Chinese hemorrhaging cash – recipe for global economic meltdown

How the Chinese are hemorrhaging cash

Here’s another “conspiracy theory” in your face

No, we’re kidding, this isn’t a conspiracy theory, this is real!!!

So we all know about the well-known conspiracy theorists like Alex Jones, Breitbart etc.

But do we know what are they really talking about?

Often 9/10 times they’re selling a news piece or an “information piece” that sounds a lot like fear mongering tactics – to make money of course!

But here’s the kicker, while all the conspiracy theorists talk long shaded information pieces, we often ignore the real ones…

Precisely because of the behavior of these conspiracy theorists.

They throw so much garbage in the mix with nuggets of truth and information that an average person like you and me becomes highly cynical of any information given to us at all!

But fear not dear reader! We’ll make sense of this mess yet!

So here’s what we mean when we say that Chinese hemorrhaging cash is a recipe for a disaster:

It’s not that the cash is being hemorrhaged because of some weird loop hole in the economy; it’s the government of China (namely the CCP) that concerns the Chinese people greatly!

Here’s how the phenomenon recycles itself via multiple channels:

  1. Communist regime takes over in China through brutal and nihilistic force
  2. People are then further subjugated and brainwashed into believing the communist propaganda
  3. The economy slowly becomes highly controlled and monitored by a select “few” people in the communist regime
  4. Some people realizing that their wealth is being taken over by an unjust force (such as the CCP) take their cash out whenever the possibility presents itself
  5. Rich Chinese who can afford to buy expensive homes in foreign lands either emigrate there with the entire family or send their children, pardon me, child, overseas so they can live a better life free from the clutches of a totalitarian regime that wants to control everything
  6. Since all the money is being invested in foreign countries, island nations, and private investments, nothing is left for the destitute Chinese people
  7. All the Chinese money is then hemorrhaged into foreign bank accounts owned by the wealthy Chinese people where ‘it’ disappears into the ether – forever!

And the cycle repeats itself, over and over again.

This is the same cycle that we’ve seen repeatedly in countries like Panama, Ecuador, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Venezuela, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Libya, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Congo, Mali, Chad, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Egypt and a lot more.

In the light of this, we now see the “first world” countries following the trend with countries like Australia, New Zealand, Canada, UK, USA, and Japan now frequently hemorrhaging cash because of their flawed policies and continuous exploitation of the little guy.

Well, guys, the little guy has responded – in a small yet very big way: voting with his/her money smartly and allocating their assets and wealth in varied portfolios.

How asset allocation has caused trillions of dollars of movement on the world market

In his book Money: Master the Game Anthony Robins explores the ideas of how a financial monetary portfolio should be divided so that even the little guy can make tons of money using the very system that’s rigged against him (fine, or her).

The side-effects of this book had come into play well before this book was even published.

But when looked at in a holistic view, a lot of the side-effects that are plaguing the world markets today finally make sense – when one starts to read.

The upper and middle classes aren’t disappearing at all! The smart are moving their money overseas…

Often in the case of tax havens and island nations that bolster such laws so anyone can manipulate the money market however they want.

However, this type of thinking has had an unintended consequence: the world governments have failed miserably in keeping a check and balance on the movements of such monies overseas.

Partly because they don’t want to, and partly because the ministers and leaders sitting in high positions in your country are also involved in this big time!

This racketeering will only stop if the little guy becomes smarter and starts reading more and more books to educate himself and his family.

And also because he (or she) will ostensibly manage their monies in a prudent and effective way.

We’re not giving out any more hints on this because we really want you to read your way out of your problem.

[Plus, giving away such critical information will diminish the fun of finding things out for yourself!]

Because gathering information is a sign of superior intelligence.

Regarding that “trillions of dollars of movement” part, well if you haven’t figured it out yet – it goes something like this:

  • The smart and rich figure out a way to protect their savings from very high and unjust taxes (since they read a lot!)
  • Then they figure out a way to allocate their funds to an offshore bank account
  • Other people such as ministers and other government officials follow suit
  • Trillions of funny-money or banker-made-money then is transferred overseas
  • Since the local populace don’t know about this and don’t really care, they start feeling the after effects such as destitution and lack of resources
  • The smart and rich live a life of luxury until they’re dead or are physically unable to

This vicious cycle repeats itself over and over again.

As long as the monetary policy of global governments is based on fiat currency, the world will keep seeing this exploitative cycle repeat itself into oblivion.

This isn’t some conspiracy theory! We’ve literally laid out the real information in front of you as it is.

What you do with it is really up to you…

But we’d like to provide some insight before you burn down your local bank in a fit of rage!

Don’t burn your local bank to the ground!

Alright, so the first and foremost step is to realize that there’s a real and distinct problem.

The way we managed our money had become increasingly difficult prior to the introduction of the monetary system in Muslim Spain some 400 years ago.

This change to paper receipts made it infinitely easier to “carry our gold” with us, so to speak, wherever we went.

Some people – namely bankers – took advantage of the fact and pulled a disappearing act with our gold and silver.

This condition continues to this day – as people still believe that the fiat currency holds some sort of value over their lives.

Murder, mayhem, chaos, kidnappings, rapes, wars, genocides, and other forms of extremely violent crimes shot up several thousand percentages.

And people became disillusioned with their old way of living overall especially when they saw no benefit in saving their money in the banks – since inflation rates will render their cash useless anyway.

In order to combat this kind of usury, people started investing their monies smartly in indices, stock markets, forex, and other forms of monetary exchanges.

Monetary contracts became the widespread phenomena and by over usage of investing strategies and uneven playing grounds, the entire wealth level of the globe came under the possession of the very few people who are simply known as the “elite.”

We hope that our perceptive readers will see this as a kind of childish manipulation of wealth and extremely malicious intent.

Not as harmless or benign attempt to better control the world’s resources.

In order to understand what’s happening in China or to Chinese people…

We have to understand that this has happened before, many times in fact when a government failed to control their monetary policies effectively.

The Pre-Islamic era was rife with these problems, only it was less widespread as wireless communication hadn’t changed the world back then as it has now.

So, what’s the solution to such a gigantic, monstrous problem?

Simple, we re-introduce gold into the economy, albeit slowly and with a benign intent.

Since a malicious intent will again lead to the mess that we’re in today.

Introducing gold into the economy will help our addiction to consuming subside to a large degree.

And the Chinese smog factories will finally dismantle themselves and do business with other human beings in a social setting – just as it was meant to be.

Another way we can counter this malignant threat is by smartly investing our monies in the investing machines.

Namely, the trading markets, as more volume will ensure better regulation and less exploitation by way of strong computers that can help monopolize the resources in favor of a single organization or person.

The most effective way to make this work is to reclaim the government for the people.

As the government is made by the people, for the people.

It’s not meant to be a vehicle by which a few powerful people can control the entirety of the resources of a single land.

The concept of nation states is fairly new and dangerously destructive to humanity….

Taking charge of the economic cycle and how to stop the Chinese hemorrhaging of cash

The citizenry of Pakistan here has to take a frontal role and show some leadership on the behalf of future generations of humanity.

Since our borders will become irrelevant in a not too distant future, we must ensure that we can secure the future of our children and great-grandchildren as soon as possible.

In order to retake the economy from the clutches of big banks, we have to first arm ourselves with powerful knowledge and then use that knowledge to an effective degree as well.

Our government is our own, so we have to take some responsibility in how things are run and how laws are made and enforced.

The citizenry has to make sure that the government listens to its people.

If not by way of reason, then perhaps via economical sanctioning.

This can be done by citizens forming governing bodies within their municipalities and pouring money and effort into local projects which can catch the eye of the government.

When the government would demand subsidies for these projects, you simply demand that the government change a rule or law according to the wishes of the citizenry.

This project has to be eye-catching and so good that no one can do without – not even any foreign bodies/governments.

In doing so, the citizens can display their ingenuity and bring about a revolution in a peaceful, non-violent way.

That is of course if they really want to.

By simplifying the learning process and removing the schools from the education programs.

The elders and professionals have to take charge and teach their apprentices directly by hiring the ones who display remarkable ability and drive to join the profession.

Such as engineering, soldiering, farming, producing, and computing (computer sciences).

Only by way of educating themselves (and NOT by being educated) can the citizenry come out on top and show the world how its done!



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