The biggest ‘threat’ to Pakistan’s national security

national security for Pakistan

The biggest threat to Pakistan’s national security is lack of learning

I’m not kidding!

National security is a matter of utmost importance for Pakistanis or any other nation.

The reason why we even have national security is to keep the fabric of our society protected under rules and regulations that help us thrive.

This used to be something that was the most important thing for Pakistan back in the 90s.

But now, things have declined considerably.

national security and social studies

And the only reason is that we’ve stopped researching!

We’ve stopped reading and think that it’s cumbersome.

Hopefully this article is easy on your eyes and not too hard so that you click away.

But still, a lingering sense of “doom and gloom” still persists.

How to get the right education at the right time

Okay, maybe to say or write the word “education” is a deadly sin in of itself.

I should rather say ‘ilm’ or better known in English language as knowledge or learning.

Learning is another extension of knowledge that goes beyond the scope of books and implements things in real time.

In Urdu word ‘ilm’ both knowledge and learning are interlinked – they don’t mean the same thing, but they’re interlinked by this one word.

To get the right knowledge/learning, you must understand first what national security really means for a nation.

It means to protect the sacred laws the society has built upon (not status quo or bureaucracy) its cities and industry.

It also means to read the right books at the right time.

There’s always the right time to read a good book – provided that you can do so in a quiet spot.

This book or collection of knowledge doesn’t have to be a school book.

In fact, I urge you to read books that enhance your knowledge via authors who’ve wrote about an experience.

For example, you can read the ‘Nuclear war surviving skills‘ guide to enhance your knowledge in case Pakistan and India go to war.

You don’t have to read only one, read several guides that enhance your knowledge!

Americans have gone through nuclear war, and so have Japanese people.

Learn from their experiences and build upon them to strengthen your own national security.

That’s why Pakistan has only one layer of protection (i.e. Army/ISI) whereas it should have at least 6!

Borne creativity and how to leave the competition in the dust

That’s easy.

Read as many books as possible.

Experiment with as many projects as possible – failures or successes are all part of the game.

Come up with new strategies and keep improving your mind by building Pakistan with other businessmen and national security agencies.

Fund or invest in projects that have tremendous value and can move Pakistan forward through centuries.

And keep a lookout for hyenas or wolves (you know the neighbors to the East, and occasionally to the West *wink wink*).

At the very end (well, to be honest, there’s no end to this) you’ll become very satisfied with the result you’ve gotten.

Just do this one thing: open your mind to new possibilities and learn and gain as much knowledge as possible about the subject matter.

I’ll give out a few books you can read about national security in another more elaborate article which will detail a lot of things about how complicated national security can get.

Until then, keep hunting for ‘ilm’.


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