, rationally because America have had fought a war on a foreign land whereas Pakistan is fighting one on its own soil, therefore, we compelled to make decisions which produce healthy outcome for a longer period of time, considering global development targets of: Higher literacy rate, improved system of education, discouragement of gender-discrimination in term sof education, economical upheaval, increase in international activities of peace, and many more which are essential for achieving prosperous Pakistan. Does Taliban-imposed Shariah laws capable of bringing Pakistan on the par set by the global development standards?

A few weeks back, Jamaat-i-Islami emir Sirajul Haq says the government should give serious consideration to the Taliban demands if it does not want more bloodshed in the country: – How could one expect peace out of these self-styled advocators of peace in Pakistan? By the statement itself it is clear that government has given in to the journey of failing the people, this country’s founding father, an economically progressive Pakistan, tolerance, peace, pluralism.

Moreover, Munawar Hassan has requested the government to appeal the Afghan Taliban to support the peace process in Pakistan, oblivious of the fact that Pakistan has an internationally recognized reputation to build, and by giving place of high regard to Afghan Taliban in a matter of national significance, it would further darken position of Pakistan:

>>> In an op-ed by Declan Walsh, it has been reinstated that Tehreek I Taliban Pakistan are enduring a spell of internal fraught over the leadership of Mehsud Tribe, while peace process is only a leverage for TTP to regain its strength before it resume the work it knows best. Declan Walsh reveals eye-opening realities of Afghan army and intelligence support for militants in Pakistan, and money being invested into them. This also brings into question credibility of successful peace talks (if achieved) as in his op-ed Mr. Walsh also states: “Equally, though, Afghan officials recognize that Taliban factions are highly unreliable allies. And a Western analyst cautioned that it would be a mistake to see the Taliban purely as puppets of the various spy agencies in the region. “They’ll take money from whoever is handing it out, as long as it suits them,” the analyst said, speaking on the condition of anonymity. “But they’ve very much got their own mind.”:


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