Is China the world’s next superpower?


China’s not the world’s next superpower

What’s that you say?

Yeah, I know right?

So much for the big surprising/heart wrenching/time stopping conclusion….

But you know what?

It’s true!

China is not the world’s next superpower.

No matter how much you may wanna believe in such ramblings, it simply isn’t true.

China doesn’t hold the quality of being a superpower to begin with, let alone economic and political effort that’s needed for it to legitimately take over the world’s every affair in the future.

There are many reasons for this, but the main ones are primarily economic in nature.

The secondary are militaristic.

China’s economic failure is now on the horizon


It’s not a mystery, neither is it some kind of spiritual enlightenment that needs to be discovered in order for everyone reading this article to understand what’s going on in China.

Just look at the reports coming out from the Chinese Stock Market at the very beginning of 2016!

Their indices dropped more than 7% twice almost within the same week!!!

Sensing this, China has already hemorrhaged money and devalued Yuan at the fastest possible rate.

Yet, this frantic hole-patching isn’t working in their favor.

Factory workers in China are much more likely to commit suicide now than ever before.

The reason is that as the paper currency fiasco dies down, the entire system will crash upon itself.

As we all know, paper currency doesn’t hold the same value as gold and won’t ever anyway.

It’s easy to destroy paper no matter how much plastic you add to it.

The logical and rational investors are now investing in currencies that have high yields and lower loses in the stock exchange.

And by golly, these types of currencies are very hard to come by indeed!

Take for instance the Jamaican Stock Exchange which was the exception to the rule in 2015.

In fact, JSE was the star of the show for many reasons I can’t discuss in this short article.

More intelligent investors are now moving towards commodities like gold, silver, and copper.

These are the future economies of the globe – as we settle in for observing the systematic destruction of Capitalism.

Why can’t China accept its losses and cut them as soon as possible

As far as the “feelings” of the Chinese people are concerned, the government has a vice grip on the society.

Whenever the Chinese govt. is talking about the “feelings” of the Chinese people, it’s really referring to itself.

The communist regime has already depreciated its ability to take losses by overwhelmingly investing in paper currency.

Not only have they infinitely invested in such a frivolous adventure, they’re now seeing the error of their ways – so to speak.

Their economy is lurching towards a quagmire that can only result in World War 3.

This World War won’t be fought with conventional weapons: as we all have become aware of now.

But there’s another aspect to this that many people seemingly miss to analyze properly – propaganda warfare.

Aptly known as the 5th Generation Warfare.

In this type of warfare, countries don’t declare an all out war right away.

They first try their best to outmaneuver the enemy by destroying its economy, taking over its media houses, and buying out its corporations/industries while having them become dependent on the country that’s doing all this in the first place.

China’s dangerous lust for more economic ‘power’ and a tendency to “ship over” other countries’ labor force to its own has proved to be a fatal mistake for them.

They can’t go back, neither can they attempt to dump the system and adopt a new one.

The factor of their potential loss has grown into quadrillions of dollars.

A term that can’t be used lightly.

One small mistake like the one that China saw in the beginning days of 2016, and it would have to go to war.

This mistake has to be a prolonged session that threatens to destroy the US economic engine at the roots.

The Chinese war stratagem and the wisdom of Sun Tzu

Sun Tzu is very well known as a master war strategist in ancient China – some time after the Ming Dynasty period.

His war stratagem relies on focusing the effort on the enemy’s Achilles heel, in other words: weakness(es).

The Chinese military boasts an impressive show of military might, and an arsenal that’s now putting Russian Federation to shame.

However, the Chinese Armed Forces aren’t as big of a threat as many perceive it to be.

China has never been in any major conflict since the conclusion of World War II.

And now, with the advent of a fresh, young generation of the Red Army, they’ll have to simply take a lot of losses in case an all out war breaks out.

Here’s a video explaining in a satirical way, why the Chinese military isn’t the stuff of nightmare for the world:

Not only is China oblivious to Sun Tzu’s tactics, but they’re not bothered by such “trivialities” either.

Which is a good sign for many of it’s adversaries (avoiding the term enemy here).

There’s an old saying that goes something like this:

When your enemy is making a mistake, it’s not polite to interfere.

– Anonymous

So go ahead, invest in the CSE all you want.

The end result will be the same.


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