General Hamid Gul: Tribute to a legend

Tribute to a legendary soldier on this Independence Day

General Hameed Gul
General Hamid Gul

By now you’ve probably already heard about the legendary soldier’s death.

(Retd.) Lt. General Hamid Gul was known as the veteran of the Pak-Russo wars of the 1980s.

General Gul served as the head of the premier intelligence agency of Pakistan known as the Interservice Intelligence (ISI).

Heading the military organization from 1987 – 1989, Lt. Gen. Gul was instrumental in stopping the advances of the Soviet Red Army in Afghanistan.

He served the Pakistan Army from 1956 till 1991.

His prominent role in the Pak-Indo wars of 1965 and 1971 are well documented and known.

Being the head commander of the 19 Lancers Tank battalion, he led from the forefront in these major battles.


He frequently supported the legitimate cause of the Kashmir Freedom Movement.

Kashmir: a region illegally occupied by the Indian Forces, has seen brutal suppression and unending conflict due to the belligerence of the Indian Army.

During his tenure as the ISI chief he also helped the Bhutto regime to support the Khalistani movement in order to keep Indian movements in check and keep the Indian Punjab destabilized.

This proved to be an effective strategy until he was sacked by Benazir Bhutto (then Prime Minister) for the failed operation in the battle of Jalalabad.

Gen. Hamid Gul after retiring from the Army was seen frequently in TV channels/talk shows where he openly advocated for the dismemberment of India and freedom for the Kashmiri people.

For many he was a true hero.

He was known for his effectiveness in the battlefield and having strategic depth in planning against the enemy forces.

The battle of Jalalabad was seen as a pivotal moment in history which changed the politics of Afghanistan forever.

The Soviet backed Afghan Army at that time was weak and would frequently see losses on all fronts. The battle of Jalalabad however, turned out to be something different for them.

Gen. Gul with Zaid HamidThey held out on their own against the Afghan Mujahideen and denied them entry into the city. At which point, the Mujahideen saw a significant decline in moral.

For Benazir Bhutto, this was seen as a failure of the ISI chief which resulted in her sacking Gen. Gul altogether.

In recent memory, Gen. Hamid Gul was frequently engaged with youth groups, mentoring them, teaching them about the history of Pakistani wars, and playing the role of “passing on the torch” to the younger generation.

On Alex Jones' show
On Alex Jones’ show

Gen. Gul was also seen frequently with Zaid Zaman Hamid, a famous political commentator in Pakistan who has earned the ire of a lot of politicians and political groups for holding Pro-Pakistani and Pro-Army views.

Gen. Gul appeared in many interviews where he was rebuked for his role in the Pak-Russo and Pak-Indo wars. A rebuke he accepted with humility.

His knowledge about the regional subject matter was seen as highly valuable by many military experts, and analysts around the world.

General Gul would always be known as the legendary soldier who stopped the advances of the Red Army in Afghanistan.

Mainly due to his successes with regards to having the Soviet forces increase their spending and cost of operation in the area and how they dealt with the Afghani freedom fighters.

Gen. Gul is also seen as a hero by the said Mujahideen group of the Pashtun majority Afghani people.

Lt. Gen. Hamid Gul passed away on 15th of August 2015 due to brain hemorrhage in Murree CMH hospital, Pakistan.


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