If you want Peace prepare for War

Who rules East Europe commands the Heartland;
Who rules the Heartland commands the world island;
Who rules the world island commands the world

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The Kashmir Saga

World has speculated, it has been horrified and it has witnessed India and Pakistan reaching at each other’s throats throughout the history of their existence as neighbors, solely for the dispute over the scenic Valley near the Himalayan mountain ranges, the Valley of Kashmir. By its appearance, the conflict still lingers, at times it has […]

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Will Hillary Clinton be the furious ‘Mother in Law’ of Pakistan?

  Author: Shahbano Kamran The unusual nomination of United States presidential candidates has grabbed the attention of the whole world. When everyone is going crazy over the presidential candidacy of racist and misogynistic Donald Trump, the wickedness and pro-militarist mentality of Hillary Clinton is being utterly ignored. It is being said that the bad is […]

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Blair and Bush – War Criminals

By: Citizen Awareness Program After 13 years of United States (US) and United Kingdom (UK) led war on terrorism. It was a major set back for both allies when The Iraq Inquiry published it’s detailed report on role of then UK Prime Minister Tony Blair in Iraq War and how he kept his nation in dark without making the real […]

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