Attack of a vicious enemy

By Cofounder: Citizen Awareness Program


A universal idea of Sunday night as a family recreational time changed into a nightmare when approximately ten terrorists broke into Jinnah International airport with forged ASF identity cards with an unexpected sophisticated efficiency.

Pakistan’s outlawed tehreek e Taliban Pakistan accepted the responsibility for the attack; the terror attack has taken place few days after Pakistan military launched its aerial offensive on North Waziristan, blowing away terrorist hideouts.

International media, alongside Pakistan’s so-called liberal school of thought has held the armed forces and the ISI responsible for the security breach, while if they had not uttered their baseless prejudice of Pakistan military and the intelligence, it would be a more concerning for the audience. Doing away with their duty, ISI had already informed about an expected attack in Karachi, further measures were naturally to be taken by the ruling political elite, dispatching required orders.

Since the day PML n government has sworn into the parliament, peace talks have been its most sincerely towed line of action among all others, which remained unabated ignoring prejudice and disapproval of the idea from various quarters, but Tehreek e Taliban has only returned it with disregard for all the efforts of the government and military who supported government’s decision, reluctantly so. Whereas, TTP continued to carry its agenda of bloodshed and violence throughout.

The Questions arise after North Waziristan operation and each time they are brought to their knees by the armed forces: Tehreek e Taliban muster the strength and logistics and revive itself after Pakistan’s massive well-equipped military assault that shatters it into pieces, while it could still gather itself into power to reciprocate an attack as well-planned as Jinnah International airport as it does each time.  HOW? BY WHOSE SUPPORT? Logically speaking, Uzbek miscreants sent by the TTP could not be trained indigenously, single-handedly by the outlawed faction, there has to be an outside support from various expected quarters who are perpetually aimed at bringing down Pakistan to the lowest ebb, where it loses the strength to stand on its own legs.

A wiki leak cable has already revealed that  the Afghan government admitted to hosting about 500 Baloch and Sindhi separatists in a camp in Kandahar.

Pakistan has all the right reason to believe India is behind  the attacks on Jinnah International airport, beside the proof of  weaponry found with the bodies of militants gunned down by the security forces, Indo-Afghan nexus is openly manipulating Afghan soil to carry out attacks on Pakistan, with Kandahar and Kunar provinces as base training camps for militants sent to attack Pakistan’s sensitive installations.

Rumors and self-assumed notion over involvement of Pakistan’s intelligence in attacks on Afghan Indian embassy, and just recently involvement in an attempt to assassinate Afghanistan’s presidential candidate  Abdullah Abdullah, and various other such baseless accusations are always keep hurling at Pakistan from across the border. Although Pakistan has repeatedly denied any such allegations:–of-links-with-Abdullah-Abdullah-attack

Afghanistan’s growing venom against Pakistan speaks louder than the bombs NATO has blown Afghan land with.

On the other hand, Pakistan’s traditional enemy hissing its desire to strike on the east of Pakistan have finally brought into the parliament a government whose ideology completely coincides with that of India’s nation. The election that occurred in India was a demonstration of pent-up hatred and venom that country  held for Pakistan, which has practically become a mascot of victory for Narender Modi, who’s considered Buddha of Hindu nationalism considering his relentless hate-mongering against Pakistan.

Pakistan has been repeatedly threatened by Narender Modi himself, while many of his keen supporters consider their leader Chanakya of India, someone who follows viciously crafty and cunning diplomatic teachings of Chanakya, at countering an enemy using faceless weapons.




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