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The Kashmir Saga


World has speculated, it has been horrified and it has witnessed India and Pakistan reaching at each other’s throats throughout the history of their existence as neighbors, solely for the dispute over the scenic Valley near the Himalayan mountain ranges, the Valley of Kashmir. By its appearance, the conflict still lingers, at times it has lurked in shadow as back-burner, other times it has triggered violent confrontation and the infamous rivalry of India and Pakistan. The year that has gone by will be remembered for reigniting the tensions inside the Indian-occupied Kashmir, which consequently intensified aggression between the two neighbors. From United Nations General Assembly one on one between Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and Prime Minister Narendra Modi to Pakistan’s Ambassador to United Nations Maleeha Lodhi’s blowing reply to Indian Minister for External Affairs Sushma Swaraj, it was a year full of political upturns. However, the political face off was swiftly shifted to cultural and social onslaught when Indian Hindu fundamentalism took to the front, and vehemently declared a ban on Pakistani artists working in showbiz in India, which highlighted the depth of Hindu fanaticism clawed into the social fabric of Indian society. The Indian allegations of Pakistan’s incitement of Kashmiri uprisings, and subsequent attack on an Army camp in Uri paved the way for an all time low in the Indo Pakistan equation. It was met with the debatable and questionable “surgical strike” phenomena which seem to have fancied and fan-girled Indian people to a great degree.

As a matter of fact, India has emerged to become a rapidly radicalizing society, where television news shows broadcast their programs to feed on the mounting tensions, provoke their audience to endorse hate speech and war mongering to Bollywood industry out of its fear of Hindu fanatics boycotts cultural exchange with neighboring Pakistan. The Indian strategy to suppress the demand of Kashmiri people has shown multiple colors and has adopted many shapes, however, military action still finds its way through the non-military strategies India has utilized to counter the Kashmiri freedom struggle, which lays bare the conviction, the earnestness that the Kashmiri sentiments of liberation beholds in the face of seven decades of suppression.


On a personal note, I still remember my grandfather narrating me stories of their visit to Srinagar during his early days of marriage, unarguably an ideal romantic place for a newly wedded couple. The beauty of Kashmir’s Dal Lake with curtain-covered tourist boats offering boat-rides was always his favorite part to describe. I still recall his gleaming eyes reflecting memories of his eight years summer time vacationing in Srinagar.

The most interesting and the most fearful of the twists have entered into the Indo-Pakistan equation with the entrance of unpredictability into the white house this year. The unpredictability of the Trump presidency, his immediate immigration ban on Muslims and his explicit call to associate his fight against terrorism with fight against Islam, affirms an expected change in foreign policy towards South Asia, and more prominently the two nuclear rivals. The noticeable domination of Indian narrative in the Capitol Hill and Congress circles reinstates that Pakistan is expected to have a rough ride with the new Republican administration in white House. Donald Trump’s departure from America’s traditional and constitutional practices would be challenge for the foreign policy endeavors he will undertake, especially with Muslim-specific influence over his policies; there is an evident downslide for the question of Kashmiri freedom struggle. During Indo-Pakistan confrontational moments, United States has remained a silent spectator or other times, Washington D.C. has issued official statements leaving the matter for bilateral engagement. However, with the new, “unpredictable” and “unusual” administration in the Washington, the likelihood of a change in policy is high.

With two of the Indian members already inducted into the Trump’s administration and one of the largest expatriate community in United States, Indian influence in American politics has saved it while human rights violations in Kashmir had been rampant, use of pellet guns on children and massive anti-India protests. Ajit Pai, is senior level Indian American in Trump’s administration, following Nikki Haley, nominated US ambassador to UN (a cabinet-rank position); Seema Verma, head of medicare and medicaid; and Preet Bharara, US attorney for the southern District of New York.

Nonetheless, the existence of Kashmir Valley as a disputed land cannot be brushed away; the Line of Control between the Indian occupied Jammu & Kashmir and Pakistan’s Azad Kashmir is still a non-permanent border, internationally recognized disputed territory, to which end United Nations has already passed resolutions for India to hold to a plebiscite. The multiple unresolved disputes, especially Kashmir, the likelihood of terrorist incidents and a nuclear threat triggered through military environment, has made the India-Pakistan deadlock the only greatest danger to international peace and security. New Delhi’s submission for domineering power status could be hurriedly compromised if another war broke out, by plan or mistake, with Pakistan.

Nevertheless, the Kashmiri freedom struggle has surpassed the worse and rejoiced its identity when speculations of its lost motivations became famous, it has survived through generations, and Kashmir has redefined the phrase: “what doesn’t break you makes you stronger”.


How to counter Indian aggression against Pakistan

Collectively, we can counter the Indian aggression!

How can an individual citizen like you ‘counter’ the Indian aggression…

Indian aggression against Pakistan

There’s a lot of general talk about how the Indians have been posturing aggressively against the Pakistani nation since the creation of Pakistan.

However, we don’t ever see any concrete steps being taken to counter a hostile country’s aggressive steps that have shed a lot of Pakistani blood senselessly.

But there’s another very interesting angle we, collectively as a nation, have not looked at yet…

Most Pakistanis have the same mentality and mindset when it comes to standing by any kind of ideology or values: defensiveness.

Why are the majority of Pakistanis so defensive when it comes to bragging about what they have and what they value?

The answer is simple: they’re very much confused about what they were taught by their parents and what they were taught by the founding fathers.

Most Pakistani parents are what the world calls “brown parents…”stigma of brown parents

Meaning that they have some stereotypes attached to them:

  • They’re fat
  • They’re always angry
  • They’re never happy (no matter what happens in their life)
  • They’re never satisfied with the performance of their children
  • They’re always defensive
  • They’re way over protective of their children
  • They’re always wanting their children to get into a profession to make money

The fact of the matter is, these stereotypes are brutally true!

Many of these so-called “brown parents” are really cretins.

They never achieved anything in their life because they were simply too cowardly.

They’re defensive about their beliefs and overprotective of their children because they’re clearly ashamed of who they are and are too afraid to let their children strike out on their own and find meaning in life by themselves.

The “white parents” in this regard are a lot more open-minded and allow full freedoms to their children so they can flourish in their life however they want.

Even the Koran teaches this!

Each individual is responsible for their own actions, not the actions of other people.

Brown parents seem to think that they’re responsible for their children.

And hence because of their closed-minded attitude become the laughing stock of the world.

Yes, you do have to protect your children, but you don’t have to smother them in order to give them a good life!

Why the millennial generation of Pakistanis feel like they’ve been cheated out of their future!

This same sense of inadequacy and inferiority complex has propelled a hard working, highly intelligent generation into the abyss that is senseless war, restriction of available resources, and complete cutoff from growth opportunities.

They feel trapped, cheated, lied to and disillusioned by the way that their parents have treated them.

Since nothing was good enough, they have developed a sense of inferiority that’s so severe that it might not go away in their lifetimes.

Unless this generation works harder to achieve something that their parents never wanted them to achieve or have – confidence and trust of one’s self.

The Pakistani parents felt extreme shame towards being born a Pakistani, and so they transferred this feeling of shame and guilt towards their offspring(s).

Without realizing that much that has been said about how “bad” Pakistani people are is mere propaganda – yes, all of it!!!

Having married multiple times doesn’t make you a pervert or a bad person.

It just means that your previous marriages were incompatible with you, so you had to go your separate ways.

Never believe your own hype or propaganda on news ticks.

These are meant to hype up ratings and make money – nothing else….

But since the Indian aggression includes the concept of a 5th generation war, which is to subdue your enemy via false propaganda 24/7/365, Pakistani elders of the 2nd and 3rd generation (the ones who came after the ones who helped create Pakistan) bought into the false narrative of Pakistani Army being a rapist army that helped create Bangladesh.

Nothing can be further from the truth!

How many enlistees of the Pakistani Army belong to your household?

What about the ones whose father, brother, uncle, husband or close friend fought in the 1971 war?

Would they paint the same picture of a rapist about their loved ones that the rest of the population so vehemently does without just cause or credibility of information?

No! They would certainly say that theirs’ were loving, caring, and very loyal towards Pakistan.

They’d use words like honor, integrity, discipline, faith, and bravery to describe those soldiers who (no doubt) bravely fought in the 1971 war against an enemy far exceeding their own numbers.

Would you describe your brother, husband, uncle, or close friend as a rapist or a bad human being?

Pakistani soldier with LMG

Most certainly not! Because if you know their character and how they behave and what principles they live their life by, you will NEVER believe false and baseless accusations levied against them!

Yet, the Indian aggressor lays down these accusations like a continuous burst of a machine gun….

And most people even naively believe such lies!

The main reason for such mass stupidity is simple: Pakistanis are ashamed to be born as Pakistanis.

They see themselves as inherently bad people with a flawed language who are genetically inferior to the rest of the world populace.

I ask the reader this question here: can you really think that just because you’re born in Pakistan or born to Pakistani parents that your gene is inferior? Or that the Creator of the universe who has repeatedly mentioned in the Koran that ALL human beings are equal in His sights except in piety and character would ever give you something inferior to live with?

This is absolute madness!

Yet we see this madness continue when our parents claim that they love us when in reality they’re harming us!

Our parents were supposed to teach us what language they spoke, and how well they speak it.

They were supposed to be proud of who they were and what they were…

They were supposed to teach us about goodness, and how to live a fulfilling life.

But they didn’t!

Because their parents (our grandparents) had seen the bloodshed of the 1947 partition.

And how brutally it had taken away from them, the very loved ones they wanted to protect within the borders of Pakistan!

Can you imagine moving to a country that promises to be everything you worked for in your lifetime, where your family would be safe, and where you will not be made to feel any shame towards who you are and what you are?

Only to have taken your loved ones taken away in a sweeping genocide conducting by the murderous tendencies of your enemy who wishes you dead?

Then how can the millennials buy into this propaganda?

This is completely false! Your parents, grandparents, siblings, friends, and spouse(s) fought to create Pakistan and then keep it safe…

So that YOU can enjoy having health, wealth, love, and happiness in your lifetime.

Pakistan Army’s motto is as follows:

And if I don’t come back, tell them, that I’ve sacrificed my today for their tomorrow!

General Raheel Sharif

Then how can you be ashamed of having such an incredible army backing your corner?

Who roots for your success and continuously defends your freedoms and your integrity from foreign forces who wish to do harm to you and your loved ones?

How can someone feel this much embarrassment when they’re ALREADY a nuclear power of the world?!

The only reason I can think of is that YOUR parents didn’t teach you to be proud of WHO and WHAT you are!

You’re a Pakistani Muslim holding a passport, an identity, an ideology, and heck, even your VERY OWN LANGUAGE!

You have no right to complain…but rather you’re supposed to be saying “Alhamdullilah” (Praise be to Allah) day and night for what has been given to you!

You have a nuclear weapon and one of the world’s most powerful armies backing your corner.

Then how can you afford to not take any risks in your lifetime?!

Don’t ever forget that Pakistan Army will always fight to the last man and last bullet.

Only to protect YOUR freedoms and identity, so that you may propagate your culture and way of life to the world.

And take your rightful place as the most powerful Muslim nation on the face of this planet!

Then how can you allow a country such as ‘India’ to scare you into a corner?

Don’t you know who your ancestors are? Haven’t you read up on their lessons yet?

What can an average Pakistani do today to create a safer Pakistan tomorrow

If you have children, then teach them to read Koran, teach them about the Urdu language.

Instill in them the love of Pakistan and Islam.

Teach them the art of life, how to live life, and how to have a fulfilling life.

Teach them various other languages so that they may benefit from foreign literature and ideas.

Teach them the value of hard work and patience (applying time to everything you do in life) so that they may pray for you when you die.

Most importantly, and this is something you CANNOT avoid at any cost, teach them how to defend themselves.

Teach them how to defend their liberties and constitution by arming them at a relatively young age with guns and knives.

Show them how to use these weapons to not kill anyone senselessly, but to defend their own freedoms and as well as the freedoms of their loved ones.

You’d be mad to pass up such a wonderful opportunity to give back to this world!

If you don’t have children or are a child yourself, then please apply these things to yourself.

If your parents are not letting you take part in self-improvement activities then I encourage you to find employment, and then use that money to make yourself better.

If one or both of your parents strongly object to you keeping weapons to symbolize your values and freedoms, then tell them how Switzerland makes its laws.

How every single Swiss household has a cabinet full of rifles, pistols, and other manners of deadly weapons.

Tell them how the Swiss can muster an army of 300, 000 strong within 24 hours without having to conscript anyone in case of a war outbreak.

Swiss girls with rifles

Despite having a population of only 8 million people!

Introduce your parents to concepts such an integrity, honor, and loyalty.

Honduras vs Switzerland

Learn about every subject matter that you can think of or are interested in.

I was always fascinated with healthcare, economy, and how algorithms make our world work as smoothly as they do.

As such, from a very young age, I was introduced to books, fiction and non-fiction alike, who have shaped my world view and who I am today.

My mentors (alive or dead) have taught me the value of life and how can I better myself so that I may pass on what I’ve acquired and used in good faith to others who may need it.

It’s exactly like a situation in an airplane, when the outside pressure is unstable, the oxygen masks from above your seat drop down so you can breathe easy.

The instructions are always to put the oxygen mask on yourself first and then the child.

This is the exact attitude you need to have towards your own children.

They are looking to YOU the father towards guidance and help.

Not the mother, because the mother can only play the role of nurturing, caring for, and introducing new concepts of life to their children.

It is the father’s responsibility to TEACH their progeny about identity, defense, and economy.

That’s why you need a mother AND a father to complete your upbringing.

And if your parents were such who were incapable of providing you the help you needed, then it is YOUR responsibility as a human being to SEEK OUT knowledge and apply it appropriately.

How to arm yourself with knowledge and weapons

If you don’t know where to start…

Then start by reading books of various manner.

I’d suggest you start with first aid training and work your way up to how to use a rifle.

Get your local barracks or infantry division to teach you how to use a weapon.

If they don’t want to teach you, then seek out a retired soldier or a professional marksman who can help you teach how to use a weapon for maximum effect.

Pay money if you have to…and you most certainly will have to at some point, so don’t be afraid of exchanging money for real and lasting value.

Build your character by learning from your favorite mentors.

Keep in mind what Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) has said about acquiring knowledge – you have to get it from anywhere you can, and by any means necessary.

Start teaching yourself about Pakistani economy and read monthly economic reports of various companies.

This will give you an idea of how and where to make a stable and reliable income (and to a large extent establishing a reliable income source).

When the Prophet (PBUH) passed away, his home was no larger than a small hovel, but he had numerous weapons, shields, bows and arrows, lances, swords, spears, and battle-axes hanging all over the walls.

This shows us just how much he valued personal freedom and defense over having food to eat or clothes to wear.

This is the only way that the Pakistani nation can defend against and reply to the imminent Indian aggression which threatens to destroy them, and their loved ones in the process.

Tread carefully friends, you really don’t know how wonderful life truly is!


Why Pakistan’s every endeavor has failed in the last 10 years

Why Pakistan’s endeavors keep failing

(Since the last 10 years)

When the word “failure” is talked about, one tends to avoid the subject matter altogether…

As if, failing or failure of one’s endeavor(s) is a bad thing or a bad word.

Though it’s true that failing is an undesirable outcome, it always has a silver lining attached to it.

The Koran says in this regard:

With every difficulty comes ease.

– Koran, verse summary

For instance, Thomas Edison failed 10, 000 experiments before he was able to discover the light bulb that worked.

And when he was asked about his failures, he simply said: “…I’ve simply found 10, 000 ways how ‘not’ to make a light bulb…”

Whereas one person in the United States often fails yet attributes his qualities to never giving up after his eventual success, people on the cusp of success in Pakistan often give up after having everything as they want.

The recent example of Junaid Jamshed comes to mind.

Not that he wasn’t a failed superstar in the showbiz, but he left the showbiz in order to pursue an unrealistic goal.

He left success, and a position of strength where he could have influenced people through his music and instead brought about a bigger change decided to associate himself with creatures (they’re unfit to be called people) such as Mullah Tariq Jamil.

These people are not men of good science nor of the Koran itself…

They are bandits, often cloaked in the robes of learned men, who come to us with the devil’s forked tongue.

They speak rosy words yet only deliver lip service to the genuine cause of the Muslims.

They do nothing but eat sugar and salt all day long, and completely ignore (to the point of criminal negligence) the genuine pains and sufferings of the average Musalman.

They do nothing to address the issue of terrorism and the smear campaign that has been launched against Muslims at large.

Instead, they support such dirty deeds…they support the capitalist pigs who sit in their “castles” and direct millions of deaths of average Muslim citizens by directing their armies and resources against the innocent populace who’s continuously impoverished and taken advantage of by all manners of governmental instruments and rules.

They knock on the doors of rulers of today and ask for compensation in order to further enslave and impoverish the citizenry at large.

This unacceptable behavior of the class and racial divide is precisely the thing that Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) came to fight.

When the world was enslaving the blacks of Africa, he was giving them a seat in high governance alongside him.

When the European men were treating their women like trash, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was giving them rights and legislating rules to let them acquire property and teach other citizens of his country.

The point of singling out these people and using them as an example is to demonstrate to the reader how ‘your’ attitude determines your failure or success rate.

This lengthy explanation was necessary in order to build the foundation of what’s to come (next).

The Pakistan-Iran Gas pipeline project

This gas pipeline was to be built through the Balochistan province of both the countries.

[Yes, there’s also a Balochistan in Iran]

This pipeline was to supply the Pakistani energy shortfall for a fraction of the price that we deal with in buying expensive oil from the United States and other countries in order to fuel polluting generators.

The endeavor failed when it was already marked to be a success.

The reason?

Money of course…

Capitalism to be more precise.

Pakistani politicians are often of the mindset that existed in feudal (or lordship system) Britain.

They don’t allow anyone else to get rich unless their pockets are filled to the brim first.

They impoverish the citizenry for their own selfish gains.

They sacrifice others so that they may gain.

That’s not leadership. That’s fiefdom!

But this is only a mere surface level symptom of a much larger problem.

The Pakistan-Iran gas pipeline project was dropped due to pressure from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the United States.

For no other reason than racism: they’re Shia and Irani while we are Sunni and Arab…what they don’t realize is that they are both Muslim.

Pakistan is easily influenced by the Saudis due to a complacent and often moronic behavior towards them.

The reason is simple, Pakistanis love Islam and they love the Prophet (PBUH), but to an almost sickening degree.

They love Islam not because of what it gives them, but because what it symbolizes for them, they don’t really love the Prophet (PBUH) they just say they do so they don’t appear to be hypocrites to their friends and family members.

The underlying problem is not Islam or the Prophet (PBUH) themselves, rather they are the solution to our problem…

The REAL problem is the way the Pakistanis live their lives and how they treat each other.

The REAL problem is the twisted mindset that has been propagated across the community due to ill-informed people or herd behavior.

Just because he’s doing it, I should too! The true definition of a lemmings train, if one falls off the cliff the rest of the monkeys follow blindly.

Whether they know they’ll die or not.

Musharraf’s economic reform, its rollback, and rise of foreign elements

It’s no secret that Gen. Pervez Musharraf’s economic reforms were hailed as the best that Pakistan had seen in the modern century.

However, where he failed to deliver was the (again, unfortunately) complacency of his behavior towards the Saudis.

Dear Pakistanis! Saudis are not Gods, YOU hold a nuclear weapon, they can merely ask for your protection.

Should you choose to annihilate them in one shot, you can do so…you can also annihilate any enemy of yours at the press of a button.

Yet, your complacency and ill-informed behavior are the cause rather than the effect of what’s happening in Pakistan at this very moment.

When Musharraf was deposed as the Pakistani president, the Zardari regime brutally rolled back all of his reforms and brazenly raped the country’s resources to its heart’s content.

When Zardari was done, he handed the blood-filled chalice back to Nawaz Sharif. So now he’s doing the exact same thing, albeit in a more brutal fashion than his predecessor.

Nawaz Sharif completely sold the country out to Indian Modi so he can do to us as he pleases.

In layman’s terms, Mr. Nawaz Sharif sacrificed the Pakistani citizens so that he may gain.

That’s not how leadership works.

Leaders get their own heads chopped off before seeing their followers get hurt.

Prophet Jesus (PBUH) sacrificed his needs for the needs of his disciples. And God Almighty sacrificed a look like in his place.

But the persecution he suffered at the hands of the Jews, how they shouted to have him executed…

How they repeatedly told the Roman Imperator that Jesus (PBUH) was guilty of treason against the Jewish people and the Roman senate.

They didn’t succeed, but the mere fact that he spoke up against their illegal dealing/stealing of the people’s money was enough to paint a giant bullseye on his back.

One campaigned to stop his people from being ripped off, and the other campaigns to sell off the very people he claims to represent.

As long as we have this sort of “leadership” we will continuously get ripped off, and every future endeavor of Pakistan will utterly fail as well.

For no other reason than criminal negligence, despotism, and the brazen raping of the resources without involving the national interests first.

Diplomacy, treaties and positions of strength

Pakistan could have easily asserted itself as the leader of the Muslim nations.

Could have also easily put diplomacy on the fast track with Russia, China, Japan, and European countries.

But instead, it chose to hand over such a sensitive and critical task to its enemy: India.

Does it really make any sense to hand over the keys to your house to some stranger let alone a known enemy who wants to kill you?

Then how can the Pakistani citizenry allow such a grave sin to be committed against itself?

The answer is simple: Pakistanis are a bunch of ill-informed people displaying herd behavior.

They don’t know what they want, they don’t know what their direction is, they refuse to listen to people with experience, and they most certainly don’t want to do hard work in order to achieve results.

They want everything to be done for them, to be handed to them on a silver platter.

Sorry, but that’s just not possible at all!

It’s like asking a tree to plant itself and then give you its fruit!

Absolute madness!!!

Pakistani FIA (Federal Investigation Agency) repeatedly mentioned this fact to the government many times over.

The head of the Cybercrime branch has repeatedly told his circle of influence that we need treaties with countries like UAE, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Turkey, European countries, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Malaysia, Japan etc. in order to hold a position of strategical advantage in all situations.

No country on this planet ever sits still on a diplomatic front.

Every country holds meetings with their counterparts in order to discuss matters of mutual benefit.

A country like China used to be a place where you could get all sorts of drugs and any commit any kind of sin you can imagine.

Without much social consequences.

Today, it’s directly telling the United States to back off its territorial claims in the South China Sea.

Is it any wonder that such a strong diplomatic stance can emerge from a country that was heavily addicted to opium and heroine just 68 years ago?

Yet, Pakistanis refuse to look at this fact and solve their problems via powerful examples.

Why would they? It’s too hard!

I have only one solution for such crybabies: either read your eyeballs off by immersing yourself in highly informative and valuable books and apply that knowledge accordingly or lay down and ask the Indians to commit another genocide against you, effectively ending the Pakistani nation once and for all.

How can an individual citizen of Pakistan solve Pakistan’s problems…

I don’t care how scarce resources are for you.

If you have the internet at your disposal, then you pretty have the entire world at your disposal.

You can overload yourself with information a million years over and still not be able to go through the entire index of the internet.

There are so many stories of people from around the world, who have overcome extreme obstacles and difficulties.

They are rich in many different ways, and they have a lot of information that’s available for your pleasure.

All you have to do is either acquire it for free BY READING or paying a small amount of money for an extremely valuable source.

If you have money to spend on designer clothes, cologne, cars, and homes…then you absolutely have money to invest for your future.

You have money to acquire the information that will liberate you from all the confusion and provide you with solutions to your problems.

Yet, it’s too difficult to do right?

Well, let’s not start with being all wonderful and full of knowledge the next day.

Nothing happens in one day.

It’s the accumulative process of character building, application of knowledge, and learning from your mentors that WILL eventually help you succeed.

On the way, you also have to meet and retain people who believe what you believe.

If you don’t do that, and won’t take action, then as Allah says in the Koran: “He’s more than capable of replacing your kind with another nation who will glorify Him day and night, and would follow their desires according to what Allah has outlined for them in the Koran.”


Geostrategy of Modi’s speech in the Congress

“Terrorism is incubated in India’s neighborhood”, the cliche could only be stated by the monster himself, the one who’s self explanatory history narrates his fetish for power and ideological extremism “not Islamic” though, yet an example for the world. Double standards continue and along with it the distortion and manipulation of facts, which were evident during Narendre Modi’s visit to the US. He becomes the fifth Indian Prime Minister to have addressed the United States Congress, after which he is being hailed as a miracle leader for India’s needed future progress. As a matter of fact, his speech carried two main objectives:


1) Terrorism as a common factor to continue and expand the area of bilateral relations between US and India Several times in his speech Modi used the word terrorism, not surprising though, as it has been Indian government’s sole plea-play (pun intended), for a long time to earn an edge over neighboring Pakistan’s fight against terrorism. To put Kashmir on the back-burner and continue beating the drums about terrorism, which most likely than not has roots inside India itself. Be it Mumbai attacks or Pathankot incident, none of these highly sensationalized terrorist acts were proven to be funded having links with Pakistani state.


On the other hand, India has highly militarized the illegitimately occupied Kashmir valley, where about 700,000 Indian troops are stationed, a direct example of state terrorism.


Narendre Modi said in his Congress speech: “I commend the members of the U.S. Congress for sending a clear message to those who preach and practice terrorism for political gains.

“Refusing to reward them is the first step towards holding them accountable for their actions” – directly referring to US support to Pakistan, regarding handing over of US F-16 jets to help Pakistan in its fight against terrorism.


Furthering his stance over US’s security alliance with Pakistan, he kept convincing the Congress to develop a security alliance with the India. He said:


We have both lost civilians and soldiers in combating it.

The need of the hour is for us to deepen our security cooperation.

And, base it on a policy:
• that isolates those who harbor, support and sponsor terrorists;
• that does not distinguish between “good” and “bad” terrorists; and that delinks religion from terrorism.


2) Greater partnership for regional strategic interest The second Important point worth noting in his speech was for a great regional partnership. Formation of two blocs in Asia seem quite possible and evident in this regard.


He said: “Before arriving in Washington D.C., I had visited Herat in Western Afghanistan to inaugurate Afghan-India Friendship Dam, a 42 MW hydro-electric project built with Indian assistance.


But, your contribution in keeping the region safe and secure is deeply appreciated even beyond.


“India too has made an enormous contribution and sacrifices to support our friendship with Afghan people.

A commitment to rebuild a peaceful, and stable and prosperous Afghanistan our shared objective”


With India’s interest in Afghanistan, it is leaving no stone unturned to form regional supremacy by winning US consent on its role in Afghanistan, while PM Modi has been visiting Kabul for some imminent occasions, while he also lately tweeted in Afghani native language, a special message for Afghanistan, displaying the desperation on the Indian part for regional hegemony. India’s interest in Afghanistan in multi faceted though, where Pakistan’s seems to be the direct affectee.



Implications for Pakistan

In the perspective of uproar about the new geostrategic and maritime rivalry between Pakistan and India over the Gwadar port and Chabahar port, visit of Narendre Modi to the US and his enthusiasm about a greater partnership on the regional level with Uncle Sam, cherry topped by his “punch line” on how US needs to send a “clear message” to the ones harboring terrorism is sure shot reassurance of the future regional dynamics. Pakistan in this scenario, though a “titular” or “symbolic” ally to the US has never received the welcoming applause and acceptance as that of India’s PM, the Pak-US partnership has been wallowing through several agreements and disagreements, never a smooth ride. Pakistan’s strategic ties with China pose a threat to US’s regional aspirations, with Gwadar port on the horizon US sees India as an ever more suitable regional protege for furthering its motives, however, the Indian support comes with a price – it’s demand for the endorsement of its“Anti-Pakistanism”doctrine.


Quite interestingly, on most levels, India seem to be a more natural ally to US than Pakistan. Firstly, because India is a “Hindu” state, and that definitely does not have much to do with it being Hindu but it being “Non Muslim” state, ideals of which are seen interpreted and inculcated in its policy making processes, especially under the current Hindu nationalist government of BJP. Secondly, India is a democracy, not that Pakistan is not, but the Indian democracy is traditional and continuous, something that Pakistan lacks. Pakistan’s sources of decision making are multi faceted and not necessarily democratic. As a matter of fact, Pakistan has its own valid reasons for that matter but they are not up to to the standards of US and its allies. Thirdly, India has a growing economy, which fits right into the regional balancing-of-power theory US seems to tow in order to counter Chinese influence, a communist and economically THE second largest in the world. Afghanistan, which is the melting pot of many international troops, investments and ambitions is the hub of all the game-plan, from China to Russia, India to US have great stakes there, seen as a gateway to the resource-rich Central Asian Republics CARs, Afghanistan’s internal political dynamics are also favourable towards India currently compared to Pakistan. Neverthless, Pakistan sees Afghanistan as an indispensable part of its security concerns, quite evidently, Pakistan’s insurgencies and terrorism has a direct link to Afghanistan sharing porous borders with Pakistan, and an influx of huge, and mostly unidentified refugees posing a threat to Pakistan’s security.


Chabahar port, though it is an Iranian soil, it seems to not have US eyeballs rolled or eyebrows raised, interestingly Gwadar is greater concern for the US and its allies despite Iran having traditional tussle with US and west.


Fourthly, India stands on similar page, or if not similar, yet closer or neutral to US’s interests over International conflicts like Palestine, Syria, Middle Eastern conflicts, Ukraine and others. Mr Modi referring to US as an “Indispensable partner” would have an impact on Pakistan’s regional standing, magnitude of which time will only reveal.


 India for NSG and MTCR

Another most important reason for Modi’s visit to the US is the interest to win India membership to NSG & MTCR. MTCR – Missile Technology Control Regime was established in April 1987, it is a voluntary association of 34 countries — 35, once India is formally included – and four “unilateral adherents” that follow its rules: Israel, Romania, Slovakia, Macedonia. By becoming part of this regime India would adhere to the rule of the regime which entails restriction of export of nuclear capability on certain dangerous material while there is a category under which countries can export the material following the applied rules. By becoming a member state to the regime, India would have more reasons to convince the US to consider exporting UAVs, Reaper and Global Hawk, which have been key to counter-terrorism efforts in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Somalia and Yemen, as stated by the Indian Express.


India seems quite eager to acquire its membership into Nuclear Supplier Group, which will allow it to easily grow and expand its nuclear capability,  India has been trying, since 2008, to join the group, which would give it a place at the high table where the rules of nuclear commerce are decided  – and, eventually, the ability to sell equipment. Many countries are opposing India’s membership to the group, as India is not signatory to NPT Non proliferation treaty, but it has been supported by the US after George Bush signed Civil Nuclear Deal with India. Nevertheless, China has been opposing India’s entry into the group which poses a sole obstacle in the way of its membership, it is so eager to acquire.


Pakistan’s inclusion in SCO

Just when India is rubbing its heels for membership in NSG, Pakistan won its formal full membership into Shanghai Cooperation Organization. The more closer Pakistan is becoming to the regional alliances with China, the more India seems eager to find a by cosying up with the US.


A full SCO membership will help Pakistan strengthen its role in regional and global politics, economies and infrastructure by promoting regional connectivity through the One Belt One Road and Eurasian Economic Union projects.



  • China and Pakistan should work towards building a greater regional union with inclusion of Russia in the equation, in order to counter the Indo-US alliance and the future threats to Gwadar and CPEC.
  • Pakistan must enhance its traditional foreign relations with Turkey, KSA, and others to counter international alienation.
  • Economic and Security problems are the core to Pakistan’s international situations, thus they need to be worked on in order to win more favours.

Panama Leaks and aftermath



As Anatol Lieven has rightly put in his book “Pakistan A Hard Country” – “…and indeed, some of the toughest creepers holding the rotten tree of the Pakistani system together are at one and the same time parasites on that tree, and sometimes smell bad even by their own standards”.

This is indeed an irony that the word “welfare” has been repeatedly manipulated by political bigots to acquire political validation among the public. However, the meaning of welfare is yet to be understood to its real sense. Not only in modern context, welfare has been a prime aspect involving governance, public policy and planning, going back historically to its imprints in state of Medina.

While with the advent of wiki leaks followed by the recent and highly infamous Panama leaks the unaccountability and absence of checks and balances is ultimately and explicitly exposed to the public of Pakistan. Although, releasing of these confidential leaks has only re approved an already prevalent notion, where a large number of population holds a deep distrustful relationship with the governing bodies. Interestingly enough, the Panama papers website states that offshore structures are completely legal, whereas the only disadvantage it carries is the persons facilitating it. There may be criminals, money launderers or fraudulent miscreants finding their monetary safe haven in offshore structures. Thus, not all those involved in Panama leaks case are criminals.

Pakistan Pinnacle:

In the words of Anatol Lieven “A fundamental political fact about Pakistan is that the state, whoever claims to lead it, is weak, and society in ts various forms is immensely strong. Anyone or any group with the slightest power in society uses it among other things to plunder the state for patronage and favors and to turn to their advantage the workings of the law and the bureaucracy. Hence the astonishing fact that barely 1 percent of the population pays income tax and the wealthiest landowners in the country pay no direct taxes at all” –  Why Panama Leaks is a crime for Pakistanis?

Therefore, hullabaloo about Panama leaks centering the Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and his family business empire has struck the nation like a storm, which is not as surprising as it may appear, especially while the opposition parties lead by the Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf has emerged back from darkness with a whole new meaning to hold the government by its throat. Oblivious of the notion that offshore structures are legal, the prime focus behind nationwide anti-government sentiment is about the grave economic condition, sky rocketing inflation, and scarce energy resources expecting a symbolic, clean and humble contribution to country’s weak economic situation from the Prime Minister and his parliamentarians as an act of moral obligation.

Moreover, it is also evident by the Pakistani names appearing in Panama leaks that system of kinship and family patronage still rules the power circles. It may have been declared obsolete, irrelevant and even politically boasted to be removed and replaced by a system of merit-based hiring, it is indeed the reason why the democratic system in Pakistan have repeatedly disappointed the public after each successfully conducted election, where elected representatives hurriedly take up their charge to recruit as much of acquaintances as possible instead of focusing on “good” governance vis.a.vis. welfare of the people.

Hyped by the resignation of Iceland’s Prime Minister Sigmundur David Gunnlaugsson in the wake of Panama Leaks, an anti-Cameron protests are stirring up in Britain following his family’s involvement in Panama leaks case. In Pakistan thus, it is equally been referred to as a morally-appreciated step to consider a ministerial level resignations from the parliamentarians involved in offshore monetary transfers.  Who can change?

As rightly stated by Anatol Lieven the society in Pakistan has remained stronger throughout the most of known history, hence giving a strong edge, yet a disadvantage for it to either route its power to success or destruction. It also clearly signifies that once the social attitudes and behaviors could be brought to complete overhaul political corruption and power exploitation can be fixed. An example from “British system” could be garnered in this aspect, where a system of unquestionable political, judicial equality prevails and norms based on rule of law, liberty and justice are ingrained in social fabric of the nation. Therefore, the change shall begin from the very core of the society, the common man.

Understanding the “Welfare State”

imagesIt can indeed be said about the current government “to have dug its own grave”. Prioritizing unnecessary development projects at behest of personal projection midst historical economic downfall cannot be termed nothing but outright shoddy, incompetence, and of course an open invitation to the opposition to weaken the government for all the right reasons.

In his book Introduction to Political Science, Professor. Dr. Muhammad Sarwar has stated several sayings from the writing of legendary academicians, philosophers and political scientists on the functioning of a welfare state. However, he has concluded the few indicators for assessing a claim of a government considering itself a welfare state or to be working towards becoming one.

Maintenance of Law & Order This is the basic function of the state to maintain law and order in order to protect life, liberty and property. This also includes defense against external aggression for which regular armies are maintained and foreign relation conducted.
Administration of Justice Provision of justice is a primary duty of a government so as to provide to conditions necessary for fair play and equity. It also employs that the state should provide equal conditions mental and material both to all alike.
Conduct of Foreign Affairs This is an age of internationalism in which almost all states have different types of mutual agreements. Contracts, pacts etc, foreign affairs of every states are conducted according to its foreign policy options.
Economic Planning In modern industrial age state regulates economic activities so as to ensure the protection of the interests of all classes. Within the framework of economic planning the interests of the working classes especially are given due consideration.
Social Security A welfare state aims at the betterment of the society as a whole and for the realization of this goal, It provides equal opportunities to all alike. The protection of the interests of down trodden classes and of disabled persons is considered as a special responsibility of the state.
Transportation & communication An efficient transportation system plays a pivotal role in economic development and in improving the tone of administration. Its strategic importance in respect of the defense of a country cannot be undermined. Frequent and easy contacts among the people made possible through the development of communication facilitates the promotion of fraternal feelings and integrative values in a society.
Promotion of Health & Education Importance of education for civilized life is universally recognized. State is bound to provide educational facilities so as to indoctrinate civic virtues and inculcate political consciousness in the people. Liberal education is also coupled with the promotion of science and technology. Modern societies give due consideration to national objectives while planning for education.
Regulation of Trade & Industry Two important function being performed by modern government under this category are noteworthy. Every state aims at the industrial development to improve the general economic conditions of its citizens. Home industry is given full protection through effective import policy. A modern state takes upon itself the responsibility of installation of such industrial public sector as fails to attract private investors while it is otherwise important from nation point of view.
Other Functions Last but not least important are the ethical function so the state. State tries to maintain a virtuous life in the absence of which a civilized way of life is not possible. State through its laws can bring revolutionary changes in the existing values and thinking of the people. Thus, every state makes an effective use of channels of political socialization and communication to foster values in the line with the national objectives, state and its laws can play an effective role in eradication of social ills and vices.


The above mentioned information has evidently spoofed irony of the current government’s welfare genie. Assessing position of Pakistan with the barometer stated above, it is shameful even to consider for a moment that this country could be termed welfare state where the concerned needs of the people are not being planned prioritizing them with the need and availability of each requirement. “Transportation &communication” roads and radios are one of the leading welfare objectives in states like Turkey, Europe and west, yet that cannot be said about Pakistan where the basic objectives like “Maintenance of law & order” are still a far-fetched aim. Unavailability of electricity harming “Regulation of Trade & Industry” has not been fixed despite pre-election claims and promises. “Health and Education”  are ignored as does the “Administration of Justice” also recognized as one of the major faults in Pakistan’s system by Anatol Lieven does fits the last nail in the coffin of this nonexistent welfare boogeyman, let alone ethical and moral training of the people.

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How to improve the quality of life in Pakistan

How can we improve the quality of life in Pakistan?


There’s a fine line between high and low quality of life, often these lines are blurred in more ways than one.

That isn’t to say that it’s impossible to distinguish between the two.

For instance, high quality of life (high standards) will entail the following in any developed nation:

  • Freedom in equality of opportunity for all (not counting the toxic ideals of feminism)
  • Freedom of speech with responsibility – you’re responsible for what you say!
  • High accountability in terms of checks and balances which can work as effective deterrents/countermeasures against corruption
  • Superb level of security which ordinary and extraordinary citizens can enjoy equally well (strong defense)
  • Abundance of business and commerce opportunities which can help develop the nation in terms of quality of living and technical advances
  • Availability of sophisticated tools and technology which can help develop the mindset of the nation and make it highly competitive
  • Abundance of high quality assets that can help the nation’s individual citizens develop into effective leaders and thought provokers
  • Availability of resources that can help the nation achieve its goals

On the contrary, a low quality of life (low standards) will include the following in any underdeveloped nation:

  • No freedoms of any kind
  • Low accountability and no existing infrastructure or checks and balances which can help curb corruption
  • Rampant nepotism and traitors lurking in every corner who’d compromise national security at any given opportunity
  • Non-existence of security and endangerment of high quality citizens – to the point of their non-existence!
  • Unavailability of effective opportunities for businesses to flourish
  • Unavailability of sophisticated tools and technology, leaving the nation severely underdeveloped and non-competitive on every level
  • Non-existence of high quality assets or resources, making famine, drought, and marauders a frequent travesty
  • High levels of unhappiness in citizens due to non-existence of sufficient opportunities for growth and development

In hindsight, it seems that Pakistan has slowly but surely transformed into an underdeveloped nation, despite having a terrific start!

How nations develop themselves using high quality of life

In order for Pakistanis to have a high quality of life, all they have to do is move in the opposite direction to what amounts to an underdeveloped nation.

As I explained above by way of vivid examples, a Pakistani citizen has the ability to change his/her course and move in the opposite direction.

That is, towards growth and progress.

Pakistanis can learn from other nations in this regard also.

Since life is about learning and implementation, we have a lot of stamina for growth and development.

Additionally, since Pakistan is still reeling in the abyss of underdevelopment, it’s quite possible for it to avoid making mistakes that other nations make – quite frequently.

Pakistanis can easily do this by learning as much as they can with effective application of tools and technology at their disposal.

Are there hurdles in our way?

Of course there are!

No one would simply just let us progress towards our goals and ambitions.

We have to take that upon ourselves to provide a high quality of life for ourselves and others.

Developed nations in the world have an effective weakness that Pakistani citizens don’t have: willingness to learn from divine guidance.

No I’m not saying you become a religious faggot here, just read the Koran and do your duty to the best of your abilities.

Most smooth talkers are reviled or even mocked in developed nations.

Those that seek to do harm or lie to people in order to make a few bucks meet with a horrible end.

That’s exactly what Pakistanis need to do to “molvi-ism” if they’re to lead the developed world towards further progress and enlightenment.

Pakistanis can take it upon themselves to learn as much as possible, translate all the knowledge of the world in Urdu and teach it to fellow citizens.

We also have a rich 1400 years old history.

We can learn from our ancestors who developed magnificent machines, laws/jurisprudence, and medical procedures.

Not many nations have that level of intense history or guidance – THAT in truth is Pakistan’s advantage.

How quality of life can improve for Pakistanis by having them enrolled in civil defense programs

Civil defense programs are by far the best methods for making sure that any one nation is ready and able to defend itself in war-time emergencies.

In case the Armed Forces falter, the citizens can take the heat and push away the enemy with all their strength.

This provides as a nice buffer and counterbalance to any holes in defense systems.

Every Pakistani citizen should endeavor to join the respective armed forces of the country they’re living in (including Pakistan) and help make the defense stronger, all the while improving their quality of life by decades in the process.

quality of life and propaganda

Pak Army Propaganda

The Army can toughen you up, teach you quick first aid and how to use weapons.

You’ll be set for life to defend yourself and your loved ones.

Even if you decide to leave the forces.

Improvising on citizens’ happiness factor and mindset

One of the hardest things to change in this world is a person’s mindset.

And if you can change their mindset, you can affect how happy they’d be in the long run.

Going at the current route, Pakistanis will find their lives infinitely more difficult and very, very unhappy indeed.

The best way for us all to work together or at least in limited commitment, is to change our mindsets collectively on a large scale.

Pakistanis must be able to change their mindset from a one of insecurity, fear, and uncertainty to the one that’s directly opposite to it.

For this to happen, citizens must be willing to seek help from their fellow citizens.

Be they psychologists, psychiatrists, or other methods that enhance our thinking capabilities.

Depression, immorality and fear have to disappear.

And be replaced with joy, certainty, and peace of mind.

The only way that happen is through significant amount of action within the masses themselves.

As Koran says “Allah doesn’t change the condition of a people unless they change that which is within themselves.”

That which is within yourself is your spirit, mind, and body. Change your physiology in order to change your state of being.

And your quality of life will improve seemingly on its own.


P.S. Don’t forget to check out the mindset book by Mike Cernovich: Gorilla Mindset (Amazon)

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