How Pakistan can benefit from a privatized educational system

How Pakistan can completely privatize its educational system and yet still be the winner!!!

It’s a widely held belief in Pakistan that a privatized educational system has failed to deliver value to its students and the nation as a whole.

This superficial belief is augmented by the fact that 100% of the schools in Pakistan don’t teach its students on how to be leaders in their own lives and those of others.

Sure, some may argue that all we need is a good job that pays well and helps us to maintain our lifestyle.

educational institution of Pakistan

While making “smart” i.e. “safe” choices in life – which won’t break the bank, and would consistently provide for our families.

Though conventional wisdom may apply here.

It isn’t as rosy as it sounds.

There is a big reason for that too!

And that’s completely dependent on the economic cycle of the world market.

Privatization can boost creativity and bring about prosperity through unexpected channels

The current economic disaster has too many bubbles in it to count.

And what happens to bubbles?

That’s right!

They pop!

And these pop not with a bang, but with a very loud and screaching noise that lays waste to many powerful economies in its wake.

The culprit?

Paper (FIAT) currency that’s being generated literally out of thin air by the Federal Reserve Bank of the USA.

The good news here is that we have internet – we have it in abundance!

There is more information available online than all the world’s libraries combined several times over.

That’s the power of free flow of information that’s now available to Pakistanis as well.

All they have to do is access it, and make it better!

Privatization of educational institutions can make it happen…

But only if the teachers understand that their teaching methods have become obsolete.

They will have to reorganize their knowledge banks and make it available on the internet so that more people can be reached and benefit from it.

The South Korean tutor who earns $4 Million a year!!!

Kim Ki-Hoon, a South Korean after-school tutor has used the wonderful tool we call the internet and made millions from it!

How was that possible?

He provided people with value and added something to the education mix that was lacking.

He used his innovative mind to come up with a way to make money while simultaneously educating South Koreans on a mass scale.

Kim realized that the educational system in South Korea was very dull and outpaced by the free flow of information that was readily available on the internet.

Using this as leverage, and the fact that he could teach his pupils on a whole new level, Kim created his English language program.

As an outside observer, you’d easily make the deduction that privatization of the educational system has worked wonders for South Koreans.

Their graduation rate from high school is at a whopping 93%, much higher than the 77% of the US!

How individual Pakistani tutors can benefit from this

I’m sure that as a Pakistani tutor, you must have come across some form of online teaching material that offers some kind of value to its students/customers.

To learn from this example, you’d have to work very hard at learning to code and then transliterating your knowledge on the internet for all to see.

Of course there is an entire industry for that as well, and this article is too short to cover everything.

So, if you’re a tutor, and you’re living in Pakistan, you can learn the essentially-required skills and then teach them to your students via internet.

If electricity is an issue, then I encourage you to switch over to renewable energy options.

They’re far more efficient and produce less pollution in the atmosphere, which is good for the environment and the country’s well being.

The more information you put on the internet; i.e. work harder, the more you earn.

Simple as that.

How individual Pakistanis can benefit from this

By giving your privatized institution a fraction of the money you pay at school, you’ll save hundreds of thousands if not millions of Rupees.

And since the online tutor is (hopefully) adding real value to your knowledge base, you’ll eventually get good at what you want to too!

Not only that, since humans are creative enough to find a way to generate money out of anything, you can learn how to earn money from the stock market at your own pace!

A secure way to generate income and learning a new skill – that you really want! A clear win win!

The issue of “teacher transparency” can be eliminated since your tutor will be online and hence no need for a board that oversees the matter.

Since the amount of effort and hard work a tutor puts into their program will show instantly!

And will be the sole determining factor of whether or not the tutor will ‘take’ your money.

The issue of privatized educational system is a simple matter to implement

Since we’re all familiar with electricity and all its wonders, we can use this resource to generate almost infinite amount of income.

Of course, the one who’ll give this value to the people will reap all the rewards.

If you’re gonna be sitting on your ass, not doing anything then a world of pain and hurt awaits you, friend.

Just be aware of the fact, that there’s a world of possibilities out there, all you have to do is take the ever-present opportunity.


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