Indian tantrums have Sharif on the defensive

Sharif is India’s bitch

That’s the entire premise of this article.Sharif thakur

If you’re Nawaz Sharif reading this article, then I have news for you buddy.

You’re India’s bitch.

Though you already knew that…

I just wanted to drive home the point, cuz apparently you can’t get a simple thing like that through your head.

You consistently buckle under pressure when a shrieking imp like Modi can come up to you and make unreasonable demands.

You can’t even run the country right for goodness sake!

At least have the decency to read a good book and ask your team of civil engineers to redraw or re-construct the commuter plan for Lahore.

Just because you have the metaphorical speaking stick, doesn’t mean you have to be uncivilized about it.

Ask the good, hard working people of Pakistan about what they want, I’m sure you’ll be surprised by their answers.

Indian tantrums are getting childish by the day

Sharif ignoring hindu terrorism
He definitely isn’t as scary as he makes himself look. But his mentality definitely speaks volumes through the crevices of his face.

On more than one instance, Sharif has buckled under pressure due to cowardice.

And on every single one of those occasions, Indians have increased the size of their temper tantrums projecting similar result for the future.

Like the instance on Pathankot, where Sharif completely laid down and accepted the Indian narrative as if it was divination to him!

He has done something similar before, when he gave away the positions of Kashmiri freedom fighters – utterly sabotaging their cause!

Perhaps Mr. Sharif is perplexed that an Indian movie director made a movie about him by the name of “Hindustan ki Kasam.”

Sharif in hkk
Pretend friendship anyone? (We can get the PM of Pakistan on our side!)

Not sure how many people still remember that movie, but it involved Ajay Devgan, playing double roles as separated twins on both sides of the border.

Both becoming agents for their countries, and eventually saving the Pakistani Prime Minister from being assassinated in a plane (of some sort).

I think that’s the only original idea Bollywood has ever come with….

But I’m sure that Mr. Sharif still remembers that movie.

Hence idiotic comments like “Hindus pray to the same God as Muslims.”

That’s not the end all and be all of this entire charade though.

He has completely capitulated in front of unreasonable demands from the Indians in every area that would either benefit or hurt Pakistan!

For instance, the Indus Water Treaty, which was subsequently dishonored by the Indians is still being “honored” by Sharif.

Kashmir issue should’ve been resolved 3 decades back!

Yet, he persists on eating nihari and paaey while the province burns like never before.

Indus is drying up while Sharif plays “gift the mother of my adversary with Sari” game

Sharif and sari

If all of the people don’t know what’s going on with the Indus River, it’s my hope that they’d understand by the time this article ends.

Indus River is the main river that flows inside of Pakistan through the Kashmir valley.

After joining up with 4 other rivers, Indus flows down south through the city of Karachi into the Arabic and Indian Ocean.

The river serves 5 provinces through and through.

Sharif and Indus
Indus River: pictured near city of Hyderabad, Sindh, Pakistan

Starting from Kashmir, flowing into Punjab, serving KPK, entering Sindh, branching into smaller ravines inside Balochistan.

While this all important survival mechanism of life is being deliberately dried up due to Indians making dams on it on their side, our leaders are giving Saris to the mothers of our enemy.

Enemies don’t forgive, nor forget their adversary – unless their adversary is so powerful that they can’t fight them.

There’s another tactic that Indians have been using brutally for the past 35 years: flooding.

Every harvest season, Indians release water from their dams to flood the mainland Pakistan.

Causing widespread destruction of crops, livelihoods, and herd animals.

Sharif sees all this, and then dances around like a puppet, pretending these problems don’t exist.

Loving it when Hindus through colors at him.

Beyond disgusting, capitulation – grovelling would be a more accurate term.Sharif thakur

Would this kind of behavior ever change in the mind of Sharif?

Most likely not!

But it should change everywhere else.

Like in the minds of good, hard working Pakistanis who want to see better days for their kids.

P.S. Nawaz Sharif should change his name to Nawaz Thakur.


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