How to extract maximum benefit by reading the Koran

Koran has to be the most widely read, yet most neglected book at the same time…

This phenomenon is known as “being illiterate, without being illiterate.”

Let me explain…

There is a huge set of people who can only “read” Arabic or pronounce it “beautifully.”

At the same time, it isn’t a guarantee that these same people actually know what they’re reciting from the passages of the holy book.

For example, one may recite Surah Nisa (Chapter: Women) which talks about treating women well and not being harsh on them.

It also talks about genetic mutations and DNA splicing.

Not many people know that because they refuse to read it with proper knowledge of the language itself.

At least for those people who actually do speak Arabic this is quite a dilemma.

Since them having the Koran in their own language should put them at an edge versus everybody else.

Yet we find that Arabs are the most hated and widely ridiculed group out of all the Muslim groups.

How can this be?

Simple, not enough knowledge to understand the language or the demeanor of the Koran itself!

Koran and women simplified

I’m not going to give you some generic feminist b/s that a lot of people associate the Koran with.

Instead, I’m giving you a different angle from which to consider reading the Koran with.

Let’s consider this Ayat (Verse) of Surah Nisa – going back to the example of Chapter on Women:

Koran surah nisa

As you can plainly see, this isn’t your typical “divination” book b/s.

Koran literally outlines the fact that ‘Satan’ [Shetan] is telling God (the creator and fountain of life) that he will lead His creation astray.

Telling them to “cut the ears of the herds” and more specifically “changing the creation of Allah itself.”

Quite a bold claim by an enemy of God.

To be honest, he has lived up to his promise if one is to consider the fact that there really is a “fallen angel” by the name of Lucifer, or more specifically ‘Azazel’.

Today we see DNA splicing and genetic modification of organic matter in food, industrial supplies, and a whole host of other things.

The punishment of this crime, as Allah describes in the Koran is “absolute chastisement of Satan.”

[Of course I’m paraphrasing the quote itself].

Why is it that way?

Because the fact that one changes the nature of a creation is changing its behavior as well.

So when we see GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms) on the grocery shelves, they aren’t actually food itself.

They’re an imitation of food that looks like food, perhaps even tastes like it, but has no nutritional value.

In the process, these “Nobel Laureates” end up screwing everyone involved, causing millions of deaths, abject destitution (not poverty there’s a difference), genocide, war, and famine.

Put into this context, and the punishment of such a crime makes more sense.

Koran and ‘Chaliswaan’

Now you’d pronounce the ‘n’ sound in ‘Chaliswaan’ as without having the full ‘n’ sound.

The word literally means “40th day” of death.

I still haven’t been able to decipher the obsession of people “reading Koran” for the deceased on the 40th day of their death.

It doesn’t make sense and it seems to be a backward practice.

Why backward?

Because 100% of the time, these people reading the Koran for the “blessings and forgiveness” of the deceased don’t know a lick of what they’re actually reading!

Imagine reading the Koran in the language other than Arabic, more specifically, imagine you’re at this gathering and are reading from the passage in your own language.

How comical will it sound when you read “And when Satan said, “I will tell them to cut off the ears of the cattle, and lead them astray to change your creation…”” over the body of the deceased!!!!

Imagine reading anything like that from the Koran at an inappropriate time!

Imagine now that you’d say something at a gathering that isn’t very appropriate according to the taste of the gathering!!!!

You’d get smacked in the face or thrown out of the gathering if you were to talk about cattle bells while everyone else is talking about dancing.

Treating the holy book like a supernatural object

You’re guilty of this, and so am I!

As a kid, I was told to only touch the Koran when I’m clean and do a few rituals before reading.

As I grew up, these rituals seemed quite unnecessary and even counterproductive.

It’s like driving the reader away from the book.

Koran itself is a book! With words, sentences and masterfully compiled collection of past events and law and jurisprudence.

You tell me now, will you have time to get “cleaned properly” to read Koran for guidance on how to save someone’s life when it’s in danger?

No you won’t!

You’d either already memorized the passage or you’re carrying a pocket sized version so you can quickly look it up.

There’s no law nor any kind of taught rituals of “reading the auspicious Koran.”

It’s simply a book to guide us in our daily affairs on an effective level, it does so masterfully!

So the next time you pick up Koran, perhaps you’ll look at it differently.

You’ll make it your friend and an ally in conquering the world everyday (in a good way of course).

I leave you with a short passage from Surah Asr (Chapter: Time):

Koran and Surah Asr

Every human is living in vanity, except those who learn and teach others to do good.

How beautiful an example and comparison of the 99% vs. 1%.


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