Will Hillary Clinton be the furious ‘Mother in Law’ of Pakistan?


Author: Shahbano Kamran


The unusual nomination of United States presidential candidates has grabbed the attention of the whole world. When everyone is going crazy over the presidential candidacy of racist and misogynistic Donald Trump, the wickedness and pro-militarist mentality of Hillary Clinton is being utterly ignored. It is being said that the bad is being preferred over the worse. But is it really acceptable to ignore consequences that the bad will cause? Especially when it comes to Pakistan, will it be able to fulfill the demands and expectations of the Hillary administration, if it wins power?

Hillary Clinton is well-known for her unconditional support for Israel. On her campaign website, an entire page is dedicated to her personal and diplomatic relations with Israel under the headline, “Hillary Clinton and Israel: A 30-Year Record of Friendship, Leadership and strength.” This should be an alarming situation for Pakistan as the hostility between both countries is not unknown to the world. Israel considers Pakistan as the biggest threat besides Iran which can be clearly seen in Israeli media and Israeli policies backing the rivals of Pakistan. And on the other hand, Pakistan has refrained itself from keeping any sort of diplomatic relations with Israel and it has repeatedly condemned Israeli army operations in Gaza strip which has taken both the countries further away. Amidst of this Hillary being the presidential candidate of United States, saying regarding U.S relations with Israel that, “We must take our alliance to the next level,” calling for “even more intense security and diplomatic cooperation” is rather a worrisome situation for Pakistan. As on this year’s death anniversary of Osama bin Laden, Hillary Clinton hinted the alleged role of Pakistan military in hiding bin Laden in Abbotabad. She said, “It was just too much of a coincidence that the house, that unusual looking house would be near the military academy, surrounded by retired military professionals, even though, we couldn’t prove it.” It shows the chances of Hillary taking hard-line on Pakistan regarding the issue of terrorism which Pakistan cannot afford at any cost, especially when it has done so much to put down the roots of terrorism in the region.


The allegations on Hillary of taking donations from Indian politicians and political institutions for her family’s charity foundation have also been raised by his opponent Donald Trump. He accused Hillary for taking these funds to vote for the Indo-Us civil nuclear deal. Even if the latter is taken a mere allegation, the former cannot be denied. In 2008, an Indian politician Amar Singh had donated $1,000,001 to $5,000,000 to Clinton foundation. According to Trump, an American-Indian Raj Fernando was appointed to the state department’s International Security Advisory Board, according to the advice to Hillary as Fernando donated $1million to $5million to her foundation. This information clearly signals the future inclination of Hillary administration towards India, the traditional enemy of Pakistan.

In short, it is the need of time that Pakistan should overcome its utter negligence regarding its foreign policy towards west. The future policies of Pakistan should be appropriate enough to encounter every type of trouble it might face regarding U.S-Pak relations in the upcoming years probably under Hillary’s administration as Hillary Clinton will pose as much challenges and difficulties for Pakistan (and Muslims in general) as it is expected from Donald Trump. But then, Hillary administration will also have to propagate balanced policies regarding the Pakistan as it is not possible to keep Pakistan away from the big picture at all times, as Yashwant Raj rightly said in Hindustan Times, “If diplomacy is an art, as some have said, handling Pakistan can be high art…”


Author is a student of Political Science &

A member at the Youth Parliament Pakistan


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