Zarb-e-Azb against foreign-backed militants is on

By Cofounder: Citizen Awareness Program



#IMU: If it was Pakistan-based militants fighting on a foreign land, would it be as simple to escape a blame, as it is for the respective countries of foreign militants fighting against #PakistanMilitary?

Pakistan should raise the matter before the embassies of these countries present in Pakistan, as well as with international organizations.

As it is noteworthy, there has been a huge shift in course of action of IMU, after the 9/11, While they seem quite well-trained at what they do, even better than #TehreekeTalibanPakistan, which strongly indicates to the established notion that they are special-equipped mercenaries hired to carry out high-value operations in Pakistan, considering the installations of sensitive nature attacked by the uzbek, chechen & foreign militants. As intelligence reports have proven them to be part of several major terrorist attacks in Pakistan including PNS Mehran base, #karachiAirportAttack, Bannu Jailbreak incident, Dera Ismail Khan Jailbreak incident, Lal masjid, and several other incidents of great significance.

“”” stating the above facts, an important highlight from the attacks of Uzbek militants is their military-exclusive and quite defined selection of targets, while their have been minimal reported IMU violence in Uzbekistan, and other central asian countries, which was their real dominion of operation. What drives their Pakistan and Pakistan Army exclusive violence, when they have left their own country and region in the hands of an unislamic government? – The reasons are financial.

IMU claim to be strictly in favor of fighting for the cause of Islam, it is noteworthy that many of them have as minimal knowledge of Islam as their counterparts in #TTP.  #IMU were expelled out of Uzbekistan by the President Islam Karimov who held strict opinion about Islamists and raided on them who in result  flew from Uzbekistan in order to take refuge in neighboring Tajikistan and Afghanistan and later joining hands with the Afghan Taliban, where they were involved in notorious business of drug trafficking, while fighting alongside Afghan Taliban against the NATO troops before they turned to rampage Pakistan.

Uzbek militants, fighting  #PakistanArmy under the banner of Islamic movement of Uzbekistan IMU are one of the most fanatic, lethal and ruthless group of terrorists who kept merging themselves with organizations like TTP and Afghan Taliban or al-Qaida after fleeing from their home ground, rather taking an independent, solo flight, which has in fact kept them somewhat away from the mainstream spotlight as that of TTP or al-Qaida. The Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan (IMU) has been active in the Pakistani tribal region since late 2001, where it reconstituted after sustaining heavy losses fighting alongside the Taliban during the US invasion of #Afghanistan.

We have already reported on Afghan government admitting to have given refuge to Baloch and Sinshi separatists in its militancy-training camps in Kandahar:

Therefore, it leave no doubt believing  the notion that Uzbek IMU militants are being trained exclusively by the AfghanIntelligence with collaboration of Indian RAW.



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