Why Pakistanis should say ‘no’ to Altaf Hussein

How Altaf Hussein has deluded people into thinking that they have a future as ‘Muhajireen’

As many already know, the ‘Urdu Speaker’ majority has overtaken Pakistan in every aspect.

They fail to see it, but they literally can do anything they want in Pakistan – excluding criminal activity of course.

Since the time of independence the only thing Urdu Speakers failed to see was their own shortcomings.

They took a good start, supporting Pakistan in the 1965 war which gave us heroes of legendary proportions.

One such Urdu Speaker even became our president back in 1999: President (Retd.) 4-star General Pervez Musharraf.

Urdu speaker Musharraf

Despite of having many opportunities to show their mettle, the Urdu Speaker majority kept cribbing about how its rights were taken away by the Punjabi speakers.

The same Punjabi speakers who adopted Urdu as their official language and forsaken their mother tongue (Punjabi) in favor of a more prestigious language.

Being from an Urdu Speaker background myself, I understand the ins and outs of why the Urdu Speakers feel the way they do about Punjabis.

The real culprit isn’t the ‘langhoti’ wearing Punjabi who can’t tell the difference between too much spice or salt in Halim, but the same Urdu Speakers who cry and complain about it all the time.

This was heavily played on by the nefarious Altaf Hussein, a man of a terrible reputation among the majority of Urdu Speakers, and other Pakistanis alike.

Altaf’s rise to power and the forsaken Urdu majority

I grew up in a satellite town of Quetta for the first 6 years of my life.

Dare I say, they were the best and finest years.

As a kid, I never saw any discrimination from the Balochis, neither did I ever see any hatred for Pakistan emminating from them.

In fact, my staunch love for Pakistan was born whilst playing in the foothills of Quetta.

Often seeing the Pakistani flag waive high on all rooftops back in the 90s.

The unfortunate part of this entire ordeal was the foreign interference and the lack of knowledge the Balochis possessed to deal with this new threat.

Enter Altaf Hussein, the “savior” of the Muhajir Qom.

Altaf Chariyah Urdu speaker

This same Altaf Hussein has killed numerous Urdu Speakers themselves.

Trampled over their rights for freedom of expression, conducting business and rising higher in their lifetime.

I often used to visit Karachi back in the late 90s.

Things were picking up back then when larceny, decoit, looting on the streets, cellphone snatching, and target killings were becoming norm of the day.

The MQM itself was first brought into power by the foolish military establishment of the time under Zia-ul-Haq’s rule.

Zia gave them power to counter his political opponents perhaps whom he saw as viable threats.

Zia being a religious extremist in many ways, had a knack for playing politics with other people.

He admittedly invited the Afghan refugees who were running away from Soviet occupation in the mid 80s.

Altaf Hussein’s tall claims and backtracking from statements afterwards

This toad, of course I am talking about Altaf Hussein, has habitually talked about breaking up Pakistan and making ‘Jinnahpur’ a separate country which would consist of only Urdu Speakers.

He even went as far as to say that:

The making of Pakistan was the biggest blunder in the history of mankind.

– Altaf Hussein (speaking to an Indian audience at an international gathering in India)

The only thing restricting his lynching on the streets by Urdu Speaking Pakistanis, is the fact that he is under the protection of MI6.

A British military intelligence unit that supervises its “agents” working “for the British interests.”

I don’t get what kind of “British interest” is being served by supporting a traitor who has the blood of thousands of Pakistanis on his hand.

But I do know one thing, this is a sinister two-faced game that the MI6 is playing with the rest of the world.

(I apologize in advance for any torn eardrums and angered sentiments)

If they’re so concerned about the safety of the British people, why don’t they go after their Queen first?

She’s the one using people’s money as toilet paper rolls….

But of course that’s like asking the murderer to convict itself – which means it’s impossible for that to happen.

Is it then just a coincidence that the Zionist’s plans reveal that they divide humanity on pretences of language, race and religion?

Yugoslavia is a fine example of such treachery.

Or is it just a convenient coincidence that Altaf Hussein (a British citizen by the way) pitches the Urdu language as a pretence to break-up Pakistan?

Such insidious evil incarnate can only be born in the minds of psychopaths or sociopaths.

Freedom for all Urdu Speakers

Urdu Speakers are nothing more than Turks trying to parade as “Muhajireen.”

Their Turkish/Persian roots can be traced back to Eastern Turkey and Turkistan.

If you have any doubt about this, go take a long hard look at the Hazara community.

Who brought them here if not the Mughal emperors?

The Turkish people have 24 tribes, of which half dispersed in all different directions in the world.

Even the word ‘Urdu’ itself is Turkish, meaning “a military batallion” when directly translated into English.

The old Urdu utilized this word frequently to mean the militant wing of its community – aka the soldiers.

In fact, the old Urdu was known simply as ‘Hindustani’ by majority of Muslims living in Mughal India.

The word Urdu only became popular with the advent of British “trader” company by the name of East India Company.

When the Muslims rebelled against the British, they militirised their cities and fought many battles against the invading Britishers.

Going as far as to militirise their own language and call it outright as ‘Urdu’ – the name which stuck.

So there you have “Urdu Speakers”!

Congratulations, you are the children of Turks, and will always so.

So please shut up about this idiotic demand for the “rights of Urdu speakers” in Pakistan or anywhere on the globe.

Because you have the opportunity to do better than what you have now.

Work hard, learn all the mannerisms of the Urdu language.

Indulge in its beauty and the way it flows.

Teach it to the rest of Pakistan and work with highly effective effort to bring unity, faith, and discipline back into the bones of Pakistanis.

And of course, say ‘no’ to Altaf Hussein.


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