How to bring peace to the planet Earth

peace on planet Earth

Bringing peace to planet Earth

Through patience, knowledge, and forbearing

There are many ways we can look at this problem.

Many ways to dissect the nuance of what goes into making ‘peace’ a reality for every living being on this planet.

But the fact of the matter is, that we can only employ some of these things at a time.

We can’t rush forward too fast – risking chaos and loss of valuable lives.

Neither can we keep pace too slow – risking inaction and yet still the loss of valuable lives.

Realistically, we’re left with only the third option which is to keep up a medium pace.

That which allows us to do things fast but not too fast, and slow but not too slow at the same time.

The way to bringing peace on planet Earth through forbearance

To truly understand who or what you’re competing against, you have to understand a few things before putting skin in the game.

The most important aspect of working towards peace is through forbearance, but also through:

  • Fortitude
  • Resilience
  • Attention
  • Focus
  • Knowing
  • Learning
  • Action

Think of whatever it is that you’re going to do something that you have to take into consideration on a level that’s in harmony with the amount of knowledge you already have.

Meaning that you can’t overshoot based on whatever knowledge you already have.

For instance, you’re not going to take on a world champion boxer just because you ‘think’ that you can box better than him/her.

You have to train diligently, with focus and determination – putting everything you have in your own game instead of looking out for your opponent.

Your adversary will do exactly what they’re supposed to do: try to beat you down.

They hate you for a reason: you challenge their game, you challenge their mental fortitude and you challenge their championship.

Make no mistake, you will get the beatdown of your life if you started going after your enemy after one lesson in boxing.

But given enough time and learning, you’ll eventually come out on top.

The key is to focus on your own game.

Similarly, you can think about what the society already is like and what are they doing that will place hurdles in your way to success.

Are you merely going to focus on the fact that society will put hurdles in front of you?

Or will you focus on what you are supposed to do and counter anything that the society can throw at you?

First and foremost, have a goal in mind.

What are you trying to achieve?

Is it world peace?

Okay, then my question to you would be: “how do you achieve world peace?”

There are literally infinite possible ways of doing this, and you know that you can’t focus on all of them.

So, naturally, you would have to focus on a limited set of these in order to achieve a large part of your goal.

If you don’t have money, then can you get money? And if not, what other routes can you take to bring peace around in your community?

If you don’t have a wealth of knowledge, then you can get it? And if not (well, first of all, may God help you!), what route should you take to get this knowledge?

Forbearance is your biggest ally in your quest to bringing peace on planet Earth.

And to achieve that, you must first go through the motions that TEACH you humbleness and righteousness.

Humility and righteousness are learned not given!

Having patience and resilience to come through just in time!

Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime

– Anna Isabella Thackeray Ritchie

You must treat your inner self as the person who doesn’t know what they’re doing.

Keeping this fact in mind, you have to become humble enough to learn from the masters.

And then apply that which you’ve learned through relentless practice and vigor until it becomes second nature to you.

Allah never changes the condition of a people, until they change that which is within themselves…

– Surah Al-Anfal (Chapter 8, Verse 30)

Self-discipline and the willingness to be a student will keep you relevant and fresh forever.

Just as life is an unending game of survival, thriving, and learning; so too is the fact that you must be willing to do this day in and day out.

No matter how badly beat up you get, no matter how much bruised up you get, you have to get up and come up with new ways to succeed.

And eventually, when the time is right, and you’ve practiced and learned enough…things will start to happen your way.

Keeping in the lesson of the Koran that those who follow their own inner desires according to how they want to follow them will never succeed…

Whereas the ones who follow their desires according to how Allah has ordained for them will always find success.

O, ye who have believed! Then follow your desires according to what Allah has given you, and not let your mortal enemy dissuade you from the straight path.

The mortal enemy is Shaitan (Satan) and the straight path is the path without ambiguity, confusion, or mental degeneracy.

Stick to your guns and don’t let the whispers of doubt and rebellion take hold in your mind.

Recognize this as a ploy of the most wicked and the accursed and calm your nerves, knowing that you’ll find Allah most merciful and gracious.

The more resilience you build, the more blows you can take, and the harder you’re defeated; the more chances of winning you get.

There’s always going to be someone somewhere in the world who’s training harder than you, while you’re sleeping.

And if you face that person in combat, he/she will beat you in the field.

The more you train, the harder it will become for the other person to take you down with one shot.

But if you party all week, watch television, and play video games, then know that your adversary will win every battle.

You pick your own enemies and you pick your own fights, but their outcome entirely depends on your preparedness.

The more prepared you are, the more chances of squaring off or even winning you have.

In life, those who play the long game know it very well that sometimes they’re ahead and sometimes they’re behind.

They’re not fazed by temporary defeats or soothing victories.

They move on to the next task and complete it as efficiently as they can.

World peace – achieved!

We don’t know when complete peace will be achieved, it’s way too early to tell.

But given enough time, outcomes and consistent results – we’ll know how long peace lasts.

There’s always going to be some friction in the world.

Some nuance that you missed and your enemies picked up on.

The more you show weakness and capitulation, the more violence your enemies can commit against you.

Therefore, the best thing you can ever do for yourself or for those you love is to strengthen yourself.

Strengthen your resolve to deter and counter any moves by rogue, rebellious or adversarial forces which seek to demolish you.

In all circumstances, you must focus on what you are going to do next, instead of focusing on your enemy.

The reactionary game must stop!

You can’t keep reacting to what happens in the world. That’s literally what mentally retarded people do!

Mentally healthy people anticipate their own moves and then act accordingly to what they themselves are going to do.

Not what someone else is going to do to them.

Hence, world peace on planet Earth can be achieved not through more violence or rabid reactionary reflex that we often get to see in the 99%…

But rather by slowing down our thoughts, focusing them on one point in our life and humbling ourselves enough to learn from our masters.

Make no mistake you WILL have more than one master, and the sum of their parts must be greater than the whole – YOU.



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