How to improve the quality of life in Pakistan

How can we improve the quality of life in Pakistan?


There’s a fine line between high and low quality of life, often these lines are blurred in more ways than one.

That isn’t to say that it’s impossible to distinguish between the two.

For instance, high quality of life (high standards) will entail the following in any developed nation:

  • Freedom in equality of opportunity for all (not counting the toxic ideals of feminism)
  • Freedom of speech with responsibility – you’re responsible for what you say!
  • High accountability in terms of checks and balances which can work as effective deterrents/countermeasures against corruption
  • Superb level of security which ordinary and extraordinary citizens can enjoy equally well (strong defense)
  • Abundance of business and commerce opportunities which can help develop the nation in terms of quality of living and technical advances
  • Availability of sophisticated tools and technology which can help develop the mindset of the nation and make it highly competitive
  • Abundance of high quality assets that can help the nation’s individual citizens develop into effective leaders and thought provokers
  • Availability of resources that can help the nation achieve its goals

On the contrary, a low quality of life (low standards) will include the following in any underdeveloped nation:

  • No freedoms of any kind
  • Low accountability and no existing infrastructure or checks and balances which can help curb corruption
  • Rampant nepotism and traitors lurking in every corner who’d compromise national security at any given opportunity
  • Non-existence of security and endangerment of high quality citizens – to the point of their non-existence!
  • Unavailability of effective opportunities for businesses to flourish
  • Unavailability of sophisticated tools and technology, leaving the nation severely underdeveloped and non-competitive on every level
  • Non-existence of high quality assets or resources, making famine, drought, and marauders a frequent travesty
  • High levels of unhappiness in citizens due to non-existence of sufficient opportunities for growth and development

In hindsight, it seems that Pakistan has slowly but surely transformed into an underdeveloped nation, despite having a terrific start!

How nations develop themselves using high quality of life

In order for Pakistanis to have a high quality of life, all they have to do is move in the opposite direction to what amounts to an underdeveloped nation.

As I explained above by way of vivid examples, a Pakistani citizen has the ability to change his/her course and move in the opposite direction.

That is, towards growth and progress.

Pakistanis can learn from other nations in this regard also.

Since life is about learning and implementation, we have a lot of stamina for growth and development.

Additionally, since Pakistan is still reeling in the abyss of underdevelopment, it’s quite possible for it to avoid making mistakes that other nations make – quite frequently.

Pakistanis can easily do this by learning as much as they can with effective application of tools and technology at their disposal.

Are there hurdles in our way?

Of course there are!

No one would simply just let us progress towards our goals and ambitions.

We have to take that upon ourselves to provide a high quality of life for ourselves and others.

Developed nations in the world have an effective weakness that Pakistani citizens don’t have: willingness to learn from divine guidance.

No I’m not saying you become a religious faggot here, just read the Koran and do your duty to the best of your abilities.

Most smooth talkers are reviled or even mocked in developed nations.

Those that seek to do harm or lie to people in order to make a few bucks meet with a horrible end.

That’s exactly what Pakistanis need to do to “molvi-ism” if they’re to lead the developed world towards further progress and enlightenment.

Pakistanis can take it upon themselves to learn as much as possible, translate all the knowledge of the world in Urdu and teach it to fellow citizens.

We also have a rich 1400 years old history.

We can learn from our ancestors who developed magnificent machines, laws/jurisprudence, and medical procedures.

Not many nations have that level of intense history or guidance – THAT in truth is Pakistan’s advantage.

How quality of life can improve for Pakistanis by having them enrolled in civil defense programs

Civil defense programs are by far the best methods for making sure that any one nation is ready and able to defend itself in war-time emergencies.

In case the Armed Forces falter, the citizens can take the heat and push away the enemy with all their strength.

This provides as a nice buffer and counterbalance to any holes in defense systems.

Every Pakistani citizen should endeavor to join the respective armed forces of the country they’re living in (including Pakistan) and help make the defense stronger, all the while improving their quality of life by decades in the process.

quality of life and propaganda
Pak Army Propaganda

The Army can toughen you up, teach you quick first aid and how to use weapons.

You’ll be set for life to defend yourself and your loved ones.

Even if you decide to leave the forces.

Improvising on citizens’ happiness factor and mindset

One of the hardest things to change in this world is a person’s mindset.

And if you can change their mindset, you can affect how happy they’d be in the long run.

Going at the current route, Pakistanis will find their lives infinitely more difficult and very, very unhappy indeed.

The best way for us all to work together or at least in limited commitment, is to change our mindsets collectively on a large scale.

Pakistanis must be able to change their mindset from a one of insecurity, fear, and uncertainty to the one that’s directly opposite to it.

For this to happen, citizens must be willing to seek help from their fellow citizens.

Be they psychologists, psychiatrists, or other methods that enhance our thinking capabilities.

Depression, immorality and fear have to disappear.

And be replaced with joy, certainty, and peace of mind.

The only way that happen is through significant amount of action within the masses themselves.

As Koran says “Allah doesn’t change the condition of a people unless they change that which is within themselves.”

That which is within yourself is your spirit, mind, and body. Change your physiology in order to change your state of being.

And your quality of life will improve seemingly on its own.


P.S. Don’t forget to check out the mindset book by Mike Cernovich: Gorilla Mindset (Amazon)


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