Why does Pakistan exist? (Pakistan’s ‘WHY’) [Chapter 10: A way to move forward]

Leaving the responsibility of the ‘why’ for the citizens

All good things must come to an end, and this series is no exception

So far, we’ve been on this magnificent journey to garner and entertain the views of Pakistan’s ‘why’ and how it has come to reimagine our life as a whole.

What you see before you is nothing but a glimpse of “Pakistan’s why,” hence to cover more ground here would be redundant.

Pakistan’s ‘why’ is a sum that’s greater than its parts.

Pakistan is a cherished idea that we have to carry forward with grim determination as was the dream of our Quaid e Azam (Great Leader).

Citizen Awareness Program continues to provide the citizens with a forward through intelligent analysis and credible information.

Now you have a way to move forward with your life and discover Pakistan’s ‘why’ for yourself, in all aspects and fields.

So far, we have explored pressing and critical issues that relate to Pakistan’s exist as a whole:

I wanted to confer as much knowledge as possible in a short duration of time.

However, as you’ll understand this isn’t always possible, and to have even achieved such a monumental task is a miracle in itself.

If you were looking for lip service, I’m afraid you didn’t get any for the sake of originality and purity of ideas.

I like to tell stories how they happened in the past rather than dwell on some creative reimagining of the same historic piece.

I absolutely despise those who twist history for their own gains and often throw an entire nation under the bus because of the size of their ego.

However, it is important that this issue is talked about in order to democratize the process of building Pakistan for the future.

I don’t want to leave any ambiguity in the way that I’ve presented this information to you.

But before I sum up the entire series for you and move on to different projects, I want to leave you with one piece of advice if nothing else:

Stay curious, because the life itself is reflection of how well can you handle the pain that the universe throws at you.

To read, write, and paying it forward is the “hidden cycle” of life that you have to go through over and over again.

But those who internalize the aspects of growth, development, and time will be the only ones who succeed at the game of life.

This isn’t some philosophical debate even though it appears to be one.

These concepts are often tangible and can be literally worked on if one has no fear and an unlimited well of courage and certainty.

YOU are the architect of your life, and only you can bring Pakistan back from the event horizon of the abyss.

How you do this is really up to you, should you choose to accept this challenge.

The series draws to a close, but not life that which we live…

I’d like to repeat myself here one more time.

You have to live your life in order to experience the totality of Pakistan’s ‘why’ as I have.

I draw this series to a close not because I’m tired of it, but rather because there are other projects that demand my attention.

And there are many more stories to be told.

I don’t know how else to close this series because I’m still with a heavy heart to do so, but I know that I’ve educated as many people as I could in a short span of time.

If you’re still interested in what I have to say or would like to contribute in your own way, then please visit our Contact Us page or reach us directly via our FaceBook page.

The ideas that hold Pakistan’s ‘why’ together

These ideas aren’t some machinations of a few years of thought and reflection.

But rather they are a culmination of many centuries of discourse, events, and incidents that have shaped the way Pakistan is today.

The ideas of fraternity, social equality, and justice for all are only “tip of the iceberg” concepts that Islam teaches – via Koran of course.

And in order to take a deeper look at each one of them would take a lifetime of writing and learning.



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