What the inaugural speech of President Trump means for you

Trump inaugural speech

Welcoming the 45th president of the United States of America

January 20th, Friday, 2017 will be remembered as the day that the United States of America inaugurated its 45th president.

It’ll also be remembered as the day when ethnic, linguistic, and ideological divides widened in the world.

It’ll also be remembered as the day when fanatical American gangs went around their own country and violated the very constitution they claim to uphold.

This is partly because of the fact that Pres. Donald Trump enabled some of them while others having hate for other groups went wild because they thought they could get away with it.

The sad reality is, that they don’t realize how fantastically idiotic they themselves are.

Pres. Trump is not entirely to blame here, but he did enable conspiracy nuts like Alex Jones, Breitbart, and others to boldly attack Muslims and threaten to enslave a group that’s already under the threat of being attacked because of their monotheistic beliefs.

This enabling has perhaps made the radical Christian fanatics think that they can do whatever they want to their neighbor.

Completely contrary to the teachings of Prophet Jesus (PBUH).

Not only do they say harsh words against Muslims and the Prophet of Islam (PBUH) but regularly breach the oath of allegiance to the bible.

One cannot say with confidence that the Christians that claim to represent the United States are the same ones who also uphold the bible.

What Pres. Trump’s inauguration means for the Muslim community

Racial and ideological attacks on you will increase, as is evident even before Trump took the oath of office.

He claims to work for the American people, but that means that he’ll also have to work for the American Muslims.

Those who are white, black, brown, yellow, and every shade in between.

After all, the Muslim group doesn’t only consist of brown looking people, it also contains white, black, and yellow Americans.

Pres. Trump said a strikingly dangerous thing and that is that he will racially profile Muslims based on the ideas they hold.

He also claimed that he will make every Muslim register in America as if every Muslim whether American or not holds fanatical values.

Which is fine, but it must be made out to be a warning sign for all.

If Pres. Trump will come after Muslims first, and the world remains silent, or if the Muslims themselves remain silent or enable this racist behavior…

Then Pres. Trump will come after Buddhists, Jews, Atheists/Agnostics, Zoroastrians, Hindus, and Confusionists next.

This may not be apparent now, but as time is allowed to pass, this reality will eventually reveal itself.

Most people are in denial but since Pres. Trump has already declared that since “we” have already known about his plan, we should act accordingly.

This is a most dangerous and destructive period for the entire world.

Not only has the racial bigotry made its way into the Presidential Office, but also threatens to treat its own citizens as lowly slaves.

So, in summation, the Muslim community won’t see any immediate threat to their lives based on what we’ve witnessed following the attacks on Muslims…

But Muslims can and should expect this behavior to become widespread in the near future.

Pres. Trump might claim that he’s not a racist by any standard, but a number of racial tensions which will ultimately engulf the Muslim community in America will speak volumes about his character in the coming months.

What Pres. Trump’s inauguration means for other groups

If you’re coming to America from overseas, then we highly encourage you to read the political statements made by Pres. Trump.

We encourage you to listen carefully to what he says and what he does start Monday.

It is also prudent to mention here that every group of people whether you’re a Trump supporter or not will experience some form of discrimination against yourself.

Regardless of whether you’re white, black, yellow, or brown. You can expect discrimination against yourself merely because of the fact that Pres. Trump has mentioned that he’ll work for “the” American people.

Translated in layman’s terms, this means that “white and Christian” Americans will take this to mean that only ‘they’ are the American people.

Whereas everyone else (even if they’re aborigines) will see a sleuth of attacks from these groups with no one to support or shield them.

This was claim staked by various racist groups in America quite openly and the fact that the Trump campaign did absolutely nothing to stop or check their behavior loudly speaks about the actions that the Trump Administration will take towards non-white groups.

If one group gets attacked, and everyone remains silent, then eventually a time will come when even the white people themselves will be enslaved and eradicated.

With no one else left to protect them from savage groups on the loose in America’s borders.

What this means for you as an individual

As an individual, business will be booming.

As long as you can stay clear of the government’s way and do what you came to do in America.

You can expect better business returns and an overall friendly atmosphere for you if you’re hard working and/or rich.

But don’t forget that your identity will be targeted and kept under close checks and balances.

America will become a complete surveillance state (it already is there, but now on a brutal frequency).

If you keep to your business and don’t break any laws then perhaps as an individual you can survive the State’s onslaught, but the moment you express your ideological beliefs, you’ll be targetted with brutal efficiency.

As an individual, you’ll also be taken off welfare, which means that jobs just might return to America.

But this means that you’ll have to go through a harsh period of isolation and uncertainty.

If you can pull through this situation, you’ll, by all means, come out on top.

But should you fail, the merciless and indifferent law will bring down the hammer on you even when your cause was legitimate or not.

The healthcare system may work against you, meaning that you’ll have to eat healthy foods and make sure that you don’t get sick ever again.

[In all honesty the last part is a huge positive]

Summing up the mess that is America

President Trump’s inauguration means that most groups in America will feel the sting of an ethnic and ideological divide.

But keeping this in checks and balance requires hard work from non-white and non-Christian Americans.

You’ll have to look out for each other, not because you’re forced to, but because you want to.

Justice and law might even work against you or discriminate against you because of your beliefs or skin of color, but you must remain steadfast and courageous at all times.

If you want to ask for help, you can ask the United States Navy SEALs to mentor you and discipline you.

If that’s not a way out for you, then you should start by helping your family members or neighbors out first and then build from there.

Providing support to the downtrodden in this difficult time is of paramount importance.

No matter how big the racial tensions get across the United States, you’ll know that you have yourselves to count on.

And with a little bit of luck and persistence you might even make life long friends along the way.



Chinese hemorrhaging cash – recipe for global economic meltdown

How the Chinese are hemorrhaging cash

Here’s another “conspiracy theory” in your face

No, we’re kidding, this isn’t a conspiracy theory, this is real!!!

So we all know about the well-known conspiracy theorists like Alex Jones, Breitbart etc.

But do we know what are they really talking about?

Often 9/10 times they’re selling a news piece or an “information piece” that sounds a lot like fear mongering tactics – to make money of course!

But here’s the kicker, while all the conspiracy theorists talk long shaded information pieces, we often ignore the real ones…

Precisely because of the behavior of these conspiracy theorists.

They throw so much garbage in the mix with nuggets of truth and information that an average person like you and me becomes highly cynical of any information given to us at all!

But fear not dear reader! We’ll make sense of this mess yet!

So here’s what we mean when we say that Chinese hemorrhaging cash is a recipe for a disaster:

It’s not that the cash is being hemorrhaged because of some weird loop hole in the economy; it’s the government of China (namely the CCP) that concerns the Chinese people greatly!

Here’s how the phenomenon recycles itself via multiple channels:

  1. Communist regime takes over in China through brutal and nihilistic force
  2. People are then further subjugated and brainwashed into believing the communist propaganda
  3. The economy slowly becomes highly controlled and monitored by a select “few” people in the communist regime
  4. Some people realizing that their wealth is being taken over by an unjust force (such as the CCP) take their cash out whenever the possibility presents itself
  5. Rich Chinese who can afford to buy expensive homes in foreign lands either emigrate there with the entire family or send their children, pardon me, child, overseas so they can live a better life free from the clutches of a totalitarian regime that wants to control everything
  6. Since all the money is being invested in foreign countries, island nations, and private investments, nothing is left for the destitute Chinese people
  7. All the Chinese money is then hemorrhaged into foreign bank accounts owned by the wealthy Chinese people where ‘it’ disappears into the ether – forever!

And the cycle repeats itself, over and over again.

This is the same cycle that we’ve seen repeatedly in countries like Panama, Ecuador, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Venezuela, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Libya, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Congo, Mali, Chad, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Egypt and a lot more.

In the light of this, we now see the “first world” countries following the trend with countries like Australia, New Zealand, Canada, UK, USA, and Japan now frequently hemorrhaging cash because of their flawed policies and continuous exploitation of the little guy.

Well, guys, the little guy has responded – in a small yet very big way: voting with his/her money smartly and allocating their assets and wealth in varied portfolios.

How asset allocation has caused trillions of dollars of movement on the world market

In his book Money: Master the Game Anthony Robins explores the ideas of how a financial monetary portfolio should be divided so that even the little guy can make tons of money using the very system that’s rigged against him (fine, or her).

The side-effects of this book had come into play well before this book was even published.

But when looked at in a holistic view, a lot of the side-effects that are plaguing the world markets today finally make sense – when one starts to read.

The upper and middle classes aren’t disappearing at all! The smart are moving their money overseas…

Often in the case of tax havens and island nations that bolster such laws so anyone can manipulate the money market however they want.

However, this type of thinking has had an unintended consequence: the world governments have failed miserably in keeping a check and balance on the movements of such monies overseas.

Partly because they don’t want to, and partly because the ministers and leaders sitting in high positions in your country are also involved in this big time!

This racketeering will only stop if the little guy becomes smarter and starts reading more and more books to educate himself and his family.

And also because he (or she) will ostensibly manage their monies in a prudent and effective way.

We’re not giving out any more hints on this because we really want you to read your way out of your problem.

[Plus, giving away such critical information will diminish the fun of finding things out for yourself!]

Because gathering information is a sign of superior intelligence.

Regarding that “trillions of dollars of movement” part, well if you haven’t figured it out yet – it goes something like this:

  • The smart and rich figure out a way to protect their savings from very high and unjust taxes (since they read a lot!)
  • Then they figure out a way to allocate their funds to an offshore bank account
  • Other people such as ministers and other government officials follow suit
  • Trillions of funny-money or banker-made-money then is transferred overseas
  • Since the local populace don’t know about this and don’t really care, they start feeling the after effects such as destitution and lack of resources
  • The smart and rich live a life of luxury until they’re dead or are physically unable to

This vicious cycle repeats itself over and over again.

As long as the monetary policy of global governments is based on fiat currency, the world will keep seeing this exploitative cycle repeat itself into oblivion.

This isn’t some conspiracy theory! We’ve literally laid out the real information in front of you as it is.

What you do with it is really up to you…

But we’d like to provide some insight before you burn down your local bank in a fit of rage!

Don’t burn your local bank to the ground!

Alright, so the first and foremost step is to realize that there’s a real and distinct problem.

The way we managed our money had become increasingly difficult prior to the introduction of the monetary system in Muslim Spain some 400 years ago.

This change to paper receipts made it infinitely easier to “carry our gold” with us, so to speak, wherever we went.

Some people – namely bankers – took advantage of the fact and pulled a disappearing act with our gold and silver.

This condition continues to this day – as people still believe that the fiat currency holds some sort of value over their lives.

Murder, mayhem, chaos, kidnappings, rapes, wars, genocides, and other forms of extremely violent crimes shot up several thousand percentages.

And people became disillusioned with their old way of living overall especially when they saw no benefit in saving their money in the banks – since inflation rates will render their cash useless anyway.

In order to combat this kind of usury, people started investing their monies smartly in indices, stock markets, forex, and other forms of monetary exchanges.

Monetary contracts became the widespread phenomena and by over usage of investing strategies and uneven playing grounds, the entire wealth level of the globe came under the possession of the very few people who are simply known as the “elite.”

We hope that our perceptive readers will see this as a kind of childish manipulation of wealth and extremely malicious intent.

Not as harmless or benign attempt to better control the world’s resources.

In order to understand what’s happening in China or to Chinese people…

We have to understand that this has happened before, many times in fact when a government failed to control their monetary policies effectively.

The Pre-Islamic era was rife with these problems, only it was less widespread as wireless communication hadn’t changed the world back then as it has now.

So, what’s the solution to such a gigantic, monstrous problem?

Simple, we re-introduce gold into the economy, albeit slowly and with a benign intent.

Since a malicious intent will again lead to the mess that we’re in today.

Introducing gold into the economy will help our addiction to consuming subside to a large degree.

And the Chinese smog factories will finally dismantle themselves and do business with other human beings in a social setting – just as it was meant to be.

Another way we can counter this malignant threat is by smartly investing our monies in the investing machines.

Namely, the trading markets, as more volume will ensure better regulation and less exploitation by way of strong computers that can help monopolize the resources in favor of a single organization or person.

The most effective way to make this work is to reclaim the government for the people.

As the government is made by the people, for the people.

It’s not meant to be a vehicle by which a few powerful people can control the entirety of the resources of a single land.

The concept of nation states is fairly new and dangerously destructive to humanity….

Taking charge of the economic cycle and how to stop the Chinese hemorrhaging of cash

The citizenry of Pakistan here has to take a frontal role and show some leadership on the behalf of future generations of humanity.

Since our borders will become irrelevant in a not too distant future, we must ensure that we can secure the future of our children and great-grandchildren as soon as possible.

In order to retake the economy from the clutches of big banks, we have to first arm ourselves with powerful knowledge and then use that knowledge to an effective degree as well.

Our government is our own, so we have to take some responsibility in how things are run and how laws are made and enforced.

The citizenry has to make sure that the government listens to its people.

If not by way of reason, then perhaps via economical sanctioning.

This can be done by citizens forming governing bodies within their municipalities and pouring money and effort into local projects which can catch the eye of the government.

When the government would demand subsidies for these projects, you simply demand that the government change a rule or law according to the wishes of the citizenry.

This project has to be eye-catching and so good that no one can do without – not even any foreign bodies/governments.

In doing so, the citizens can display their ingenuity and bring about a revolution in a peaceful, non-violent way.

That is of course if they really want to.

By simplifying the learning process and removing the schools from the education programs.

The elders and professionals have to take charge and teach their apprentices directly by hiring the ones who display remarkable ability and drive to join the profession.

Such as engineering, soldiering, farming, producing, and computing (computer sciences).

Only by way of educating themselves (and NOT by being educated) can the citizenry come out on top and show the world how its done!


Why does Pakistan exist? (Pakistan’s ‘WHY’) [Chapter 10: A way to move forward]

Leaving the responsibility of the ‘why’ for the citizens

All good things must come to an end, and this series is no exception

So far, we’ve been on this magnificent journey to garner and entertain the views of Pakistan’s ‘why’ and how it has come to reimagine our life as a whole.

What you see before you is nothing but a glimpse of “Pakistan’s why,” hence to cover more ground here would be redundant.

Pakistan’s ‘why’ is a sum that’s greater than its parts.

Pakistan is a cherished idea that we have to carry forward with grim determination as was the dream of our Quaid e Azam (Great Leader).

Citizen Awareness Program continues to provide the citizens with a forward through intelligent analysis and credible information.

Now you have a way to move forward with your life and discover Pakistan’s ‘why’ for yourself, in all aspects and fields.

So far, we have explored pressing and critical issues that relate to Pakistan’s exist as a whole:

I wanted to confer as much knowledge as possible in a short duration of time.

However, as you’ll understand this isn’t always possible, and to have even achieved such a monumental task is a miracle in itself.

If you were looking for lip service, I’m afraid you didn’t get any for the sake of originality and purity of ideas.

I like to tell stories how they happened in the past rather than dwell on some creative reimagining of the same historic piece.

I absolutely despise those who twist history for their own gains and often throw an entire nation under the bus because of the size of their ego.

However, it is important that this issue is talked about in order to democratize the process of building Pakistan for the future.

I don’t want to leave any ambiguity in the way that I’ve presented this information to you.

But before I sum up the entire series for you and move on to different projects, I want to leave you with one piece of advice if nothing else:

Stay curious, because the life itself is reflection of how well can you handle the pain that the universe throws at you.

To read, write, and paying it forward is the “hidden cycle” of life that you have to go through over and over again.

But those who internalize the aspects of growth, development, and time will be the only ones who succeed at the game of life.

This isn’t some philosophical debate even though it appears to be one.

These concepts are often tangible and can be literally worked on if one has no fear and an unlimited well of courage and certainty.

YOU are the architect of your life, and only you can bring Pakistan back from the event horizon of the abyss.

How you do this is really up to you, should you choose to accept this challenge.

The series draws to a close, but not life that which we live…

I’d like to repeat myself here one more time.

You have to live your life in order to experience the totality of Pakistan’s ‘why’ as I have.

I draw this series to a close not because I’m tired of it, but rather because there are other projects that demand my attention.

And there are many more stories to be told.

I don’t know how else to close this series because I’m still with a heavy heart to do so, but I know that I’ve educated as many people as I could in a short span of time.

If you’re still interested in what I have to say or would like to contribute in your own way, then please visit our Contact Us page or reach us directly via our FaceBook page.

The ideas that hold Pakistan’s ‘why’ together

These ideas aren’t some machinations of a few years of thought and reflection.

But rather they are a culmination of many centuries of discourse, events, and incidents that have shaped the way Pakistan is today.

The ideas of fraternity, social equality, and justice for all are only “tip of the iceberg” concepts that Islam teaches – via Koran of course.

And in order to take a deeper look at each one of them would take a lifetime of writing and learning.


Why does Pakistan exist? (Pakistan’s ‘WHY’) [Chapter 9: Creativity and Language]

Urdu as creativity and language Lingua Franca

Initializing Pakistan’s ‘why’ one practice at a time

Creativity and language in Pakistan and why has it led to many conflicts

Since Pakistan is a country founded by Muslims, it stands to reason that it has some aspects that are critical to its survival in the long run.

Creativity and language though seem separate at times, are really the same entity in many places.

That’s why the national language of Pakistan was settled to be Urdu by none other than the Great Leader himself.

One might say: “why didn’t he choose it to Arabic or some other language like Farsi?”

The sole reason for choosing Urdu over all the other languages is because it (Urdu) is meant to the language of the future.

This language encompasses many words, mannerisms, grammars, and (dare I say) jargon from other languages like Turkish, Farsi, Arabic, Sanskrit etc.

Since Urdu is a vast and dynamic language, it can be most effectively used as ‘the’ Lingua Franca of Muslims in modern day and age.

Although Arabic is still the most important language for Muslims by all standards, Urdu is the one that will modernize the Muslim world much faster.

Why does Urdu connect creativity and growth better than any other language?

I won’t get into much details as this article is meant to explain only the ‘why’ behind Urdu and its creativity.

Hence, I’ll attempt to give you proof that Urdu is far more intellectually sound and creatively forceful as compared to other languages in the region.

Urdu isn’t the first language of the Mughal Turks when they conquered India.

In fact, they spoke Farsi much more fluently when they came to rule India.

However, they did feel that there was a severe disconnect between the local populace and the Muslim rulers.

For about 150 years the official language of subcontinental India was Farsi….

However, many scholars and learned people came to an understanding that in order for Muslims to rule India effectively, they had to accept their role wholeheartedly.

In order for that to have happened, the Lingua Franca of ‘Hindustan’ needed to be changed accordingly:

It is no nation that we inhabit, but a language. Make no mistake; our native tongue is our true fatherland

– Emil Cioran (Romanian philosopher)

It is by no accident that every great thinker, leader etc. has had given the world some form of Lingua Franca.

“I have found the way to unite people as one!” As they call out to us all.

By this definition alone, language itself may be classified as a symbiotic parasite.

But it is how we communicate overall that determines the effectiveness of our actions.

Hence, language is the bedrock of any great civilization that has come to.

With this thought in mind, Pakistanis have to realize ‘why’ the Great Leader was adamant at institutionalizing Urdu as the national language.

He even stared down Bengalis for wanting a separate national language for East Pakistan.

Something we saw culminate in the 1971 separation of East Pakistan from the West – based on nothing but resources and language!

Hence, we can conclude that the importance of any language (not just Urdu) is how civilizations play the dominance game in the world.

Wars are not fought over language or ideas as primary objectives, however.

It is the resources and minerals that most of the time are targetted.

Language and Ideas only become primary when one nation is in danger of being overrun or has been brainwashed into a more radical and racist ideology.

Like what happened in the United States vs. what happened in Bangladesh.

Ask any human being on Earth, they’ll gladly keep English as their primary language of communication when it comes to communicating with people of foreign languages.

How did this come to be?

After all, this article is written in English!

English as a standard mode of communication between the world’s nations hasn’t come to be by accident at all!

It was the will of the English speakers who sought after knowledge and compiled it in English.

This is the reality of how English came to be the dominating language of the world.

However, this could have easily been German, Russian, or Japanese as the history teaches us.

So what was it that made the English speakers fight not one but two World Wars in order to assert their dominance over other nations?

Language: they didn’t want to lose English as their national language!

Similarly, the Mughal Turks didn’t want to lose their dominance over Hindustan.

They asserted Urdu as the mother tongue of the whole of India about 300 years prior to the creation of Pakistan.

In those times it was simply known as “Hindustani” to indicate that Mughals were rulers and builders of India as a country.

What happened after their destruction is history since their failure to adapt knowledge in ‘Hindustani’ was left unchecked.

Leading to numerous casualties and takeover of the “Indian Raj” by the British forces disguised as traders.

The ‘why’ behind Pakistan’s national language

In simple words, the ‘why’ behind Pakistan’s national language is due to the creativity of the Pakistani people.

For us, Urdu is the way we communicate with the world and how we can assert our ideas in totality.

Urdu is also the way we can bring peace, humanity, and respect for each other back into the world.

It is the only identity we carry with ourselves and that’s how we’ll ever come to realize the world without borders in the future.

That’s the world our founding fathers dreamt of, and how they envisioned every Pakistani to be when interacting with the world.

Every nation generates information about itself in their own language, Pakistan should and MUST generate this information in Urdu.

For reasons none other than the danger of being overrun and usurping of rights along with cultural destruction that will abound should we fail.

Lingua Franca of Pakistan and converting the world’s knowledge into Urdu

We’re no stranger to war and destruction.

After all, we are a martial race – we love our guns and language.

Urdu is a sophisticated language that’s fun to speak and easy to listen to.

It has a magnificent history and unlimited potential to become the leading language of the world.

But only if Pakistani citizens are willing and eager to realize this potential via hard work and grim determination.

The Great Leader (Quaid e Azam) didn’t ask us “not to be happy” he asked us to do what’s right.

As such, Citizen Awareness Program is challenging the citizens to come up with unique ways to convert the world’s knowledge into Urdu.

There are many categories that we can choose from, but as a starter, here are a few to help you along:

  • Healthcare
  • Law and Jurisprudence
  • Religion and Culture
  • Military and Defense
  • Space programs and technological advancements
  • Music and poetry
  • Mathematics and understanding of universal laws
  • Psychiatric care and psychological balancing
  • Information and data analysis

There are many subcategories to these as you can imagine.

In order for us all to be successful at what we do, we need an effective and sharp tool.

This tool in case of Pakistanis is none other than Urdu.

So, go forth, accept Urdu as your Lingua Franca and bring advances in linguistic fields until they’re no longer needed.


5 simple ways to be efficient and not waste resources

What Pakistanis can do more to conserve resources

We know this is a controversial topic, and hence we want to begin by saying that Pakistanis are wasting too many resources!

And that too without giving it much thought or weight to the fact that Pakistan is losing the regional war because of simple things like resource consumption.

Most Pakistanis like to believe that they are conserving energy and resources because they don’t have enough of it from the get-go.

Yes, this is true to some extent, but ‘you’ as a citizen of Pakistan must realize that you have to play your part in conserving as many resources as possible.

Even one person looking after the environment (in their backyard, as such) can make a huge difference.

Don’t ever discount yourself before you’ve tried or tested yourself to the limit.

Therefore, Citizen Awareness Program is outlining 5 simple ways that any citizen can be efficient with and not waste precious resources:

1) Water: how to conserve it smartly for longest possible duration

Everyone knows that water is a quintessential resource that no living being can go without.conservation of water resource

Yet we waste it on a daily basis on things that shouldn’t take more than 10 – 15 minutes to complete.

To put this into perspective, scientists have found out that at best estimate a human being can go without food for 1 whole month…

But cannot survive without water (despite best conservation techniques) for more than 3 days at best.

Yet people run a waterfall in their shower on a regular basis and use water to wash their verandas and other house amenities without giving it much thought.

Yes, water is important in cooking and cleaning, but carefully conserving it and utilizing best resource-usage practices is what will pull Pakistan out of the severe shortfall that it’s currently facing.

Instead of cooking “dhabay vali chai” by making “doodh pati” in a pot or a pan you’ll need to wash rigorously later, consider boiling water in a kettle instead.

Pour this hot water (when it’s ready) into an empty, clean coffee mug and add the ‘chai’ (Tea) bag right into the hot water.

Stir with a silver spoon (preferred since this kills off bacteria) until the water takes on the color of tea leaves.

Add chilled (or room temperature) milk into the mix along with honey, stevia or brown sugar.

Try to avoid white or sugarcane sugar as this is processed sugar and can severely hurt your health!

Enjoy your chai time, hot, fresh, and ready to go!!!

This is but one (simple) example of how you can conserve water.

Another is to take a shower for no more than 10 minutes at a time.

We know it’s difficult to time this, so don’t worry about timing it…

Simply start with pouring water on yourself and then using the body wash and shampoo very early into the shower.

Don’t think about this too much, just do your business quickly and don’t let yourself be lost in thought.

Thinking in shower wastes a colossal amount of water. Leave your thinking for your writer’s desk or when you read a good article/book such as this one!

Another way you can save water is to filter it using sophisticated filtering systems.

Knowing that tap water in Pakistan can easily give you cholera or dengue fever, you will be more appreciative of the filter and use it (water) more wisely.

On average, if every household in Pakistan can cut down their usage of water by smart usage, they’ll save the federation many millions of gallons of water from the river Indus alone.

Allowing fish and other sea dwellers to live in their environment happily and without dying due to the toxic environment around them.

Remember: in the case of an emergency, having purified/filtered water available can save countless lives; including your family members’ such as grandma/grandpa etc.

2) Natural Gas (geothermal energy): how to conserve it for maximum heat/energy

Natural gas is used for cooking and heating your home.

It cannot, however, be used a good insulator of walls.

For that, you need an insulation barrier to trap the heat and keep your house warmer in winters for longer.

Natural gas can also be used to power your vehicles (read: CNG) but it’s not the most efficient way of travel.

For that, you need either petroleum or electric cars which can go the distance…

[Or build your city buildings close enough for you to walk across the whole city comfortably]

Natural gas should be limited to usage of 1 to 2.5-hour intervals at a time.

In winter time wear layered clothing in order to keep your body heat trapped to conserve this resource as much as possible.

Overusage only invites trouble in case of a real emergency or when the government declares that the country will be run on rations.

Of course, if you eat healthy food and reduce the amount of sugar you consume in one day you’ll fare much better and would have to burn through fewer resources.

This initiative has always been in your hands and your hands alone.

3) Electricity: how to conserve it for maximum effect in various devices

Electricity is perhaps the most precious resource to Pakistanis after water…

However, we’re using it without giving much thought to the fact that the rolling blackouts are frequent because companies like WAPDA and KESCO can’t provide you and me with enough megawatts to power us and our neighbors.

Bringing this kind of self-awareness will lead you and me to develop more efficient ways of generating electricity such as the ones seen here:

Gerrard Morin is but one scientist who has blown the lid off best electricity consumption practices.

You can’t go wrong with FREE ‘energy’ (created by nature!).

In the meantime, use electricity for night time lighting (where possible) while utilizing the sunlight as much as possible during the day.

Stay out of your house more so you don’t use as many resources as would staying indoors.

Meet up with your friends and come up ways for every citizen to contribute to your [future] project(s).

Use the computer for a limited time only. This device should be used to enhance algorithm-writing capabilities and machine learning only.

4) Internet: how to conserve it for maximum efficiency in business dealings

The internet can now be counted among the precious resources that human beings have in their arsenal towards progress and growth.the internet is a resource

In order to fully understand its depth and workings, one must be well versed in its language from the start.

That is, of course, a best practice in retrospect. Not that there’s any harm if you don’t know the language….

Use the internet for one purpose and one purpose only: to educate yourself and make money (period).

Don’t for a second think that there’s plenty of time to do whatever it is you think you can do with your time.

The time to do something about your current situation is now!

Change starts with you so be ready to sacrifice minor comforts like gaming and streaming television for a much larger purpose.

When the rolling blackout is less prevalent in your area and you need to use the internet, be prepared beforehand: make a list of all the things you need to do.

Read a good book or two before jumping in…every millisecond counts when using the internet.

Since it travels over electricity and that also requires a heap ton of energy.

5) Gasoline (Petroleum): how to conserve it to reduce pollution

I imagine you already know what I’m going to say, but it needs to be said anyway.resources of petroleum

Drive as less as possible and get to your destination via foot or public transit.

If public transit is not an option then use either a rickshaw or a taxi to get there (where possible, we’re not trying to be impractical here, just efficient).

The less you have to drive, the less fuel you’ll use, the less fuel you’ll use the more money you’ll save in the long run.

Move closer to your workplace: settle in an area that’s very close to amenities such as healthcare, recreation, shopping malls etc.

Living in the suburbs has not done any good for anyone unless they’re trying to raise a family and have enough money to retire.

Segregation and isolation are what kills your efficiency and often makes people depressed.

In order to avoid wasting your time and energy in pumping gasoline every few days, try the more efficient routes unless the case is otherwise.

Bonus: 6) Build cities closer to each other rather than far apart!

This is not a revolutionary concept!

masdar city as a resource

Far from it…city building has to be done in a well-planned manner.

Currently, most urban planning happens to isolate people and segregate people into smaller communities.

This is a recipe for utter disaster as we’ve already seen:

  • Suicide rates have gone up
  • Birth rates have started to decline
  • Marriage is reduced to nothing more than a way to acquire someone’s money
  • Family structure has been broken down into enslaveable chunks
  • Schools and colleges are giving out useless diplomas and degrees at an alarming rate
  • Sugar has become prevalent as a result of promotion of bad eating habits
  • Consumerism and human monitoring has gone through the roof
  • Breakup of communities and culture has promoted widespread fear and disenfranchisement of Earth’s majority populace

These aren’t new phenomena. Tyrannical forces have time and again tried to get humanity to forget who it is and give up its freedoms and rights for next to nothing.

Building cities closer would prove to be a very fruitful exercise where people would be closer to one another again.

And being closer to a human society means that people would again start talking to each other and promote sophisticated dialogue in order to tackle the world’s problems one step at a time.

You won’t have to drive to get to your destination because cars won’t be needed in its narrow streets.

Electrical vehicles can still supply us with transportation and traded goods as long as the city is planned accordingly.

Planes, trucks, buses, and other vehicles exist so people can easily move around outside the city limits without having to sit through traffic jams or other tension-inducing activities like accidents or crashes.

Most important of all, since all of the resources will be used in controlled amounts in such cities, the whole country will save money and other resources which are direly needed.

Sum up and go

So far we’ve looked at various methods of increasing efficiency in our daily lives so we don’t waste our resources unnecessarily.

Doing so is directly according to the guidelines of the Koran, and teachings of the Prophet (PBUH).

We don’t have to be miserly, but we do have to invest our resources in smarter and better ways.

This may or may not bring world peace, but would certainly bring regional peace.

Pakistan is one of the most auspicious forefronts of what is achievable through human ingenuity and higher-tiered thinking.

And the world is asking Pakistanis for proof – and rightfully so!

How would anyone want to invest in a country unless they’re guaranteed social, impartial, and secure practices?

This is why Pakistanis MUST continue to educate (or re-educate) themselves in manners of good governance and efficient resource distribution.


Why does Pakistan exist? (Pakistan’s ‘WHY’) [Chapter 8: Trustworthiness]

Unearthing Pakistan’s secrets one ‘why’ at a time…

Trustworthiness and how it relates to Pakistan’s ‘why’

I’m sure you’ve heard a million times about how you need to be an honest and trustworthy person.

How you can’t cheat, deceive, or lie to anyone in order to make an honest living.

A lot of this has to do with a precursor in our behavior that has to do with “fair play” which is also known as survivor’s guilt.

Not a lot is taught to us in schools because schools are nothing more than business factories which make money for the system so that it can continue to ravage people and destroy their lives without them ever knowing.

One can be an honest person all they like, but trust is the emotion that builds that connection or fills the gap that you need in order to make a strong connection with the world around you.

This connection is not formed immediately or found right away like you do with other aspects of a character like reliability and honesty.

You only need one piece of evidence to establish that a person is somewhat honest and/or reliable or deceitful and/or unreliable.

But you need consistent pieces of evidence or phases of tests (as I like to call them) in order to establish that a person is indeed worthy of your trust.

The hard part is that you can’t exactly measure an emotion.

You’re reading this article because to some degree you trust that we at the Citizen Awareness Program are giving you solid intel and therefore can be established as a group of trustworthy individuals.

But what if we made one sudden “mistake” that might indicate to you that we’re not as trustworthy as we sound?

How will your opinion of us change? Will you stop reading our articles? Perhaps stop other people from reading our material too?

Or will you spread a bad word about us and help us grow in notoriety?

Perhaps the more desirable scenario is true and you’ll put a good word in for us, earning us many more readers and loyal fans…?

We don’t know, all we can really do is give you the available information in the most refined form possible.

We don’t do this because we have some ulterior motive, but because we have an overt agenda.

We do this because we believe in helping the human race get back on its feet and redistribute the wealth in a manner most suitable to the welfare of humanity.

All we can really do is tell you what we believe and let you decide whether you believe in our story enough to trust us in some way.

Trustworthiness and Pakistan’s ‘why’…

Now that a semi-long lecture is out of the way, let’s talk more about ‘why’ Pakistan exists.

The real reason why trustworthiness is infused in the basic tenets of Pakistan’s constitution.

Let’s take another leap through time and look at what I call the relative past.

If I’m to borrow Einstein’s theory of general relativity, I may claim that the past, the present, and the future are all relative.

Meaning they will remain the same no matter what kind of systems are introduced within their inner workings unless a sustainable change is introduced.

Why do you think that trusting your spouse is very hard to do, yet a stranger passing by the street may invoke strong feelings of trust almost immediately?

The reason for that is simple: your spouse doesn’t know how to stimulate your brain enough to know how to build trust with you, whereas the stranger does to some level that’s higher than that of your spouse’s.

I’m not saying that your spouse is a bad person or that a stranger is a good person.

For all intents and purposes the spouse could be a person who has never hurt anyone in their life, meanwhile, the stranger might have just hidden the body of a young child in their car’s trunk after raping them.

The point here is one doesn’t know how to invoke feelings of trust and the other one does.

How do we know to quantify something as complex as an emotion? Do we really make a decision based on facts and figures?

Consider this: if you were presented with all the facts and figures of how many people smoking kills each year are you likely to quit smoking?

Perhaps not as much as when instead of giving you facts and figures I tell you the gruesome tale of my imaginary friend Haseeb who got lung cancer in 3 months because of chain smoking and died a horrible and painful death in a hospital bed cursing his destiny and the cigarette company that killed him….

In the first example I demonstrated that I’m reliable and honest, hence you asked me: “So what?!”

In the second example, however, I established trust with you, so you’re better able to relate to my facts and figures and say: “Yes, smoking is bad for my health and I’ll make an active effort into quitting this habit as soon as possible!”

The first example gives you the “what” behind the cigarette smoking, meanwhile the second example gives you the ‘why’ behind it.

Similarly, our founding fathers made ample provisions within the constitution of Pakistan in order to help us understand ‘why’ Pakistan should have to hold ‘trustworthiness’ above all things.

My grandfather didn’t know Quaid personally, nor did he particularly think of anything of him.

He was given the call by the Quaid to migrate to Pakistan based on an announcement, and he made that journey.

Not because he thought that Quaid was honest, but because he trusted him enough to be vulnerable for him.

He let his guard down and trusted the leader to have his back and let God carry him the rest of the way.

That’s a big part of why he witnessed the Muslim genocide in India of 1947 first hand.

Trustworthiness and loyalty are what makes a man (or woman) worth their words.

If a deceitful person would have claimed we needed to have Pakistan in order to preserve our freedoms you probably would have never believed them and Pakistan would have never formed in the first place.

But Quaid was a trustworthy person, hence every Muslim in India followed him to Pakistan.

Trustworthiness transformed – how to incorporate trust back into leadership

We all know from our readings and experience that trust is the fundamental building block of relationships.

Then how come our leaders are not incorporating any of that in their speeches and actions?

Simple: they don’t have to because you’re not demanding that they do – collectively as a unified front of the citizenry.

Frankly speaking, most citizens prefer shallow and unrealistic pursuits instead of deeper and more wholesome ones.

This unfortunate turn of events has left many asking the question: “when will this crisis end?”

This crisis won’t end…partly because the citizens themselves haven’t taken it upon themselves to make their lives better.

And partly because they themselves have let some persona non-grata brazenly rape the land and grievously impoverish the rest of the populace for their own selfish gains.

Trust is an emotional exercise, not a physical one or even an academic pursuit.

You have to learn to be trustworthy and teach others to earn your trust.

That’s exactly what our founding fathers did by creating Pakistan.

They openly expressed their beliefs and when they saw that their beliefs aligned with the vast majority of Muslims in the subcontinental India, they acted post-haste and made sure that Pakistan came to be on the foundations of trust, loyalty, and hard work from the very beginning.

Work, work, and more work is the motto of Pakistan, we have a lot more to achieve still now that we have our very own country to call home. I expect every Pakistani to work hard in order to get Pakistan closer to the goals which it has set out to achieve

– The Great Leader (Quaid e Azam) Muhammad Ali Jinnah

If honesty and reliability are the platforms upon which a relationship is built, trust is the ladder that allows it scale.

Pakistan’s constitution begins with article 1:

No Law made within the jurisdiction of Islamic Republic of Pakistan can be outside the guidelines of what is defined in Koran and Sunnah (of the Prophet)

– Constitution of Pakistan Article 1

This is the level of trust which the citizens of old had with the founding fathers.

They were leaders who led, not “leaders” who command authority.

They were leaders who sacrificed their today for our tomorrow, not “leaders” who regularly throw us under the bus for their own selfish gains.

Their leadership showed charisma because it came from the heart, or rather the limbic brain…it came from a well defined ‘why’ so everyone understood their motives and agenda.

When the call to migrate to Pakistan was made, a massive population of Muslims responded.

Which unfortunately resulted in the genocide of nearly 5 million Muslims and abduction and rape of 2 million Muslim women.

No one talks about this genocide because it was Muslims that it happened to – not Jews (it’s still doubtful to this day that Hitler actually killed 6 million Jews).

But hey! We’re just saying….

It was this same trust that allowed the Kennedy administration to reach the moon and come back safely too.

This is the same trust that the Samurai of old ways (Bushido) followed by choosing to disembowel themselves when Japan lost the World War II.

This is the same trust that Alexander of Macedonia commanded from his lieutenants and Generals.

This is the same trust that allowed Khalid bin Walid (RA) to remain undefeated in all the battles he fought over his lifetime, including the ones he f0ught against Muslims.

Trust is not built over the course of one day or even a week…it has to be built over a consistent period of time.

Consistency is key towards everything that we do in our life.

It permeates all our actions and ideas.

No one person can have bad ideas if all they do is consistently say and act in a manner that suits what they idealize.

No one person can ever hope to achieve even an iota of success if all they say and act is nothing and don’t idealize regularly that which they hold dear.

Trust can only be built through consistent actions that show that a person is worth handing your trust over.

What is this trust I’m talking about so much?

You trust the person who leads you to do the following:

  • Have your back at all times
  • You can be vulnerable around them
  • They listen to your problems with a patient resolve
  • They have the power to solve your problems – at least major ones
  • They sacrifice their comfort to look after yours
  • Every economic endeavor leads to YOUR prosperity first and their’s later
  • If there’s the last piece of bread in the bag, they’ll hand it to you despite being hungrier than you

This is the same level of trust the companions had with the Prophet (PBUH) when he showed them that he had two rocks tied to his stomach instead of one like theirs’…he was always hungrier than they were, yet he fed them first and himself absolutely last.

Leaders eat last:

Trust is earned, not acquired.

How to work towards earning the trust of other people (be they Pakistani or otherwise)

Again, consistency is key.

You can’t go wrong with consistency. If you say something shitty all the time and one good thing on occasion, then people will hold the general view that you’re not a good person.

But if you say something good all the time, then people understand something different about you.

They start to realize that you’re a trustworthy person when it comes to looking after the things that matter to you the most.

Meaning, even when you say something shitty all the time, people know that you’re an unreliable person who doesn’t hold responsibility in high regard.

On the other hand, they will also know that if you’re a person who holds higher morals and idealizes responsibility by consistently showing it in your actions…they will hold you in high regard, and will defend your character – to the death if necessary.

In both scenarios, we make our lives how we want them to be.

Fulfilling, amazing, and full of excitement, or unfulfilling, depressing, and bleak.

The way you show that you can be trusted is to show this in your actions and words consistently.

When your wife/husband leaves their cell phone on the table all vulnerable do you go over and check the phone to see if they’re cheating on you or do you leave it be believing that they must have just left it out in the open because they were too tired to carry it around with them?

Do you give your wallet to your friend and expect them to only buy pizza and ice cream and then return you the full change and all the cards intact and nothing missing? Or would you not even trust them with your comb?

See it goes both ways, it cannot be that one person shows trust via consistency meanwhile you get to get away with anything you want.

For every action, there has to be reciprocation or equal amounts of “retaliation” even if that retaliation is as simple as returning the same courtesy that your spouse extends to you by giving you love and tranquility.

In order to give trust as well as earn it, you must be willing to take risks and bring more consistency in actions that build yourself and other people up instead of those that bring you and themselves down.


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