Only 3 countries can fight world war 3 and Pakistan isn’t one of them

Pakistan shouldn’t be happy that it lacks the ability to wage a full scale war

War is a necessary evil that keeps the wheels of fortunes turning.

Now it isn’t implied here that anyone should seek or propagate war.

But a nation’s lack in offensive capabilities spells doom for it right across the wall.

The reason for such a “grim” introduction is that world war 3 is just around the corner!

world war 3 scenario

It’s not a hoax, nor a made up story by fanatical conspiracy theorists.

The world war is now a fact.

How much of a fact?

It’s being talked about in the US congress and the media:

Stephen Cohen, an expert of Russian studies at Princeton University, openly says that the possibility of a third world war is looming upon us.

Now, it’s important to highlight this because of a few factors here…

The biggest of which is that Pakistan (in its limited military projection capacity) can’t wage an offensive strike against any country in the event of world war 3.

How Pakistan can prepare against this naked aggression

Just last week, the American warship USS Lassen passed along the South China Sea, allegedly within the 12 nautical miles of China’s sovereign waters!

China, though not in a strong war footing position, still showed its teeth to the US by summoning the US ambassador to Beijing for the purposes of warning the Americans against such adventurous moves.

On the other hand, China is building man made islands across the South China Sea, claiming “ancient territorial” dispute rests with China’s projection of sovereignty in the region.

If that wasn’t enough, India is already pumping up its war rhetoric against China and Pakistan simultaneously!

Complete madness!!!

So if all of this was to continue, where does this leave Pakistan?

In the gutters of course!

Whether Pakistanis want to hear this truth or not, if Pakistan doesn’t prepare on its own war footing, the world war will get very heated in the region.

Leaving Pakistan in complete and utter shambles.

For Pakistan to effectively counter this dangerous situation, it must strengthen its forces by adding multi-layered defensive and offensive programs.

This includes reconnaissance, intelligence-networking, gaining the support of her allies like Iran and Turkey, and bolstering the numbers and layers of the Armed Forces.

Pakistan’s in a desparate need of an effective and lethal space program.

Adjacently, China has already built anti-satellite missiles which can knock out American satellites and disrupt world communication in an instant in case of an all out nuclear attack by the US.

Such defense capabilities are also a good offense.

Pakistan can utilize its private sector for the purposes of advancing technology

The greatest strength of Pakistan lies in her people – the vast human resource that many countries lack – severely (just ask Europe!).

With a population of 200 million strong, the richest and most influential people should be given incentives to invest in Pakistan’s infrastructure and technological prowess.

This can be done by giving tax incentives – complete and total tax immunity to all Pakistanis (fixed rate of 2.5% savings tax and 0.5% consumption tax, period).

Doing so will hold several benefits:

  • Smaller government
  • Lesser chance of corruption and high accountability
  • More chances for growth of the local populace
  • Higher amount of foreign investments, meaning more prosperity for the country

And as we all know, a happy population is more likely to succeed than a sad one.

These solutions are just the tip of the iceberg of what can be done with Pakistan if the government acted in good faith towards the people.

An instant congregation of smartest minds in Pakistan, concentrated in small pockets around highly advanced facilities scattered across the country will advance Pakistan to the golden age in as little as 5 years!

Provided that the technology these folks work on is readily available across the market!

Elon Musk is a fine example of an entrepreneur who built up a space exploration company without the funding or help of the government!

Read: Space X

Who are the 3 countries we keep talking about yet haven’t mentioned in this article up to now?

Well, truthfully, here are the names of the 3 countries that can effectively wage a high intensity war against another nation:

  1. United States of America
  2. Russian Federation
  3. People’s Republic of China

The strength of their war-waging capabilities has been accounted for, as they’re listed in order.

China being…well…China has the ability to wage a prolonged war with the US, which it intends to do at the behest of the globalist bankers.

But China isn’t the only one whose economy is driving it to war…

Russia too has a bone to pick with the US after it artificially crashed the price of oil and caused a massive deflation in the stock market.

Causing massive strains on the Russian economy, which is now officially under a recession.

And the Russo-Sino alliance is fast outpacing the dominance of the strength of the US Dollar.

Read: BRICS bank.

This dangerous combination of increasing tensions and global economic bubbles can only mean one thing: World War 3.

And as we’ve already shown you how this entire scenario is already playing out, the trigger can be pushed at any moment!

The smartest thing for Pakistan to do at this moment is to prepare itself for the high tides.


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