5 simple ways to be efficient and not waste resources

What Pakistanis can do more to conserve resources

We know this is a controversial topic, and hence we want to begin by saying that Pakistanis are wasting too many resources!

And that too without giving it much thought or weight to the fact that Pakistan is losing the regional war because of simple things like resource consumption.

Most Pakistanis like to believe that they are conserving energy and resources because they don’t have enough of it from the get-go.

Yes, this is true to some extent, but ‘you’ as a citizen of Pakistan must realize that you have to play your part in conserving as many resources as possible.

Even one person looking after the environment (in their backyard, as such) can make a huge difference.

Don’t ever discount yourself before you’ve tried or tested yourself to the limit.

Therefore, Citizen Awareness Program is outlining 5 simple ways that any citizen can be efficient with and not waste precious resources:

1) Water: how to conserve it smartly for longest possible duration

Everyone knows that water is a quintessential resource that no living being can go without.conservation of water resource

Yet we waste it on a daily basis on things that shouldn’t take more than 10 – 15 minutes to complete.

To put this into perspective, scientists have found out that at best estimate a human being can go without food for 1 whole month…

But cannot survive without water (despite best conservation techniques) for more than 3 days at best.

Yet people run a waterfall in their shower on a regular basis and use water to wash their verandas and other house amenities without giving it much thought.

Yes, water is important in cooking and cleaning, but carefully conserving it and utilizing best resource-usage practices is what will pull Pakistan out of the severe shortfall that it’s currently facing.

Instead of cooking “dhabay vali chai” by making “doodh pati” in a pot or a pan you’ll need to wash rigorously later, consider boiling water in a kettle instead.

Pour this hot water (when it’s ready) into an empty, clean coffee mug and add the ‘chai’ (Tea) bag right into the hot water.

Stir with a silver spoon (preferred since this kills off bacteria) until the water takes on the color of tea leaves.

Add chilled (or room temperature) milk into the mix along with honey, stevia or brown sugar.

Try to avoid white or sugarcane sugar as this is processed sugar and can severely hurt your health!

Enjoy your chai time, hot, fresh, and ready to go!!!

This is but one (simple) example of how you can conserve water.

Another is to take a shower for no more than 10 minutes at a time.

We know it’s difficult to time this, so don’t worry about timing it…

Simply start with pouring water on yourself and then using the body wash and shampoo very early into the shower.

Don’t think about this too much, just do your business quickly and don’t let yourself be lost in thought.

Thinking in shower wastes a colossal amount of water. Leave your thinking for your writer’s desk or when you read a good article/book such as this one!

Another way you can save water is to filter it using sophisticated filtering systems.

Knowing that tap water in Pakistan can easily give you cholera or dengue fever, you will be more appreciative of the filter and use it (water) more wisely.

On average, if every household in Pakistan can cut down their usage of water by smart usage, they’ll save the federation many millions of gallons of water from the river Indus alone.

Allowing fish and other sea dwellers to live in their environment happily and without dying due to the toxic environment around them.

Remember: in the case of an emergency, having purified/filtered water available can save countless lives; including your family members’ such as grandma/grandpa etc.

2) Natural Gas (geothermal energy): how to conserve it for maximum heat/energy

Natural gas is used for cooking and heating your home.

It cannot, however, be used a good insulator of walls.

For that, you need an insulation barrier to trap the heat and keep your house warmer in winters for longer.

Natural gas can also be used to power your vehicles (read: CNG) but it’s not the most efficient way of travel.

For that, you need either petroleum or electric cars which can go the distance…

[Or build your city buildings close enough for you to walk across the whole city comfortably]

Natural gas should be limited to usage of 1 to 2.5-hour intervals at a time.

In winter time wear layered clothing in order to keep your body heat trapped to conserve this resource as much as possible.

Overusage only invites trouble in case of a real emergency or when the government declares that the country will be run on rations.

Of course, if you eat healthy food and reduce the amount of sugar you consume in one day you’ll fare much better and would have to burn through fewer resources.

This initiative has always been in your hands and your hands alone.

3) Electricity: how to conserve it for maximum effect in various devices

Electricity is perhaps the most precious resource to Pakistanis after water…

However, we’re using it without giving much thought to the fact that the rolling blackouts are frequent because companies like WAPDA and KESCO can’t provide you and me with enough megawatts to power us and our neighbors.

Bringing this kind of self-awareness will lead you and me to develop more efficient ways of generating electricity such as the ones seen here:

Gerrard Morin is but one scientist who has blown the lid off best electricity consumption practices.

You can’t go wrong with FREE ‘energy’ (created by nature!).

In the meantime, use electricity for night time lighting (where possible) while utilizing the sunlight as much as possible during the day.

Stay out of your house more so you don’t use as many resources as would staying indoors.

Meet up with your friends and come up ways for every citizen to contribute to your [future] project(s).

Use the computer for a limited time only. This device should be used to enhance algorithm-writing capabilities and machine learning only.

4) Internet: how to conserve it for maximum efficiency in business dealings

The internet can now be counted among the precious resources that human beings have in their arsenal towards progress and growth.the internet is a resource

In order to fully understand its depth and workings, one must be well versed in its language from the start.

That is, of course, a best practice in retrospect. Not that there’s any harm if you don’t know the language….

Use the internet for one purpose and one purpose only: to educate yourself and make money (period).

Don’t for a second think that there’s plenty of time to do whatever it is you think you can do with your time.

The time to do something about your current situation is now!

Change starts with you so be ready to sacrifice minor comforts like gaming and streaming television for a much larger purpose.

When the rolling blackout is less prevalent in your area and you need to use the internet, be prepared beforehand: make a list of all the things you need to do.

Read a good book or two before jumping in…every millisecond counts when using the internet.

Since it travels over electricity and that also requires a heap ton of energy.

5) Gasoline (Petroleum): how to conserve it to reduce pollution

I imagine you already know what I’m going to say, but it needs to be said anyway.resources of petroleum

Drive as less as possible and get to your destination via foot or public transit.

If public transit is not an option then use either a rickshaw or a taxi to get there (where possible, we’re not trying to be impractical here, just efficient).

The less you have to drive, the less fuel you’ll use, the less fuel you’ll use the more money you’ll save in the long run.

Move closer to your workplace: settle in an area that’s very close to amenities such as healthcare, recreation, shopping malls etc.

Living in the suburbs has not done any good for anyone unless they’re trying to raise a family and have enough money to retire.

Segregation and isolation are what kills your efficiency and often makes people depressed.

In order to avoid wasting your time and energy in pumping gasoline every few days, try the more efficient routes unless the case is otherwise.

Bonus: 6) Build cities closer to each other rather than far apart!

This is not a revolutionary concept!

masdar city as a resource

Far from it…city building has to be done in a well-planned manner.

Currently, most urban planning happens to isolate people and segregate people into smaller communities.

This is a recipe for utter disaster as we’ve already seen:

  • Suicide rates have gone up
  • Birth rates have started to decline
  • Marriage is reduced to nothing more than a way to acquire someone’s money
  • Family structure has been broken down into enslaveable chunks
  • Schools and colleges are giving out useless diplomas and degrees at an alarming rate
  • Sugar has become prevalent as a result of promotion of bad eating habits
  • Consumerism and human monitoring has gone through the roof
  • Breakup of communities and culture has promoted widespread fear and disenfranchisement of Earth’s majority populace

These aren’t new phenomena. Tyrannical forces have time and again tried to get humanity to forget who it is and give up its freedoms and rights for next to nothing.

Building cities closer would prove to be a very fruitful exercise where people would be closer to one another again.

And being closer to a human society means that people would again start talking to each other and promote sophisticated dialogue in order to tackle the world’s problems one step at a time.

You won’t have to drive to get to your destination because cars won’t be needed in its narrow streets.

Electrical vehicles can still supply us with transportation and traded goods as long as the city is planned accordingly.

Planes, trucks, buses, and other vehicles exist so people can easily move around outside the city limits without having to sit through traffic jams or other tension-inducing activities like accidents or crashes.

Most important of all, since all of the resources will be used in controlled amounts in such cities, the whole country will save money and other resources which are direly needed.

Sum up and go

So far we’ve looked at various methods of increasing efficiency in our daily lives so we don’t waste our resources unnecessarily.

Doing so is directly according to the guidelines of the Koran, and teachings of the Prophet (PBUH).

We don’t have to be miserly, but we do have to invest our resources in smarter and better ways.

This may or may not bring world peace, but would certainly bring regional peace.

Pakistan is one of the most auspicious forefronts of what is achievable through human ingenuity and higher-tiered thinking.

And the world is asking Pakistanis for proof – and rightfully so!

How would anyone want to invest in a country unless they’re guaranteed social, impartial, and secure practices?

This is why Pakistanis MUST continue to educate (or re-educate) themselves in manners of good governance and efficient resource distribution.



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