Blair and Bush – War Criminals

By: Citizen Awareness Program

Volumes of the Iraq Inquiry Report due to be presented by Sir John Chilcot at the Queen Elizabeth II Centre in Westminster, London. PRESS ASSOCIATION Photo.

After 13 years of United States (US) and United Kingdom (UK) led war on terrorism. It was a major set back for both allies when The Iraq Inquiry published it’s detailed report on role of then UK Prime Minister Tony Blair in Iraq War and how he kept his nation in dark without making the real facts public not even to his cabinet, report says.

Thousands of people with signs of peace gather on Library Mall for the start of an anti-war rally protesting a potential United States-led war against Iraq.

Millions of people across the world came out in protest to stop Iraq War and demanded their Governments not to become part of this one sided affair with malafide intentions resulting into loss of human lives. Many believed that the Iraq War will lead to no where and it proved to be right after 13 years there is no major success that UK, UK and their allies can claim in Iraq.

During these 13 years, many countries withdrew their Army from Iraqi soil on massive public pressure and for most claiming the war to be heading no where. Nations particularly in United States and United Kingdom were never in favor of Troops on ground in Iraq.

notinmyname1-450x270Many across the world believe Families of victims of Iraq War must be given this right to demand trial of Tony Blair and George W. Bush in International War Tribunals for illegal killings and to sue US and UK Governments for illegally invading Iraq, just to fulfill their dirty designs in Middle East also for violating the international laws including their own adopted resolution 660, 661, 662,664, 665, 666, 667, 669, 670, 674 and 677 in United Nation’s Security Council (UNSC) on 29 November 1990.

Below are some most discussed reasons;

1)- Taking innocent Iraqis as war prisoners and for inhuman treatment to them all this time.

2)- US, UK and their allies violated the code and conduct of United Nation’s code of conduct, went against the verdict of UN that gave its verdict against Iraq War.

3)- With reference to US and UK violating the UN code and conduct their memberships in UNSC either be suspended or ended for good.

4)- Leading a war against Iraqi people, killing them by calling them terrorists.

5)- For assassinating their President Saddam Hussein,

6)- Misleading American and British Nation on Iraq War and for having lie to the world that Iraq had Weapons of Mass Destruction (Which it did not).

7)- Court martial of soldiers who fired a bullet on unarmed civilians and killed them suspecting them to be linked with terrorist organizations and for having soft corner for Former Military Ruler Saddam Hussein.

8)- For creating room for terrorist organizations like ISIS and Daesh to establish itself in Iraq and commit genocide of Muslims.

9)- For arming and funding Kurd Militants against the Iraqi forces.

10)-Setting up non state actors using XE International (Black Water Militia) and arming rebels.

11)- Stealing natural resources of Iraq and illegally selling them to the World and in their countries (US/UK).

12)- Tony Blair and George W Bush must be tried for international terrorism/war crimes against humans and genocide in Iraq.

13)- Iraqis must be given compensation for all their loss and damage to their properties and economy.

14)- During this trial, Blair and Bush must be addressed as International Terrorists who committed genocide in Iraq.

15)- Besides trying Bush and Blair in International War Tribunals, a parallel trial should be launched on them in US and UK courts to have gone against the will of their own people in 2003 and launched air strikes and on ground operation against Iraq.

16)- Both Bush and Blair should face their people and leave their fate in the hands of their nations for misusing their given mandate and most importantly on Iraqi people who suffered the most and directly from this misadventure.


This vindicates the sentiments across globe that US Administration and UK PM by overlooking their own people’s will have proved that they can go to any possible extent in the name of democracy and destabilize world’s peace and that they have blood stains on their heads of millions of innocent people of Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Egypt and Libya.

About time West stop telling us what mode of government should there be in Pakistan and focus on the accountability of those people who bring disgrace to them.

Writer is Founder of Citizen Awareness Program and tweets at @CitizenAProgram


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