At crossroads with China, will Pakistan keep up?

Pakistan has let itself get behind in many areas of life

At first, I want to address the very root cause of this: we don’t read or learn as much any more.

That’s why Pakistanis are feeling left out or behind in terms of growth, and progress.

China was a country that got its independence after Pakistan: when it was already a sovereign nation.

Yet, China’s leaders went into a frenzy to make China as powerful as possible.

Needless to say their efforts paid off to a large extent.

However, this was done at the expense of Pakistanis.

Or more accurately, Pakistanis let this happen to themselves.

We opened our hearts and our ports to China, whereas China hasn’t done much for us.

Maybe except just call us an ally and take all the advantages from us.

We provided those advantages to them – plain and simple.

Without the “Silk road” China would still be a pile of destitute drug addicts.

Why Pakistan let China get ahead

Our people are way too trusting and kind-hearted for their own good.

We often can’t read other people and let others take full advantage of us – hook, line, and sinker.

For instance, when no country in the world would bother sending their airplanes to China, PIA was the first international flight EVER to Chinese airports.

We allowed them our trade ports and infrastructure to be taken advantage of.

crossroads with Maoze
Chinese Propaganda Poster

They built their empire on the backs of Pakistani farmers, and then left them to rot.

Our leaders are a bunch of grown up children who don’t read a lick of any book.

All they want are cheap publicity stunts which don’t amount to anything no matter how hard they try.

Pakistan is surrounded by enemies.

I would even go as far as to call Iran an enemy of sorts.

Their leader’s ideology and goals are very different from our own.

And he intends on implementing his political ideology on the world forcefully.

Whereas, Pakistan wanted to do it through trade since its inception.

[But never forget, Iran is a Muslim country nonetheless, so they should get the benefit of the doubt in cases that involve ‘outsiders’]

And yet our leaders let our country slide into an abyss of destruction and chaos.

Rather than providing knowledge, foresight and vision.

China’s ambitions in the South American continent

When you analyze the situation carefully, you’ll come to understand that China is at where Pakistan should’ve been YEARS ago!

When I say “we’re at crossroads with China” I’m not talking about some ideological difference.

I’m talking about an inherently deep-seated, and a problematic mindset that has overturned Pakistan’s every venture for success into a failure.

China is now drilling oil and constructing major pathways in Central and Southern America.

Hoarding gold, coal, uranium and other such resources.

It’s right up the alley when it comes to playing in the backyard of the United States of America.

They’re slowly turning USA’s allies into allies of China.

And they’re doing this by simply offering cash incentives and acquiring building commitments that let their workers enjoy life a lot more.

Granted that China’s vision is near-sighted and they don’t tend to see as far as other nations are concerned.

(They have empty cities sitting in mainland China that have been built on farmlands and by ostensibly crushing their own farmers)

But they’re still at it, grinding away as if they’re the only player in those lands.

So yes, Pakistan is at an extremely dangerous crossroads with China.

Even though Pakistan might think that China is its ally, China has a different thought process.

They don’t see us as allies, nor as equals.

They see us as fools who offered up their lands for open and brazen exploitation by foreigners.

To get out of this quagmire, Pakistan has to think creatively

As Richard Branson and a whole host of other billionaires say: “innovate out of your problem.”

Now that I’ve helped you understand exactly what the position of Pakistan is on the global scale…

It’s time to offer up some concrete solutions that will (hopefully) one day help Pakistan get ahead of the pack once again.

As of this moment, Pakistan is in perpetual survival mode.

We have too many rogue agencies working inside of our country and our government is doing absolutely NOTHING to help strengthen our national security.

So the task then falls to Pakistani people themselves.

If our government won’t help us, then we have to help ourselves.

How many innovative businessmen do you know in Pakistan?

How about you lend them a hand by providing them as much technology as possible so they can help the economy in the process?

The first step of such ambitious thinking is to literally become well versed in the process of learning and acquiring as much knowledge as possible.

Build on strengths rather than weaknesses and then offer your solution to as many people as possible.

You only need one ‘yes’ to make it happen.

After all, isn’t that what life’s all about?

P.S. Don’t forget to leave a comment in the section below to tell us what you think of this entire situation.


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