What the inaugural speech of President Trump means for you

Trump inaugural speech

Welcoming the 45th president of the United States of America

January 20th, Friday, 2017 will be remembered as the day that the United States of America inaugurated its 45th president.

It’ll also be remembered as the day when ethnic, linguistic, and ideological divides widened in the world.

It’ll also be remembered as the day when fanatical American gangs went around their own country and violated the very constitution they claim to uphold.

This is partly because of the fact that Pres. Donald Trump enabled some of them while others having hate for other groups went wild because they thought they could get away with it.

The sad reality is, that they don’t realize how fantastically idiotic they themselves are.

Pres. Trump is not entirely to blame here, but he did enable conspiracy nuts like Alex Jones, Breitbart, and others to boldly attack Muslims and threaten to enslave a group that’s already under the threat of being attacked because of their monotheistic beliefs.

This enabling has perhaps made the radical Christian fanatics think that they can do whatever they want to their neighbor.

Completely contrary to the teachings of Prophet Jesus (PBUH).

Not only do they say harsh words against Muslims and the Prophet of Islam (PBUH) but regularly breach the oath of allegiance to the bible.

One cannot say with confidence that the Christians that claim to represent the United States are the same ones who also uphold the bible.

What Pres. Trump’s inauguration means for the Muslim community

Racial and ideological attacks on you will increase, as is evident even before Trump took the oath of office.

He claims to work for the American people, but that means that he’ll also have to work for the American Muslims.

Those who are white, black, brown, yellow, and every shade in between.

After all, the Muslim group doesn’t only consist of brown looking people, it also contains white, black, and yellow Americans.

Pres. Trump said a strikingly dangerous thing and that is that he will racially profile Muslims based on the ideas they hold.

He also claimed that he will make every Muslim register in America as if every Muslim whether American or not holds fanatical values.

Which is fine, but it must be made out to be a warning sign for all.

If Pres. Trump will come after Muslims first, and the world remains silent, or if the Muslims themselves remain silent or enable this racist behavior…

Then Pres. Trump will come after Buddhists, Jews, Atheists/Agnostics, Zoroastrians, Hindus, and Confusionists next.

This may not be apparent now, but as time is allowed to pass, this reality will eventually reveal itself.

Most people are in denial but since Pres. Trump has already declared that since “we” have already known about his plan, we should act accordingly.

This is a most dangerous and destructive period for the entire world.

Not only has the racial bigotry made its way into the Presidential Office, but also threatens to treat its own citizens as lowly slaves.

So, in summation, the Muslim community won’t see any immediate threat to their lives based on what we’ve witnessed following the attacks on Muslims…

But Muslims can and should expect this behavior to become widespread in the near future.

Pres. Trump might claim that he’s not a racist by any standard, but a number of racial tensions which will ultimately engulf the Muslim community in America will speak volumes about his character in the coming months.

What Pres. Trump’s inauguration means for other groups

If you’re coming to America from overseas, then we highly encourage you to read the political statements made by Pres. Trump.

We encourage you to listen carefully to what he says and what he does start Monday.

It is also prudent to mention here that every group of people whether you’re a Trump supporter or not will experience some form of discrimination against yourself.

Regardless of whether you’re white, black, yellow, or brown. You can expect discrimination against yourself merely because of the fact that Pres. Trump has mentioned that he’ll work for “the” American people.

Translated in layman’s terms, this means that “white and Christian” Americans will take this to mean that only ‘they’ are the American people.

Whereas everyone else (even if they’re aborigines) will see a sleuth of attacks from these groups with no one to support or shield them.

This was claim staked by various racist groups in America quite openly and the fact that the Trump campaign did absolutely nothing to stop or check their behavior loudly speaks about the actions that the Trump Administration will take towards non-white groups.

If one group gets attacked, and everyone remains silent, then eventually a time will come when even the white people themselves will be enslaved and eradicated.

With no one else left to protect them from savage groups on the loose in America’s borders.

What this means for you as an individual

As an individual, business will be booming.

As long as you can stay clear of the government’s way and do what you came to do in America.

You can expect better business returns and an overall friendly atmosphere for you if you’re hard working and/or rich.

But don’t forget that your identity will be targeted and kept under close checks and balances.

America will become a complete surveillance state (it already is there, but now on a brutal frequency).

If you keep to your business and don’t break any laws then perhaps as an individual you can survive the State’s onslaught, but the moment you express your ideological beliefs, you’ll be targetted with brutal efficiency.

As an individual, you’ll also be taken off welfare, which means that jobs just might return to America.

But this means that you’ll have to go through a harsh period of isolation and uncertainty.

If you can pull through this situation, you’ll, by all means, come out on top.

But should you fail, the merciless and indifferent law will bring down the hammer on you even when your cause was legitimate or not.

The healthcare system may work against you, meaning that you’ll have to eat healthy foods and make sure that you don’t get sick ever again.

[In all honesty the last part is a huge positive]

Summing up the mess that is America

President Trump’s inauguration means that most groups in America will feel the sting of an ethnic and ideological divide.

But keeping this in checks and balance requires hard work from non-white and non-Christian Americans.

You’ll have to look out for each other, not because you’re forced to, but because you want to.

Justice and law might even work against you or discriminate against you because of your beliefs or skin of color, but you must remain steadfast and courageous at all times.

If you want to ask for help, you can ask the United States Navy SEALs to mentor you and discipline you.

If that’s not a way out for you, then you should start by helping your family members or neighbors out first and then build from there.

Providing support to the downtrodden in this difficult time is of paramount importance.

No matter how big the racial tensions get across the United States, you’ll know that you have yourselves to count on.

And with a little bit of luck and persistence you might even make life long friends along the way.



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