Enemy at the gates

By Co-founder Citizen Awareness Program


This is the night of great apocalypse, an Armageddon of good and evil will be unleashed, life would not be the same for you, brace yourselves, find safety for yourself and seek refuge from the great evil – this is the kind of atmosphere government of Pakistan have created at the arrival of Tahir Ul Qadri, while beyond the western border, and the rouged terror-wrecked space between the border lie the real evil that Pakistan’s Army is busting, which is far greater In significance than the political arm-wrestle between #PMLN and the #TUQ. Television commercials have been produced by the government to decipher threats to its throne in Islamabad, Game of thrones season five has already started in the capital city.

Quite on the contrary, large number of war-affected IDPs is in need of a support, not only financial, but moral support, specifically in the province of KpK that lies next to Afghanistan, which is the gateway of insurgencies, clandestine operations, and espionage missions into Pakistan,  IDPs lie at the risk of ideological and psychological warfare in the middle of #OpZarEAzb, fearing  risk of such operation foreign aid and NGOs are banned to set any humanitarian assistance to the internally displaced in Pakistan  – In fact the entire country is in need to be on a single page to have this war become a tangible victory, while Afghani media is geared at producing the most fantastical myths based on its wildest day-dreams, alleging the Pakistan’s Army of carrying covert operations in Kunar province of Afghanistan, however, the Pakistan Army is occupied fighting terrorists that Afghanistan safely accommodate in its protected terror sanctuaries.


To bar Afghan mischief, Pakistani government had to ban Afghan sims (cellular network) being operated in North Waziristan, which gives a communication ease to the terrorists functioning on both sides of the border, especially while Afghanistan cannot give up on its vindictive vandalism against Pakistan under the exterior of angelic cooperation. This should become clear that Pakistan’s victory is dependent on Afghanistan’s own interest in putting an end to its senseless Pakistan-centric propaganda and its collaboration with other factors for bringing down Pakistani interest and its activities harming Pakistan’s security and safety.

“SIMs of Afghan cellular providers are widely available in North Waziristan due to their ease of use. To make an Afghan SIM operational, a user merely needs to dial the operator and get their service activated. Due to this ease of access, its continued operation is considered a significant threat to Pakistan’s security forces”

Not to forget Cities and towns remain under a risk of an attack from terrorists as revenge-driven activity in the wake of military offensive in North Waziristan. In Karachi, three militants are killed and 20 arrested as part of the ongoing operation the cosmopolitan city. Moreover, it has been reported that governments of Sindh and Punjab have banned entrance of IDPs, leaving the entire load of responsibility of accommodation on province of KpK. Is the government only in seat for decoding political moves and game-plans for its own selfish survival?


Leaving #TUQ and #PMLN to their fate, point that are important in this regard are:

1)      International forces present in Afghanistan must assist Pakistan in its war against terrorismby barring influx of terrorists on no-favouritism basis.

2)      Safety and accommodation of IDPs, especially focusing on the issue of ban against entrance of IDPs in Sindh and Punjab, alienating them in this time of need. Who is answerable for such apathy?

3)      Assuring safety of major cities, and installations of national significance while intelligence reports for a possible revenge-based terror attacks are doing the rounds.






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