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US senate has presented torture report on CIA’s operations posts-9/11 #warOnTerror. Much of which was already expected the report entails some gruesome details about mode of torture used by the CIA, and proof less suspects who underwent severe interrogation processes, while the American public was mislead by the American media and the #GeorgeBush-lead government.



It is quite obnoxious when Pakistan’s pseudo liberal community suddenly storms the social media with self-proclaimed enlightenments saying ISI could never be investigated in similar manner as that is done in US senate report. Indeed the community of pseudo liberals raising such groundless question live in the world of fantasies {rightly admitted in the tweet attached}; we hope they could open their eyes to national realities before they tow the rhetoric of foreign conspirators who also hijacked the perceptions of international community using various pressure-tactics for maligning the name of ISI. Leading members include aggressive neighboring countries of Pakistan who are aware of the fact that #ISI works as brain for Pakistan’s defence system thus targeting it would be the most lethal way of crippling the country’s defence system. Pakistan shares long borders with two hostile neighbors Afghanistan and India. Some Western analysts call it a geographical pivot of the world. These countries have planned notorious intrigues allied with the western powers to malign country’s intelligence agency while posing it with serious threats of cross-border insurgency, terrorism and suicide bombing, which has naturally tripled the role of ISI.  Comparing ISI with CIA, consider this:

  • Can ever oppressed and the oppressor be measured from the same scale?
  • Can attacker and defender be tried through the same law?
  • Can super power with triple folds more defence spending than victim country’s entire GDP be compared on any ground?
  • Can a country following the strategy of pre-emptive attack on any country, at any time regardless of limitations imposed by the international law or the universal principle of morality be compared to a country merely reacting as a self-defence to crucial threats to its territorial integrity?

Pakistan’s ISI is a professional organization and hasn’t been found involved in malpractices and advanced torture techniques introduced by the CIA:-

“Rendition, Detention and Interrogation – took place from 2002-07, during the presidency of George W Bush. The report reveals that:

  • Detainees were subjected to repeated waterboarding, slapping, stress positions and sleep deprivation
  • Saudi al-Qaeda suspect Abu Zubaydah was kept confined in a coffin-sized box for hours on end
  • Suspects were threatened with severe harm – psychologically and physically”

See the Pdf. File of US senate report on CIA torture (unclassified) here:

The Pakistani and foreign pseudo liberals alleging the ISI for planning operations against the neighboring Afghanistan and India should know Pakistan has all legal and natural rights to manage its internal security through either secret operations or interrogations whatsoever, while there is absence of any evidence that proves ISI’s involvement in any foreign covert operations, leave aside verbal and informal allegations.


  • Pakistan’s ISI has not maintained a secret torture cell like Guantanamo bay
  • Pakistan’s Chief of Army staff has not been found to be running secret spying operations in neighboring India {Like India’s ex COAS Gen. V.K Singh}
  • ISI has helped US capture many wanted terrorists from Al Qaeda while CIA has protected anti-Pakistan terrorists in Afghanistan { No other intelligence agency in the world has done this much effort in war against terrorism. According to Al Qaeda’s Leader Sheikh Yazid in an interview, “Pakistan has inflicted huge damage on Al Qaeda more than any other country in the world}
  • India’s RAW has been given due space in Afghanistan to carry out operations in Pakistan despite its concerns

Moreover, it is understood that countries who are under the world’s bad eye {the ruling powers, the haves or the developed}, especially when it stands against the interests of the powerful, they become victim of a deeply seeped propaganda pattern, which flows through all major influential aspects,

  • economic {by imposing trade sanctions and limitations},
  • defence {covert operations, sanctions, and propaganda schemes against the military},
  • through political front {by buying off political stooges, and installing puppet govts},
  • through social front {using Ngo,s and media etc to deviate public from national unity}.

Such pattern could also be seen in Arab peninsula where western-backed uprisings have changed the shape of those country’s future probabalities, same could be said about Ukrain.

Thus to say that ISI should be investigated or any such report could be produced highlighting ISI’s operations it is completely a rhetoric that could be expected of a foreign agent, not a loyal citizen of the country facing various crisis fronts.


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