Tribute to Col (R) Shuja Khanzada

By: Editorial Team – Citizen Awareness Program

A country’s success or failure cannot be assessed by the rate of crime reported and aired on the media, in fact a country’s success or failure relies on the determination and passion that is put into fighting the crime. By the virtue of this belief, Pakistan is an outright success which it puts to rest all the rumors about Pakistan being a failed state. A nation producing nationlist zealots like Colonel (R) Shujah Khanzada laying their lives for the cause of eradicating mencae of terrorism overlooking obvious threat to their lives, there is next to no doubt this country is bound to rise from the ashes.


Two days after the 14th of August, country’s sixty eighth Independence, martyrdom of a brave soldier like Col (R) Shujah Khanzadah is enough to refresh the belief and resolve of this nation back into their existence, slightly moved from a perpetual onslaught of International media rhetoric against the state of Pakistan and government negligence to stabilize the economy, men of faith like the Interior minister of Punjab brings back the dwindling hope to our rows.

Being the interior minister of the Punjab province he was self assured of taking all possible measured to bring back the international sport to the country, which could be seen in the form of Zimbabwe cricket team cricket series in Lahore this year, and many other international teams sporting their games in Pakistan. Therefore, it is not a surprise when we heard him calling it loud and clear that Indian intelligence agency, RAW is involved in creating


Colonel (R) Shujah Khanzada was born on 28th August, 1943 to a Pashtun family of Yousufzai tribe, he acquired his initial education from Attock and Nowshera, and later pursued his education in Islamia College Peshawar. He got commissioned into Pakistan army 13 Lancers in 1967, he served during the 1971 war, and was sent to Siachin in te first batch of soldiers in 1983, for which he was also awarded Tamgha-e-Basalat for his services as a soldier in Pakistan army. Colonel Khanzada also served as military attache to USA from 1992-94.

Currently as Interior minister of Punjab, under the road map laid National Action Plan NAP, he was coordinating with the Pakistan army for the eradication of terrorists and extremists from Punjab province, which is also believed to be the very reason he was hit by the fatal suicide bombing attack at his hometown Attock where he was listening to the complaints of the people of his constituency, as part of his periodical political obligation.

Losing a man of such commitment is a loss to the nation strongly in need of such protagonists of national zeal and determination.

یاد کرتا ہے زمانہ انہی کو

     روک لیتے ہیں جو بڑھتے ہوئے طوفانوں کو


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