Why Pakistan’s every endeavor has failed in the last 10 years

Why Pakistan’s endeavors keep failing

(Since the last 10 years)

When the word “failure” is talked about, one tends to avoid the subject matter altogether…

As if, failing or failure of one’s endeavor(s) is a bad thing or a bad word.

Though it’s true that failing is an undesirable outcome, it always has a silver lining attached to it.

The Koran says in this regard:

With every difficulty comes ease.

– Koran, verse summary

For instance, Thomas Edison failed 10, 000 experiments before he was able to discover the light bulb that worked.

And when he was asked about his failures, he simply said: “…I’ve simply found 10, 000 ways how ‘not’ to make a light bulb…”

Whereas one person in the United States often fails yet attributes his qualities to never giving up after his eventual success, people on the cusp of success in Pakistan often give up after having everything as they want.

The recent example of Junaid Jamshed comes to mind.

Not that he wasn’t a failed superstar in the showbiz, but he left the showbiz in order to pursue an unrealistic goal.

He left success, and a position of strength where he could have influenced people through his music and instead brought about a bigger change decided to associate himself with creatures (they’re unfit to be called people) such as Mullah Tariq Jamil.

These people are not men of good science nor of the Koran itself…

They are bandits, often cloaked in the robes of learned men, who come to us with the devil’s forked tongue.

They speak rosy words yet only deliver lip service to the genuine cause of the Muslims.

They do nothing but eat sugar and salt all day long, and completely ignore (to the point of criminal negligence) the genuine pains and sufferings of the average Musalman.

They do nothing to address the issue of terrorism and the smear campaign that has been launched against Muslims at large.

Instead, they support such dirty deeds…they support the capitalist pigs who sit in their “castles” and direct millions of deaths of average Muslim citizens by directing their armies and resources against the innocent populace who’s continuously impoverished and taken advantage of by all manners of governmental instruments and rules.

They knock on the doors of rulers of today and ask for compensation in order to further enslave and impoverish the citizenry at large.

This unacceptable behavior of the class and racial divide is precisely the thing that Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) came to fight.

When the world was enslaving the blacks of Africa, he was giving them a seat in high governance alongside him.

When the European men were treating their women like trash, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was giving them rights and legislating rules to let them acquire property and teach other citizens of his country.

The point of singling out these people and using them as an example is to demonstrate to the reader how ‘your’ attitude determines your failure or success rate.

This lengthy explanation was necessary in order to build the foundation of what’s to come (next).

The Pakistan-Iran Gas pipeline project

This gas pipeline was to be built through the Balochistan province of both the countries.

[Yes, there’s also a Balochistan in Iran]

This pipeline was to supply the Pakistani energy shortfall for a fraction of the price that we deal with in buying expensive oil from the United States and other countries in order to fuel polluting generators.

The endeavor failed when it was already marked to be a success.

The reason?

Money of course…

Capitalism to be more precise.

Pakistani politicians are often of the mindset that existed in feudal (or lordship system) Britain.

They don’t allow anyone else to get rich unless their pockets are filled to the brim first.

They impoverish the citizenry for their own selfish gains.

They sacrifice others so that they may gain.

That’s not leadership. That’s fiefdom!

But this is only a mere surface level symptom of a much larger problem.

The Pakistan-Iran gas pipeline project was dropped due to pressure from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the United States.

For no other reason than racism: they’re Shia and Irani while we are Sunni and Arab…what they don’t realize is that they are both Muslim.

Pakistan is easily influenced by the Saudis due to a complacent and often moronic behavior towards them.

The reason is simple, Pakistanis love Islam and they love the Prophet (PBUH), but to an almost sickening degree.

They love Islam not because of what it gives them, but because what it symbolizes for them, they don’t really love the Prophet (PBUH) they just say they do so they don’t appear to be hypocrites to their friends and family members.

The underlying problem is not Islam or the Prophet (PBUH) themselves, rather they are the solution to our problem…

The REAL problem is the way the Pakistanis live their lives and how they treat each other.

The REAL problem is the twisted mindset that has been propagated across the community due to ill-informed people or herd behavior.

Just because he’s doing it, I should too! The true definition of a lemmings train, if one falls off the cliff the rest of the monkeys follow blindly.

Whether they know they’ll die or not.

Musharraf’s economic reform, its rollback, and rise of foreign elements

It’s no secret that Gen. Pervez Musharraf’s economic reforms were hailed as the best that Pakistan had seen in the modern century.

However, where he failed to deliver was the (again, unfortunately) complacency of his behavior towards the Saudis.

Dear Pakistanis! Saudis are not Gods, YOU hold a nuclear weapon, they can merely ask for your protection.

Should you choose to annihilate them in one shot, you can do so…you can also annihilate any enemy of yours at the press of a button.

Yet, your complacency and ill-informed behavior are the cause rather than the effect of what’s happening in Pakistan at this very moment.

When Musharraf was deposed as the Pakistani president, the Zardari regime brutally rolled back all of his reforms and brazenly raped the country’s resources to its heart’s content.

When Zardari was done, he handed the blood-filled chalice back to Nawaz Sharif. So now he’s doing the exact same thing, albeit in a more brutal fashion than his predecessor.

Nawaz Sharif completely sold the country out to Indian Modi so he can do to us as he pleases.

In layman’s terms, Mr. Nawaz Sharif sacrificed the Pakistani citizens so that he may gain.

That’s not how leadership works.

Leaders get their own heads chopped off before seeing their followers get hurt.

Prophet Jesus (PBUH) sacrificed his needs for the needs of his disciples. And God Almighty sacrificed a look like in his place.

But the persecution he suffered at the hands of the Jews, how they shouted to have him executed…

How they repeatedly told the Roman Imperator that Jesus (PBUH) was guilty of treason against the Jewish people and the Roman senate.

They didn’t succeed, but the mere fact that he spoke up against their illegal dealing/stealing of the people’s money was enough to paint a giant bullseye on his back.

One campaigned to stop his people from being ripped off, and the other campaigns to sell off the very people he claims to represent.

As long as we have this sort of “leadership” we will continuously get ripped off, and every future endeavor of Pakistan will utterly fail as well.

For no other reason than criminal negligence, despotism, and the brazen raping of the resources without involving the national interests first.

Diplomacy, treaties and positions of strength

Pakistan could have easily asserted itself as the leader of the Muslim nations.

Could have also easily put diplomacy on the fast track with Russia, China, Japan, and European countries.

But instead, it chose to hand over such a sensitive and critical task to its enemy: India.

Does it really make any sense to hand over the keys to your house to some stranger let alone a known enemy who wants to kill you?

Then how can the Pakistani citizenry allow such a grave sin to be committed against itself?

The answer is simple: Pakistanis are a bunch of ill-informed people displaying herd behavior.

They don’t know what they want, they don’t know what their direction is, they refuse to listen to people with experience, and they most certainly don’t want to do hard work in order to achieve results.

They want everything to be done for them, to be handed to them on a silver platter.

Sorry, but that’s just not possible at all!

It’s like asking a tree to plant itself and then give you its fruit!

Absolute madness!!!

Pakistani FIA (Federal Investigation Agency) repeatedly mentioned this fact to the government many times over.

The head of the Cybercrime branch has repeatedly told his circle of influence that we need treaties with countries like UAE, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Turkey, European countries, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Malaysia, Japan etc. in order to hold a position of strategical advantage in all situations.

No country on this planet ever sits still on a diplomatic front.

Every country holds meetings with their counterparts in order to discuss matters of mutual benefit.

A country like China used to be a place where you could get all sorts of drugs and any commit any kind of sin you can imagine.

Without much social consequences.

Today, it’s directly telling the United States to back off its territorial claims in the South China Sea.

Is it any wonder that such a strong diplomatic stance can emerge from a country that was heavily addicted to opium and heroine just 68 years ago?

Yet, Pakistanis refuse to look at this fact and solve their problems via powerful examples.

Why would they? It’s too hard!

I have only one solution for such crybabies: either read your eyeballs off by immersing yourself in highly informative and valuable books and apply that knowledge accordingly or lay down and ask the Indians to commit another genocide against you, effectively ending the Pakistani nation once and for all.

How can an individual citizen of Pakistan solve Pakistan’s problems…

I don’t care how scarce resources are for you.

If you have the internet at your disposal, then you pretty have the entire world at your disposal.

You can overload yourself with information a million years over and still not be able to go through the entire index of the internet.

There are so many stories of people from around the world, who have overcome extreme obstacles and difficulties.

They are rich in many different ways, and they have a lot of information that’s available for your pleasure.

All you have to do is either acquire it for free BY READING or paying a small amount of money for an extremely valuable source.

If you have money to spend on designer clothes, cologne, cars, and homes…then you absolutely have money to invest for your future.

You have money to acquire the information that will liberate you from all the confusion and provide you with solutions to your problems.

Yet, it’s too difficult to do right?

Well, let’s not start with being all wonderful and full of knowledge the next day.

Nothing happens in one day.

It’s the accumulative process of character building, application of knowledge, and learning from your mentors that WILL eventually help you succeed.

On the way, you also have to meet and retain people who believe what you believe.

If you don’t do that, and won’t take action, then as Allah says in the Koran: “He’s more than capable of replacing your kind with another nation who will glorify Him day and night, and would follow their desires according to what Allah has outlined for them in the Koran.”



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