Adding diplomatic strength to Pakistan’s foreign policy

How do we add diplomatic strength to Pakistan’s foreign policy?

The answer seems as if it’s something of a big concern to all parties involved in this intricate dance of life and death.

However, the answers are so simple to implement and so mindbogglingly easy to get our heads wrapped around, that only a complacent idiot or a negligent criminal will ignore these calls for national strength and sovereignty.

Pakistan is a nuclear-armed state that has the world’s strongest and most resilient armed forces.

The ranking doesn’t matter, the fact of the matter is, that we have held off aggression from countries like India, Afghanistan, United States, and USSR.

All in the history of just 70 years or so in Pakistan’s existence!

This is a feat worthy of telling stories about in its own right….

But in order to understand the Pakistani stance here, we have to look at the psyche of our government and how it uses its lackeys to continuously humiliate our national identity in order to preserve its own interests.

Yes, it simply sacrifices the national interests of all 200 million Pakistanis collectively for its own personal gain.

Will you still just stand there and watch as Mr. Sharif and his lackeys erode our national sovereignty due to personal grudges against the people of Pakistan?

Of course, you will because you don’t know how to take your country back from thugs yet.

And that’s okay because we all know that it will take some time to get the government to listen to us the loyal citizens of Pakistan.

If we want anything at all to be done about our present situation.

The average Pakistani is so misinformed that he/she doesn’t have a clue about what’s going on in their lives or around them.

For this purpose, it is your responsibility: the reader, to actively pursue instances of gaining knowledge about Pakistani affairs and reading up on situations which are happening across the country.

If economic uncertainty is something you’re afraid of, then you have to be able to read about finances and how to acquire multiple income sources for yourself.

Citizen Awareness Program is not at the stage where it can provide the good citizens with such capabilities just yet.

But with the combined support of the citizenry, we are positive that we can make a lasting impact in determining how Pakistan should be governed and its national policies broadcast all over the capitals of the world.

Pakistani foreign diplomatic stance regarding regional issues

Pakistanis collectively have decided that India is a hostile, enemy nation which MUST be treated as such.

For this diplomatic stance to hold ground, our government officials MUST be united in propagating this image across the world.

  • Tell the world about the atrocities which the Indian aggressor has committed when Bangladesh was forming in 1971.
  • Highlight the Kashmiri cause and strengthen diplomatically and as well as economic ties with Kashmir as necessary.
  • Treat Bangladesh, and Afghanistan as hostile nations and cut all diplomatic ties with them pronto.
  • Fence the Afghan-Pakistan border and repatriate the Afghan refugees at an increased rate.
  • Stop cross-border trade between Afghanistan and India which is going through Pakistani routes.
  • Or if stopping the trade is not possible, then levy heavy sanctions and taxes on Afghan goods that pass through Pakistan.
  • Treat Bangladesh the same way as we would Afghanistan.

Keeping in mind that Pakistan is a nuclear-armed state, we can threaten these nations whenever we want and however, we want.

We can also commit any act of aggression in Pakistani national interest as WE deem necessary.

The same can be said about India as it is already tagging Afghanistan along for a ride to kill maximum amount of innocent Pakistanis in the Balochistan province and fan the flames of hatred towards the federation on a high-intensity level.

Such brazen acts of violence and outright war cannot go unpunished!

The world needs to understand that dealing with Pakistan MUST be done on equal grounds or when Pakistan is in the position of strength.

It is NOT enough for the Pakistani citizens to change their government and bring in a loyalist government.

Pakistan needs to build up its military in order to keep a strong check and balance on any acts of aggression from countries like India and Afghanistan.

Pakistan also needs to build up its intelligence network to weed out any hostile agenda from any potentially harmful countries like Iran.

Not that we would mark Iran as a hostile enemy, one can never know when the ones we call brother today can turn against us on the behest of aggressors like India and the United States.

Pakistani foreign diplomatic stance regarding international issues

Don’t confuse the international issues with regional issues.

Yes, once you step outside of the borders of Pakistan you’re in international territory, but one must also understand how Pakistan should deal with countries which don’t directly border it and are hostile to it.

European map

European countries like France, Spain, Denmark, and Britain must be treated as hostile nations who have a malignant agenda against Pakistani citizens.

One must not tread too far in order to understand why these countries are on the list here.

The next batch is Asia itself, fortunately, we don’t have any nations which are hostile towards Pakistan, but in the near future, this can all change should the United States and China have a war in the South China Sea.

Asian map and diplomacy with Pakistan

African countries aren’t very much of a threat so we can perhaps layoff Africa or have a neutral stance towards any nation wanting diplomatic relations.

As far as the Middle East goes, except for Turkey, Jordan and maybe Iran, the entirety of the region is hostile towards Pakistan.

Middle East and diplomacy strength for Pakistan

Countries like Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar, Kuwait, and the UAE must be treated as hostile nations.

As they have a past record of fueling terrorism and insurgency within the Balochistan province and the city of Karachi.

Israel is the most hostile region of all – we refrain from calling it country since we don’t recognize the Israeli identity.

Israel MUST be treated with high level of alertness and as well as diplomatic and military strength.

There’s no talking to such tyrants, we don’t negotiate with enemies of humanity, thus we HAVE to treat Israel as a region we are at war it at all times.

As far as North American countries are concerned, only United States stands out as the most hostile country in lieu of Israel.

North America and Pakistan diplomatic strength

South American regions are neutral and should be treated as such until further notice (how situations evolve following the war between USA and China).

Friends of Pakistan at the present time…

This topic is a little difficult to write about since Pakistani government has not made any leeway towards establishing diplomatic ties with much of the world’s countries.

However, based on empirical evidence and how the behavior of certain countries has been towards Pakistan we can conclude that countries listed herein are foremost well-wishers and friends of Pakistan:

  • Turkey
  • China
  • Bosnia
  • Azerbaijan
  • Japan
  • Albania
  • Jordan
  • Sri Lanka
  • Russia
  • Thailand
  • Egypt
  • Indonesia
  • Malaysia
  • Brunei

Out of these countries, Pakistan has strong diplomatic ties with Turkey, China, Egypt, and possibly Russia.

Countries like Jordan, Bosnia, Azerbaijan, Thailand, and Albania are very much neutral but don’t hold any hostilities towards Pakistan.

Furthermore, Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Brunei and Sri Lanka can prove to be useful allies in the future should Pakistan need to depend on geographical strategic posturing and fluid military movement.

Turkey, China, and Russia have to be treated as the most important allies for Pakistan, as a weakness will invite aggression.

As it already is from the Indian and Afghani side.

Should Pakistan need to rely on Chinese goods, Russian military strength, and Turkish trade, we can apply diplomatic strength in such a way that can allow us to not step on any toes and get what we want as well.

Neutral countries that can be converted to become Pakistan’s friend in the long run

These countries don’t exactly know the history of Pakistan, as much of the world doesn’t…

But these nations can be used as bargaining chips to put pressure on hostile nations like India, Afghanistan, USA, Israel, Britain, and Bangladesh to drop certain stances which harm Pakistan tremendously.

The list is as follows:South America and Pakistan diplomatic strength

  • Iran
  • Bolivia
  • Brazil
  • Germany
  • Tajikistan
  • Kazakhstan
  • Kyrgyzstan
  • Uzbekistan
  • Armenia
  • Morocco
  • Cuba
  • Venezuela
  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • Canada

The point of listing these nations here is so that Pakistan can further strengthen its diplomatic ties with these countries.

Doing so will help us in negotiating treaties from common tax laws to criminal handling procedures.

Not to mention the flow of resources that would come to Pakistan in case such a wonderful foreign policy ever forms within the next 5 years.

Pakistan can negotiate or renegotiate a lot from this exercise if it plays its cards correctly.

Kashmir issue can also be handled with a diplomatic strength that allows Pakistan to acquire resources and label Indian aggressor as a terrorist state.

Any Indian organizations working inside Pakistan or on behalf of India can be scrutinized and/or expelled based on Pakistan’s economic and diplomatic strength.

This is all relative to how educated and well-informed citizens want to become in the very near future.

The more well-informed and entrepreneurial minded citizens we’d have, the stronger our diplomatic ties with the rest of the world.

Leveraging Pakistan’s immediate allies for regional stability and economic development

Pakistan, as any other country on the planet, has full right to pursue economic interests.

As such, Pakistan has looked to its Chinese neighbor to help build a sustainable economy that can help propel Pakistan into the ‘developed nations’ arena faster than before.

However, the Indian aggressor doesn’t like this move and hence has put measures in place to continuously halt the Gwadar port project which has resulted in countless senseless deaths and further victimization of Pakistan by terrorism.

Economic development of Pakistan is none of India’s business. It should focus on its own human rights violations or be prepared to face the music in the very near future.

Pakistan can use China, Turkey, and Russia – its most immediate allies and well-wishers to further develop its economy.

Turkey is already a country that has bilateral and brotherly ties with Pakistan, in fact, much of Turkish population resembles Pakistani features and culture.

Turkey and Pakistan diplomatic strength

Trading with Turkey and taking advantage of its military and economic prowess can open new opportunities for growth and development for Pakistanis of all ages.

Whether they be male or female can be made immaterial by further borrowing technological advancements from nations like Canada, Japan, and Russia to fulfill any shortfalls.

Iran can be used as an ally to stabilize the Central Asian region.

China has this dual role with regards to Pakistan, but Beijing is more concerned with Washington now that the new President Elect Donald Trump will be coming to power on January 20th, 2017.

Pakistan must look towards its own citizens to help provide resources, and human ingenuity in order to counter any aggression or hostilities from India, Afghanistan, and Bangladesh.

Russia is a foremost manufacturer of weapons and technology.

Hence President Vladimir Putin can be asked to invest in Pakistan via way of mutual benefits and friendship.

Vladimir Putin and Pakistan

Russia can provide the much-needed weapons’ technology to Pakistani Armed Forces’ arsenal…

As well as provide with the technological prowess that is unknown to Pakistan.

Trading partners such as Indonesia, Malaysia, and possibly Brunei can help boost Pakistani economy and accelerate its return to the gold-standard.

South East Asia and Pakistan diplomatic strength

Strategic military alliances such as Sri Lanka, Japan, and Australia can boost Pakistani Navy’s operational capability and modernize it faster than before.

Australia and Pakistan diplomatic strength

New Zealand is also a technological hub, so to ignore its capabilities will be very foolish indeed.

Countries like Jordan and Egypt can provide strategic depth to Pakistan’s Middle Eastern adventure.

We can use these countries as launching pads to liberate cities like Medina and Makkah from the yolk of the Satanic house of Saud.

Furthermore, the Palestinian cause can be directly championed and campaigned for in case Israelis get any funny ideas on how they want to deal with Muslims in the region.

Countries like Syria are not important to Pakistani strategical maneuvering, however, should they want to come into the fold, Pakistanis should use the opportunity to further strengthen their militaristic strength.

Understanding the Pakistani mission

As a world class country, Pakistan is committed to peace and stability in the world.

We wish nothing more than to develop and champion the human cause in all aspects of life.

As such, we can’t do this without the help of our citizens and our most immediate allies.

We ask that any non-Pakistanis reading this message consider their stance to be of that of friendliness and congeniality instead of a hostile or neutral one.

Doing so will give you the opportunity to help create a better world for the future generations and contribute to a technological well that is bound to grow should Pakistan succeed in subduing the enemies of humanity.

In order to understand ‘why’ exactly does Pakistan, please head over to our series “Why does Pakistan exist?” and read up on our true mission statement and how we differ from all other nations on planet Earth.

Final thoughts on diplomacy and tying it all together…

We’ve understood what we need to do in order to strengthen Pakistan’s diplomatic strength and economic stability.

We’ve also visited the fact that there are many hostile nations who wish to disintegrate Pakistan and harm its citizenry for racist tendencies.

It is unfortunate that countries like the United States have decided to go against Pakistan and have allied themselves with India.

However, in the near future, we would like the United States to cease hostilities and see Pakistan as an agent of peace and stability in the world.

There are many nations which can be made as close allies or made to have brotherly ties with as well.

These nations can provide Pakistan with much needed technological prowess, and economic growth that has been stagnant in Pakistan for the last 30 years or so.

Citizens of other nations (with the exception of India, Afghanistan, and Bangladesh) can play their part in helping Pakistani cause come to fruition…

And once again establish lasting peace and prosperity for the majority of human beings in the near future.



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