Good governance Vs Good government

Co-founder Citizen Awareness Program


The problem with our government is not the absence of concern over the problems faced by the masses, but the problem lies somewhere In the middle of the government’s goodwill and the execution of that will as a process of good governance. But what is good governance then, if a government displays zeal and seems enthusiastic to alleviate the prevalent economic and social issues? – Good governance stands for the idea of growing above political grudges or self-serving plans for the greater good of the public. Good governance means an uninterrupted and smooth working of governmental and public welfare institutions despite any political misgivings or political rivalries. It means to build bridges among institutions and associations despite differences of opinion for a collective motivation of national prosperity.
Now keeping in mind Pakistan’s political turmoil situation, amongst the major governance weaknesses are: pervasive corruption, absence of monitoring institutions, economic planning based on national progress rather political motivations and genuine poverty alleviation schemes, indifference towards matters of public health and future planning over scarcity of resources e.g. water, gas, electricity.
Government of Pakistan displays its passion for eradication of unemployment or that of illiteracy glorifying its economically fragile but commercially appealing schemes like laptop distribution or provision of academic funds etc. Though practically viewed, it has completely fenced itself inside the perception of its own political ideology, a tried and tested ideology that has repeatedly failed over the years, where government prioritize futuristic political advantages over national growth, where economic schemes are initiated only to fizzle out the affects of a relatively attractive slogans of change from the opposition.
The pro-democracy hooligans must see that a wide opposition against the system of democracy In public has taken root because of prevailing governance issues. Despite pretty slogans of a bright future, empty promises and chants of change, With the poor governance in three sectors, economic, political and institutional, the country, despite having huge natural resources, has now entered into stagflation, which is the worst-ever scenario. Thrust, intolerance and corruption have plagued the politics of Pakistan.
What would a proactive government with good governance as priority element in its agenda does?
 It would take emergency measures by prioritizing the issues at hand.
 It would seek outside help from areas specialized in the problems faced by the country.
 National reconciliation plan would be made to bring all parties onboard without fearing harm to its authority.
 Opposition (provincial governments) would not close all doors to national reconciliation for a larger good in a massive economic and social downfall.
 Provincial governments with differing political ideologies should inculcate good governance at the provincial level.
The pro-revolutionaries have taken to the roads with mass public support and an apparently good government with bad governance blocking its way through force and pressure tactics. Good governance would yet remain a remote utopian idea that is neither a priority with the government or the opposition. Consequently, political maneuvering rules the day while we move on to another year with hope in our eyes.


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