Why does Pakistan exist? (Pakistan’s ‘WHY’) [Chapter 4: Socio-Economic factors]

Socio-economic factors for Pakistan

Explaining Pakistan’s existence, in a more articulate manner…

Understanding the meaning of ‘socio-economics’ in Islamic terms

Coming from a traders’ background, the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) knew how to make money and gather resources.

Much like the rest of the traders of the world, he had a good understanding of the economic model employed by humanity under the golden standard.

Needless to say, his understanding grew exponentially deeper when he was revealed to be the Prophet of the Lord.

As such, the Creator has revealed a few crucial points about the economy and the way we as humans deal with each other that needs to be understood.

And the reason for understanding this is so that we don’t get exploited, nor do we let others exploit us.

The system has to be a fair one so no single human can accumulate all the wealth of the land while the rest of the humanity suffers unimaginable horrors.

The concept is so simple, that albeit being easy to understand it is one of the greatest threats to the modern economic model.

Before I tell you what this concept is, you have to agree to these points:

  • Money is a mode of exchange so that humans cannot be exploited nor exploit others
  • Money is merely a vehicle for progress and growth, not the destination to which one should aspire
  • Money allows us to shoot for higher goals, though money is not the only way to achieve higher and do better
  • Money’s value is always fixed so manipulation and exploitation is not legal (illegal)
  • Humans invented money to gain expertise faster and reduce their learning curve in the long run
  • Money is a tool of learning, and such must be treated as something that doesn’t have emotions attached to it

Now that we all agree on the points above, the concept is as follows:

Allah and His Rasul (Messenger) [PBUH] declare open war against Riba – devaluation of monetary value.

Koran – Chapter 2 [Summary]

To devalue money is illegal and Allah and His Messenger (PBUH) declare open war against all those who perpetuate and/or support the system.

To devalue the money is to impoverish people who have little of it.

It’s not the peoples’ fault that they have little money; it’s that they’re happy with whatever little they have.

Neither the Koran nor the Messenger (PBUH) forbids us from building wealth and aspiring to higher goals.

But, one must keep in mind that it MUST be done in such a way so that you don’t get in the way of others and what they want.

The system of Riba or currency devaluation is precisely the thing that constructs major hurdles in the way of humanity’s progress and development.

No one government, nor a person should be allowed to devalue the currency of a land in order to become wealthy.

This is breaking the Law of nature and endangering countless lives. While at the same time relegating the majority of humanity into poverty and backwardness.

This is not the poverty of the mind, this is physical poverty. The poverty of the means, which inexplicably leads to slavery of the mind.

Hence, a just and honorable socio-economic model is proposed by the Koran.

When a people or a nation acquiesce to the natural Laws of growth and development there’s no longer any conflict within themselves and the environment they live in.

Hence, a human being is perfectly aligned with his/her state of being.

This is the type of mindset the Prophet (PBUH) has given to the world, along with guidance towards building a just environmental model so humanity doesn’t end up screwing itself over.

The ‘why’ behind the existence of State Bank of Pakistan

Let’s dive right into ‘why’ we’re all here in the first place.

We want to understand on a deeper level the ‘why’ behind Pakistan’s existence.

And so we must also understand ‘why’ the State Bank of Pakistan was created by the Great Leader.

In his address, Muhammad Ali Jinnah (Quaid e Azam) stated:

On this monumental occasion, I’d like to address the economic state of the world today. The capitalist and the socialist economic models have proven to be disasters for humanity. Their evil has caused not one but two great wars! Only a miracle can now save humanity from total annihilation! As such, I will oversee the operations of the State Bank with keen interest and shall watch carefully the economic model that it develops for Pakistan.

– Quaid e Azam, summary of the speech given on the eve of opening ceremony of the State Bank of Pakistan 1948

As you can see, the Quaid was not only a strong supporter of the Islamic socio-economic system, he also wanted to make sure that something could be done about the present systems of evil before his death.

A wonderful and noble goal for Pakistan….

If our Quaid was allowed to stay alive a little longer, this goal would’ve surely overlapped the world in justice and mercy that it provides.

Sadly, Pakistan went on to be impoverished by the same forces it had sought protection from.

Needless to say, Pakistanis must work either in an individual capacity or together to bring back the system of monetary equality where no one can be exploited simply because they’re unaware of the dangers that bandits and robber barons pose to them.

Pakistan’s socio-economic model and the dream of our founding fathers…

Pakistan was created to re-establish this just economic model for the rest of humanity.

Though this is not the only goal of Pakistan, it most certainly is the most important one.

Should Pakistan fail in its endeavors to uplift humanity from brazen exploitation and poverty, the evil that currently engulfs the world will surely cause even more unimaginable suffering and work to further impoverish our future generations.

As such, it is the sworn duty of every Pakistan from the time of their birth till death to defend this system and know the implications should it come to be replaced by something lesser.

The evil of monetary devaluation is very great in magnitude, it halts the development of humanity and causes war and famine in most parts of the world.

This is the system that Islam has come to fight, and that’s the exact system Pakistan should be fighting against now.

Whatever happened in the past is the past, but to pursue monetary devaluation is evil and unjust.

As Prophet Jesus (PBUH) once overturned the tables of the Jewish bankers who were sitting in the Holyland, dealing in money and ripping people off via predatory lending and monetary devaluation…

So should EVERY Pakistani fight to contain this evil at all cost.



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