Why does Pakistan exist? (Pakistan’s ‘WHY’) [Chapter 2: Muslims for Pakistan]

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Explaining the ‘WHY’ behind the phenomenon known as Pakistan

Why Muslims specifically wanted Pakistan and what it means to them

We Muslims believe in a set of moral codes that dictate our every behavior and ethics.

The concept of ethics isn’t of an agnostic one, it is very much grounded in religion.

In fact, so much so, that the top most tenets of the Koran are:

  1. Protection from Satan the Accursed
  2. Progressivism on steroids through aggressive, yet benevolent, human development

Protection from the accursed one is important because according to the knowledge given in the Koran, he’s the mortal enemy of humanity, and thus, must be treated as such.

He wants to destroy humanity and/or take as many as he can to hellfire with him (whether you believe in this or not is immaterial to the subject matter of this chapter).

The second point focuses on fast, fulfilling, and immediate development of the human mind.

See, on average, humans don’t live very long…the longest lifespan we’ve seen in the modern day and age is around age 80 for females and 75 for males.

The facts and numbers are easy to see, this lifespan is clearly inadequate to experience everything this world has to offer.

Merely because of the fact that we have cycles in our lifespans as well: birth, childhood, teenhood, adulthood, and old age doubles the effect on the urgency of time required.

We’re expected to complete each of our tasks in a set period of time which makes this life extremely interesting to live.

We’re expected to learn fast, do fast, and leave everlasting legacies of ours.

This is only possible if we’re not just smart, but our social needs and emotional needs are met as well.

Every living thing wants justice.

Be they human or otherwise, justice is one thing that must be catered to no matter what happens.

The enlightenment of social justice and why it matters to human psyche

Social justice has become a sort of bad word in social circles nowadays, but social justice simply means that every person under a government is entitled to have justice done to them, either the decision is for or against them, in both ways, justice is served in letter and spirit.

Let me tell you a compelling story about a Muslim commander who had conquered Samarkand City of the ancient Uzbekistan.

In those days it wasn’t known as Uzbekistan as it is known today, it was simply a part of the Persian Empire and a region very rich in minerals and resources.

The story is relative to about 1200 years of Muslim history, so it was quite a long time ago.

This was a period when Muslim armies were offering armistice to their enemies and calling them brothers or conquering their lands and establishing Islamic rule of Law there.

This is a unique case study as Muslim armies were about to offer armistice to the City but instead conquered it without justification.

The Muslim commander was at the gates when he sent the city a message: “surrender, pay Jizya for protection, or convert to Islam.”

As it is a standard practice for any Muslim Army that doesn’t fully control a region in order to keep peace and uphold justice.

The City responded by telling the commander: “Let us think about it…we’ll tell you in 3 days.”

The commander agreed but then his advisors revealed to him the possibility of the City of Samarkand sending for reinforcements and making it extremely difficult for the Muslim Army to conquer the city should the issue go any further.

The commander thought about it and then gave the order to attack and capture the city by force.

When the Muslim Army was successful, they traditionally upheld the rule of Law and established Islamic Rule within Samarkand.

After about a month, the chief priest (they adhered to a pagan religion) of Samarkand City approached the head Judge of the Muslim Samarkand and presented his grievances against the Muslim Army.

He described to the Qazi (Judge) how Muslim Army had conquered their city unjustly and that they were considering converting to Islam and that they saw this act as an unjust occupation.

The Qazi determined that he must summon the commander, when he did so, he was informed of the unfortunate and sudden death of the commander due to illness.

The Qazi then scribed a letter and stamped it with his seal of approval and asked the priest to take the letter to the Caliphate of the time Umar bin Abdul Aziz in Medina City (City of the Prophet).

The priest saddened and defeated, took the letter and traveled a month and a half to get to the Islamic Capital.

He presented the letter to a seemingly simple man, one who was fixing the leaky roof of his house and was presented to him as the ruler of the Islamic Caliphate at the time.

Befuddled at the simple behavior of the man, the priest presented his side of the story and gave the Caliph the hand written and sealed letter of the Muslim Qazi of Samarkand.

The Caliph wrote a simple message on the back of the letter and stamped it and gave it back to the priest.

Now convinced of failure, the priest solemnly took the letter back to the Qazi of Samarkand.

The Qazi after reading the letter, immediately gave the order to the Muslim Armies to vacate the city of Samarkand as they had taken it unjustly.

At first, Samarkand thought this was a joke, that no occupation force has ever let a city go merely on a simple hand written judgment by the head of state.

But when the Muslim Army packed its bags and started to exit the city did the people realize they had made a mistake!

The Army that had conquered them became their saviors and protectors when they exited the city….

After they had ventured a few miles ahead away from the city, the people along with the priest, ran after them and begged them to return.

As they felt protected under their rule and that the Muslims were very just with their behavior.

This is but one tale of many where the local populace of a city completely converted to Islam by seeing the just behavior of the Muslim Armies.

Sadly, and very unfortunately, this time has gone, but it still has some life left inside of it.

If Muslims can once again uphold the Golden Principles of Islamic Socialism, the world can once again live in peace and prosperity as it did when the Caliphate was still around.

Social justice shouldn’t be a bad word simply because a few brats trash the streets of their country on the basis of trigger words and taking “offense” to a majority of things said to them.

What Muslims want to achieve through Pakistan

Pakistan is simply a country that has a well-defined geography, borders, and ideology.

But those things alone do not make it a great country.

Rather, it’s the people who live in it, the fine citizens, who uphold the rule of law and social justice that makes Pakistan a country like no other.

A majority of these citizens believe firmly in upholding the Koranic principles of:

  • Justice and rule of Law for all under the Muslim governance
  • Economic prosperity and social justice for all citizens
  • Protection of property, dignity, and honor of all Muslim (or otherwise) men, women, and children
  • Full administration of animal rights: treating all animals with high degree of care and love
  • Ensuring of economic and militaristic ventures for Muslim men, and social protection and education for Muslim women
  • Full protection of minorities and administration of human rights in an acceptable and highly sought after ways

[Note: every citizen believes in these guidelines, it is a different matter altogether that not all citizens are aware of all the issues in their community, and hence, creating awareness is the first step towards solving a problem]

These principles are what every Muslim lives by, it is a different matter altogether that a majority of people don’t read Koran in modern times nor take guidance from past historical references.

To suggest otherwise would be unjustly labeling all Muslims are barbaric animals without a code of conduct or morality. Both of which have always been found aplenty in the enemies of Muslims rather than the other way around….

Muslims simply want to achieve the above said for themselves and for their neighbors.

Most live simple lives of fulfillment, dedication, and humbleness.

But for those who want more from life, that option can only be available if all the basic human needs are met.

They would much likely share their culture with the world through trade, education, and way of conduct rather than through steel and blood.

Though if the latter option is forced upon them, they don’t ever back down from a fight.

What Pakistan should mean to an average Pakistani

The Quaid’s (Great Leader) words are clear:

This land is now ‘yours’! It doesn’t belong to a Punjabi, or a Balochi, or a Sindhi, it’s YOURS!

– Muhammad Ali Jinnah (Quaid e Azam), Pakistan address August 18th, 1947

What he means here is that Pakistan is a land of unlimited opportunity, a place where racism, despotism, corruption, provincialism, and other ‘isms’ don’t exist.

He further elaborated in his address that Pakistan is not a “communism” or “capitalism” or “socialism” or any other ‘isms’…Pakistan is an Islamic Socialist society that nurtures every person however they want to be nurtured.

Hence, the economic, social, and holistic growth of Pakistan is completely up to every individual citizen of Pakistan.

Be they male or female.

Keeping in mind, the “Golden Principles of Islamic Socialism” (Jinnah Sept. Address 1947) and strictly adhering to what’s outlined in the Koran.

To an average Pakistani citizen, Pakistan should embody these principles:

  • Freedom
  • Equality
  • Brotherhood
  • Fraternity of all
  • Social Justice
  • Progressivism
  • Strength
  • Law and Justice
  • Beauty

These are just the surface level words that come to mind when we think of what we want to see Pakistan become in the very near future.

To do this, there are several steps required.

We’ll get into those steps in future articles.

In order to understand what we mean by the words mentioned above, one has to look at the example of the very first Caliphate era and then look at the United States of America.

How the USA was founded, what their constitution says and how they’ve really built their country.

Each individual had a unique view of ‘what’ the United States should stand for and ‘why’ it should continue to exist.

Each of those individuals is known today by the names of Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Warren Buffet/Charlie Munger, Sam Walton etc.

They all had a different view of what they wanted to do with themselves and how they wanted to build America.

The freedoms and rights outlined in their constitution were never enough, these things were needed to be enforced by men of good faith and character.

Where is Pakistan headed now?

The question is not where ‘Pakistan’ is headed, but rather where are ‘Pakistanis’ are heading?

Look at the problem in a simple and understandable way.

There’s no need to complicate or twist things.

Pakistan has Koran as its constitution, Liaqet Ali Khan, Quaid e Azam, Allama Muhammad Iqbal, Allama Muhammad Asad, and various other founding fathers ensured this in their speeches, writing, and actions.

They specifically called Pakistan an ‘Islamic Socialist’ state because it combines the best of the worlds in one simple formula where one cannot exploit the system unjustly or harm other people in any way.

But, these are mere words if not applied to our daily activities and rulings.

If everyone is trying to rip each other off because it’s difficult to make money otherwise, then there has to be a system which allows other people to succeed without getting in each other’s way.

It’s simple to do and implement.

But Pakistanis MUST be willing to apply this formula WITHIN the borders of Pakistan.

For starters, Pakistanis must be willing to do 3 things:

  1. Listen
  2. Read then Apply
  3. Learn

Listen to what your elders or seniors are telling you. Those who have more knowledge and information than you do.

No matter the age, if they know more than you, then they are entitled to speak to you while you shut up and listen only.

Then you have to cross-check and confirm what they said by the way of reading books – A LOT of books!

[We suggest reading 1 book a day in order to keep up with today’s rapid development and pace of highly advanced societies]

Koran is your primary source of information and a pre-cursor to a lot of different paths one can take – honestly in any direction.

Read what the Koran has to say and understand exactly what it’s saying to you.

Then apply what’s being said in whatever way you can.

This can be done by bringing higher accountability within your company or becoming a leader within your societal circle that will allow you to help others achieve their goals as well.

Learn by experimenting continuously with what you have already acquired as means of knowledge, skills, and intuition.

Our Prophet didn’t say these words for empty praise:

The pen of a scholar is mightier than the sword of a martyr

– Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

He said these words so you may understand what it means to read and apply the knowledge you acquire through books, alive mentors, or via experimenting.

This is where Pakistanis SHOULD head if they want to see Pakistan full of life, wealth, love, happiness, and health.



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