Has Gen (R) Hameed Gul Really Died a Natural Death?

By: Editorial Team – Citizen Awareness Program

Bivši šef pakistanske vojno-obavještajne službe Hamid Gul tvrdi da je lider terorističke organizacije ISIS Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi krajem 80'ih godina prošlog vijeka obučavan u kampovima u Afganistanu (Metin Aktas - Anadolu Ajansı)
“He was involved in the management of the “#AfghanJihad.” #HameedGul of #ISI feature role was that of his efforts in relation to maintaining the #Jihad in #Afghanistan (after 23 years) was Frvnkasth and the wreck is part of the collection after the death of#MullahOmar‘s #Taliban, was very trying. He is a historical figure in the defense of the national interests of #Pakistan was considered politically viable, any person who Vnsvs religious traditions, religious and emotional for the sake of political interests of the country.


“Lt General (R) Hameed Gul of ISI, the Afghan jihadi leader was a mentor Vqbl. Even sincere leader Lt General (R) Hameed Gul of ISI statues that Professor #BurhanuddinRabbani, in late 1371 during the official decree, he chose as his Mshavrkhas. Although the organ was Hamid Gul of ISI official duty cable, but his stay was more in the #WazirAkbarKhan and all the leaders and commanders, for his invitation to the banquet and formal and informal meetings were ahead of each other. In a meeting with #AhmadShahMassoud, #GulbuddinHekmatyarnear #Bagram in 1372 which is also the author of several journalists in which he was present, Lt General (R) Hameed Gul as a reformer hero or links, between Hekmatyar and Massoud was sitting.

“He summed up the meeting one hour.

“Now, given the suspicious death in Pakistan, especially increasing differences between the iPhone, GPS, and America over the management of Isis and the possibility of ending combat missions under the banner of the Taliban, white, death Hameed Gul, very spontaneous does not seem to with it Allah knows… I love to bits and scattered information that he left his voluminous book that may be described in which case all the leaders of the Afghan Jihad. If the book is published Lt Gen (R) Hameed Gul, the details of jihadist leaders by the ISI of the book “Off the magazine” by Colonel Abdul Rahman would be far more shocking.”

Source: http://www.razaqmamoon.com/2015/08/blog-post_84.html

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