Why does Pakistan exist? (Pakistan’s ‘WHY’) [Chapter 6: Healthcare and education]

Explaining Pakistan’s ‘why’ via breakthrough research

What healthcare and education should look like in Pakistan…

The current education and healthcare system in Pakistan are appalling in every aspect.

Poor citizens can’t get quality healthcare nor education.

Whereas the upper middle class and upper class easily ship off their offspring to countries which have a good system.

Is it any wonder then, that even the elite of the country think that the country’s system is falling apart?

Why are we still keeping this system in place even though everyone knows that it doesn’t work?

First off, I know some people will cry hard: “it’s hard to change things!”

Of course, it’s hard to change things! Otherwise, everyone could do it!

It takes a lot of time to build something lasting.

The millennial generation and the generations before them are too hasty in many issues regarding education and healthcare systems in Pakistan.

The way to change this is obviously a better quality of information that’s available to the citizens.

So how do we go about giving the citizens such an information and ensure their progress, growth, and development in every area of life?

Let’s ask our favorite book the Koran…

The Koran talks about many ways a common person can take care of their health in very inexpensive and effective ways.

If you eat wholesome foods, your body will feel wholesome and strong, whereas if you drink alcohol all day long or eat too much sugar and salt…well let’s just say you won’t feel your best (to put it mildly).

How to solve the education problem in Pakistan

I don’t intend to make this article very long since the solution to this sort of problem can be spelled out in the fewest words possible.

But I do need to explain some background information first that may prove to be very useful to you.

A common theme across many of the developed nations is that they all boast a strong system of libraries around their cities.

They do this by modernizing their libraries and fitting them with the latest technologies available; such as tools for learning, and teaching.

The Internet is such a tool which can be used to teach more people with the maximum effectiveness of any person who wants to teach a subject.

You visited this website in order to gain some information about a topic you’re most interested in.

This is the kind of relationship between the student and teacher that’s being talked about here.

See, I might not have all the information about a specific topic, but if I can tickle your curiosity about it enough, you’ll eventually go out on your own and seek it somehow.

This opportunity is being blocked by the Pakistani education system which is solely based on the British one!

Even the British themselves have immense libraries which are highly advanced and have already abandoned the dead carcass of the system that’s still implemented in Pakistan!

Let’s head back to just before when Genghis Khan conquered the Baghdad and overturned its elite citizens.

At that time, Baghdad boasted the largest library in the entire world – let alone the Muslim world of the time!

The Iraqis of that time were voracious readers and contributed to the world of science, technology, and language in very meaningful ways.

However, it seems that our own people don’t understand the concept of abandoning old ways that don’t work and integrating the ones that do in our lives.

As Bruce Lee famously said:

I don’t believe in styles, all these styles separate man! You have to take that which works, and abandon the thing that doesn’t, and then add something of your own to it so it becomes relevant to the way you want to live…

– Bruce Lee, Actor, Martial Artist, Inventor of Jeet Kune Do

The education policy of Pakistan is so rotten and unworkable that they have to ask the British to write their curriculum-related books for them!!!

If this is not madness and total collapse of the educational infrastructure, then I don’t know what is!!!

Even our ancestors didn’t build schools prior to the British invasion, in fact, they built libraries, or common spaces of knowledge and enlightenment so that ALL may benefit at the same time, without differentiating between classes or races.

The best way for Pakistani education to excel at a crisis like this is to literally redefine the entire policy and bulldoze all the schools within the country!

And simultaneously build highly advanced and modernized libraries which would have knowledge from around the world translated into Urdu and made available to the common citizen for free!

In order for this to work, though, the government has to be onboard for this auspicious undertaking.

The legislation itself will have to change in order to accommodate people with experience to teach on the internet without interruption or hesitation.

People should be able to teach any subject they like except medicine.

Because medicine is a very serious subject matter and cannot be done without the full supervision of highly qualified medical professionals who have a long history and career in the medical sciences.

Other than that, everything else should be fair game for anyone to teach. Provided of course, that they actually know about the subject.

This would brutally eliminate all the fakes and leave those with experience and expertise to teach freely and help their students succeed.

Their fee would have to be very reasonable as I’m sure most people already understand such delicate topics.

Once we have a strong educational system that depends heavily on a modernized network of libraries and people with knowledge, we can most certainly expect Pakistanis to become the most educated and highly sought after group of people in the world.

Just ask Finland about how their high school system climbed to the absolute TOP of the world’s ranking:

Just because it’s a country with foreign beliefs, and people who look very different from that of our own, doesn’t mean that we can’t learn from them.

As our Prophet (PBUH) has said himself in numerous Ahadis (sayings):

…You have to travel the world and acquire as much knowledge as possible! It doesn’t matter how hard it is for you, or where you have to get it from…just get it! Even if you have to travel as far as China to get it!

– Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), Sahi Bukhari (Rough translation of the Hadis)

Islam and the Koran have always taught the Muslims to acquire knowledge at great lengths.

Because knowledge (information) is the most important thing in the world in order to build a lasting and civil society.

One cannot lay the foundations of a building without a strong attention to detail towards certain aspects such as the quality of concrete and the way the pillars are placed within the foundation.

So to can one not build a society without first paying attention to how its citizens behave towards each other and how they interact with the outside world.

Canada is a prime example of how civil and educated people behave both within and outside of Canadian borders.

However, Pakistanis’ example is like the one of who’s uneducated, ill-mannered, and ill-informed who don’t know how to act in socially responsible ways with other groups of people.

And that’s totally fine!

It doesn’t have to be that just because Pakistanis don’t know about this, it makes them a bad group of people.

It only makes them highly malleable and gullible.

If you or someone you know continuously criticizes the way that Pakistanis act within or outside of Pakistan then ask them (or yourself) about the possible solutions to this problem.

Do you know better manners and etiquette than the idiots who act moronically without knowing?

Great! Then give us that knowledge! Write a book about it…but if you can’t then either shut up and put with it or ask someone who knows how to read and write to do it for you!

But don’t criticize without first giving your neighbor the opportunity to hear you out or read your material.

And even if after reading your work or hearing your thoughts about the issue, they don’t improve themselves, then let Allah deal with them directly.

As your duty is simply to give information and making sure that it gets in the right hands.

That’s why Pakistan exists, in order to be a beacon of hope and symbol of democratic power by providing the highest quality of education to its citizens that’s available out there.

One only has to take the right step in order to make the change happen on their own terms.

As such, Citizen Awareness Program would love to see if a project about a local library is pitched to the government by the citizens inside (or even outside) of Pakistani borders.

This would allow us all to work together towards a common goal and help our fellow kinsmen stand on their own feet.

How to fix the healthcare system of Pakistan

Now, I don’t have any doctors in the room nor am I one myself…

But I do know a thing or two about how can we fix the healthcare system of Pakistan in as little as one year!

All it requires is full and complete dedication of the citizens and an unflinching effort to translate millions of books about health sciences from various languages directly into Urdu.

Not just that, the citizens have to contribute towards either selling these well-written and highly valuable books in bookstores or make an effort to give one (or more) away to the halls of a fully modernized library.

This could be either a Sadaqah e Jariyah for you or a cash incentive, whichever is more important to you.

But you have to be able to contribute in one way or another.

The biggest condition for this “dream” to come true is if there’s a pre-existing library in Pakistan that’s unmatched and unrivaled in terms of the volume of books it contains and the amount of latest pieces of knowledge it makes available to the Pakistani citizens.

There can be several libraries or just one, they can be in any city or just one city of your choosing, but it (or they) MUST exist for the medical sciences to flourish.

There are more conditions that must be met before allowing any doctors/medical professionals to practice in Pakistan on a larger scale.

All the existing doctors/healthcare professionals in Pakistan must conform to basic standards of providing quality healthcare to all their patients.

Whether it be in a form of surgical or non-surgical ways of fixing your patient, you MUST adhere to these regulations in order to raise the Pakistani standard of healthcare and help the system stand on its feet (again).

You can form a committee or ask Pakistani doctors who live abroad for advice and planning. But you have to make sure that the health care that you provide MUST be the best of quality by any standard.

The moment you associate your practices with trustworthiness, and reliability, you’ll automatically retain 95% of your patients and be completely fulfilled that your role as a healer and wise man/woman has helped countless lives not just in Pakistan but globally as well.

See this is the kind of standard I’m asking you to hold yourself to.

YOU are responsible for making this happen, and no one else but you.

If you can rise above petty issues of “making money” or social unaccountability (just because you’re a doctor so they have to listen to you) then this change of yours will resonate across the planet.

Whether you’d know it immediately or not.

Abu Ali Sina didn’t know if his book ‘Kitab al Kanoon fil Tib’ would provide guidance to the medical sciences community for 6 centuries, but he wrote it anyway, knowing that it would help turn around the lives of countless people.

The first eye surgery was done with a dash of strong alcohol to sedate the patient.

Today, the medical community uses various drugs which are much more powerful and safer choices for doing so.

Just because one man wrote a book about his experiments and findings….

That’s the only way forward if you truly wish to turn the healthcare system of Pakistan around for the better.

If you’re not a doctor/healthcare professional and reading this article, then please pass on this information to them as this can help many people turn their lives around.

Even if you’re not a doctor you can help the cause by talking to any doctors in your close circles and letting them know about this information so that all may benefit.

One last word of ‘wisdom’…

Pakistan has suffered greatly because the quality information was either suppressed or wasn’t present in the first place.

In order for us all to help hold Pakistan’s educational and healthcare systems to a higher standard, we all have to work together to achieve this dream.

One single person is not enough for this to come true.

EVERY citizen is responsible for spreading the word in their own capacity to the largest amount of people as possible.

Not because it only benefits you, but also the community at large.

Only by standing together, gathering information and compiling it in coherent terms can we ever hope to organize ourselves as an important country among the group of nations on this planet.



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