Why does Pakistan exist? (Pakistan’s ‘WHY’) [Chapter 7: Social responsibilities]

emaan itehad tanzeem

Uncovering Pakistan’s ‘why’ one step at a time

What are the social responsibilities that Pakistanis value?

The first generation Pakistanis – the ones who sacrificed their lives to make Pakistan were somewhat of an odd group of people.

They didn’t think twice what Pakistan will give them.

For them, Pakistan was a symbol of hope, self-governance, and Islamic values.

It’s something magnanimous to the ones who are still alive from that generation.

Sadly, though, they couldn’t pass this knowledge on to their direct descendants in time.

The 3rd and the 4th generation of Pakistanis were left without a goal, a sense of direction and support.

It’s not to say that we’re completely shooting blanks in the dark, but it’s pretty damn close….

In order to understand why Pakistan was made, one cannot analyze social responsibilities separately from the character of Pakistan.

What does it mean to be a socially responsible person?

As many of us are already aware, social responsibility was taught to us at a very young age.

Although this auspicious task was never seen as a complete system and way of life, it was still given to us as means of making sense of life.

To be honest, we don’t need to improve anything about ourselves.

What we do need to improve is the way we do things.

The way we live our lives and the way we interact with other people.

This isn’t to say that you can say anything to anyone as you please.

But, we don’t want to take away from the fact that human learning should come naturally to you at all times.

No matter the age you’re living through, learning should always be easy as eating pie.

In fact, in some instances, learning is easier than eating pie.

Imagine a child, someone who’s learning to speak a language for the first time ever.

He/She hasn’t read any books or completed any lengthy courses in order to utter their first word.

Yet, he/she still utters their first words without any effort, without needing any systems or methods of speech.

Just as a baby bird knows how to fly naturally without needing to figure it out, a baby human can learn to arrange the world in a way that’s suitable to their liking.

There’s nothing hard or strange about it.

I was once caught in a trap where I was being told that I needed to self-improve – that I was lacking in something or that something was wrong with me.

When you meet someone for the first time, it’s always a novel experience, yet you can almost immediately (within seconds) determine if this person is trustworthy in that moment or not.

How is that possible?

The only explanation is that you have it hardwired into your genes…to be able to recognize patterns and learn things that other beings can’t.

Just like that, you should also be able to figure out what socially responsible means.

It’s not hard, yet some Eastern and Western philosophers make it difficult because they don’t know any other method of making money.

You already have it in you to be a socially responsible person.

But how do you become a socially responsible citizen?

As discussed, it’s easier than it sounds. You try to understand what patterns are around you.

What patterns can you learn from?

Do you need a book to tell you what they are? Absolutely not! You don’t even need Koran for this!

But, you do need a book (say, Koran) to tell you what can you do better to live more fully….

[That’s a topic for another day, not discussed here]

If you still don’t understand what I mean here, then here’s a small checklist that you can use to check yourself and see if you’re a socially responsible person:

  • You’re always curious about the most subtle things
  • You talk to others assuming that you’re projecting positive energy unto them
  • You look towards things as if you’re looking at them for the first time ever
  • When you see someone in need, you lend your hand out to help them up
  • You never question anything that you do – that’s also morally responsible
  • You never question or doubt yourself that you’re a bad person
  • Most importantly, you don’t doubt your parents, your family, your friends and your way of life

Do you need a lifestyle change then in order to come back to these roots?

Perhaps you do, and perhaps you don’t…

See if you’re somebody who has never committed a felony or hurt anybody for petty reasons, you’re probably already good with this.

But, if you’re somebody who was wronged by other people because they had wronged themselves, then I suggest you read what’s written here very carefully.

If you’ve answered ‘yes’ to “self-improvement” then that means that you’ve lost your way.

And believe me, that’s completely fine. You don’t become a horrible monster just because you’re depressed or that you don’t know where to go or who to turn to.

It’s natural that as social animals, humans tend to do better in social settings and groups.

What are the behaviors you need to change in order to “improve” yourself and get back on track?

  1. Form good habits (there’s a reason why this point is on the top of the list)
  2. Learn to speak a beautiful word, and learn to write a beautiful word
  3. Look at the things around you, do they really make you angry? Sad? Lonely? If so, then why?
  4. Answer the ‘why’ of your life based on what you already know and what your upbringing has taught you
  5. Take time away from fancy gadgets such as cellphones, computers, and tablets and really focus on what you really want from life
  6. Try to live your life the way you would as if you were a child learning everything from the beginning (it shouldn’t be hard to do)

Fortunately, Pakistan’s founding fathers made provisions for this in our constitution and social structuring.

Unfortunately, their methods were hardly ever implemented.

This caused a schism between the elite and the average in such a ruthless way that it’ll take the collective energy of the entire citizenry to overcome this shortfall.

Social responsibility that supports the ‘why’ behind the existence of Pakistan

To not be a miserly fool, or a wretch who hurts other people for his/her amusement, the integrity of social responsibility must be protected at all times.

Muslims are a people who are taught to respect other humans and cultures since the time of the Prophet (PBUH).

This tradition had continued until the British usurpers destroyed the Muslim way of life not very long ago.

It’s not to say that the Muslims aren’t at fault here, but to call a duck a duck, and point the finger towards malicious intent.

Muslims were living peacefully in their lands, with 99% literacy rate in Urdu and Persian languages, then why bother to change the system?

Because of ego, hubris, and a belief that one’s way of doing something is better than others.

Muslims never said anything like this until they were forced to do so.

When their very existence came under severe fire and their way of life was in utter danger of getting destroyed.

Everyone talks how wonderful the railway is, but no one really gives credit to the ones who built it in the first place: the Ottoman engineers.

Everyone knows about Tesla, but does anyone know about Ibn e Firnas and his contributions to the scientific world?

The bias in the Western narrative is not only apparent, it is quite (might I add ‘deliberately’) widespread.


Pakistan is meant to uphold social responsibility so that any human being calling Pakistan their home can enjoy a fulfilling and happy life.

The social responsibilities include:

  • Looking out for others and providing them with support
  • Helping yourself becoming a person of knowledge and who uses his/her skill set to the best of their abilities
  • Becoming a society where trustworthiness is not the exception, but the rule (notice I didn’t say honesty)
  • A society where no one will need help, but it would still be provided for them should they ever need it
  • A “system” where people feel that they don’t have to struggle to make ends meet or keep their financial energies up
  • A federation that rewards those who look after one another and help them increase their level of satisfaction in life
  • A secure society that takes full responsibility for its actions and even failures

Failures aren’t a bad thing within themselves, they’re rather a window into your current skill level.

It doesn’t take much to get started and do something worthwhile, it’s the consistency in your action that’s the challenge.

How the first generation saw a socially responsible Pakistan

The thought never crossed their mind that something was wrong with them.

Because there was literally nothing wrong with them.

Yes, they had flaws and gaps in their knowledge, but not in their character.

They were the best of human beings who laid down their lives or saw the massacre first hand so that their great grandchildren can live in a prosperous Pakistan.

Their sacrifice was thoroughly acknowledged and accepted by Quaid e Azam (the Great Leader):

The social responsibility of every citizen also contains the right to not become mentally challenged.

Or go so far ahead in religious zeal that it would become difficult for you to hold the perspective of the truth.

The first generation truly appreciated the words of Allama Iqbal and Quaid e Azam to such a degree that it moved them to leave their livelihoods to create Pakistan.

This is the kind of social responsibility I’m talking about here.

That you realize that there’s always a goal bigger than yourself, follow that goal and spend your health, wealth, love, and happiness in the way of Allah.

That’s the true way of mo’min.

Someone who had aligned themselves with how Allah wants them to be, not how they want to be or how they want to pursue things according to their own desires.

Social responsibility is truly something grand in content, and sublime in existence.

You have to find it on your own and live it the way no one else but you can.



How to use the internet to bring prosperity in Pakistan

Using the internet for gainful purposes

How Pakistanis can benefit from modern tools to build their future…


The internet is a unique and powerful tool.

Though it has been in existence for nearly 40 years, its full capabilities still aren’t completely known yet.

Only about 10% – 20% of the entire internet is available to the general public at any given time.

And that’s talking about social media, search engines, and other informational websites like this one – combined!

The rest of the internet is known as the ‘deep web’, a place where human ingenuity has not yet fully developed.

There are methods that are being developed now or are in a commercial phase that can accelerate human growth on levels never before seen.

Human growth is something very interesting, and we’ve reserved that topic for another time.

But since it’s very much correlated with how effectively we use our tools, it’s important to mention its effects here.

Rise of the information age

We’ve already seen how the internet has worked wonders for people who had something to share and they did so.

For example, people on websites like YouTube can pursue creativity via means of making and editing videos and information products.

Similarly, we see that intelligence agency people like Edward Snowden were able to reveal some horrifying secrets of the NSA to the world.

Much farther apart, we see people from various spectra of life that come together and make wonderful content and share it via their own servers or websites.

Search engines such as Google have made lives much easier for anyone who’s looking for information on just about anything.

Search results can vary from a sleuth of intricate storytelling to “how to” videos to investigative journalism.

A lot of this had to do with the human need and curiosity to know things that others quite possibly don’t know or don’t bother to find out.

You can also find recipes for any dish you like all in a matter of a few milliseconds.

To think that we couldn’t do this just 18 years ago is almost unfathomable to us in the 21st century.

Humanity has changed the world yet again with its ingenuity and the quest to know more about the world around it.

Why becoming a consumer can benefit Pakistanis in the short-term

While it is true that consumerism is one of the very ills of the current societal anathemas.

It does have its benefits, just like any other thing that exists in this world.

For instance, just as alcohol can intoxicate and kill, it can also detoxify wounds and help prevent many diseases.

Consumerism is something we don’t encourage nor do we believe in the consumerist ideologies.

Trampling another human being to get in on the newest model of a Sony 52′ plasma TV isn’t very high on our “to do” list.

However, we would reconsider our beliefs in the case of the internet and its uses.

The internet is a wonderful tool for learning and sharpening one’s skill.

It’s not necessarily the best place to meet the love of your life, but it most certainly is the place to acquire quality knowledge at the fraction of the cost that was required a mere 15 years ago.

Things go viral and popular often based on the quality of their content and how they interact with their intended audience.

Similarly, the content producers and as well as internet service providers have gotten together to solve the problem of providing genuine, and trustworthy content and services to their clients.

Likewise, a lot of improvements in the field of medicine, engineering, law and jurisprudence, and other technological advancements has occurred in a short span of just 25 years.

The internet isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed when it comes to well-roundedness…it does have some major flaws associated with it.

But to relegate this modern tool to the back of our minds is completely absurd.

When any average person can be using this tool to better their lives and those of their loved ones by creating more wealth for themselves and getting better at it in the long run.

With this idea in mind, we strongly encourage (and urge) the Pakistani citizenry to vote with their wallets and force some administrative changes in the way that Pakistani telecommunication authorities behave currently.

Your Rupee is precious to you, so please use it wisely in investing it in things that give you value and help you become better at what you already like to do.

You will have to demand that Pakistani power service providers give you 24/7 electricity and other resources relative to how fast they can manufacture such things.

Citizens can partake in mini-projects of their own by establishing companies that provide power to a majority of the households 24/7 in their area.

Only the citizens have the power and the Rupees to force the direction of the government and its institutions to listen to its problems.

If the internet is banned in Pakistan, it would lose out on a major source of income that has become almost vital to our survival in the 21st century.

The ways of doing things the old way are pretty much gone or have become redundant.

A bakery cannot operate without some online presence…its customers now demand reviews and menu items be listed on sites like Google, Yelp, YouTube, and even FaceBook.

It’s becoming critically challenging for the Pakistanis to keep up with the developed nations precisely because citizens are not demanding more from their internet service providers (or better known as ISPs).

These service providers depend heavily on your Rupee to survive, if you simply go to their competitor (who hopefully has better service and treats you much better) they’ll naturally collapse on their own.

Their business model would have to change from that of exploitative to value-based.

In order to have this sort of democratic power over its institutions, the citizens must display mild characteristics of a consumerist society.

High-speed internet options and wireless communication devices

Wireless communication and internet go hand in hand.

Wireless devices transmit and capture information that the internet broadcasts over its vast channels.

While it is true that in order for the internet to work there has to be a vast network of fiber optic cable available, it’s just as important (if not more) to allow smooth and uninterrupted wireless services over it.

Wireless communications is an entirely different beast, and hence we won’t go much further about its capabilities in this post.

Since the very first year of the 21st century, we have some aspects of the internet that have changed dramatically.

The technology to transmit and receive data has become infinitely more superior to what it was back then (in the year 2000).

With this kind of advancement, many countries from around the world (especially Germany) have undertaken steps to provide uninterrupted internet to their citizens.

We’re going to list a few of these methods here so you too can understand how you can contribute towards building a stronger presence of the internet in Pakistan:

1) Fiber optic cable

Fiber optic cable has increased the data carrying capacity of many internet service providers around the globe.

Some are as high as 1 GBPS in some areas of the United States and Canada, thanks to endeavors such as Google Fiber.

This has permitted light-based information transfer, which has a much higher resonance than copper wire.

Pakistani citizens can openly demand that fiber optic technology is improved upon and made standard in Pakistan.

Not doing so will keep communication poor and power (electricity) insufficient to bridge the needs’ gap.

Though this technology isn’t very new, it is still not as widespread as it should be.

The best way to have this technology reintroduced into Pakistan is through a concentrated effort of the citizens in voting with their Rupees and telling the service providers what the citizens really want.

If this becomes a crowd-funded project, a lot more can be done to sway the service providers into providing the best services along with the best customer service.

2) WiFi internet option

Though this is fairly widespread in Pakistan, this technology is not very efficient.

It requires lots of power and often is easily broken into.

Aside from common security breaches of the WiFi network, it’s highly destructive to the environment as well, since it uses radio waves to project data.

Though radio waves aren’t as deadly as, say Gamma or X-rays, they are still powerful enough to cause cancerous cells and other mutations in human bodies.

Although, this is the only option that doesn’t involve any complicated wiring at the moment, work is being done to replace it with far better methods.

Of course, the citizens themselves can study how this phenomenon works and help accelerate the technology’s advancement as they please.

Most coffee shops, restaurants and other places of interest should provide their customers with free WiFi options.

Along with local service providers for telecommunications; should also join in the venture to give free WiFi options to the maximum amount of citizens.

We’ll see some rough patches in the beginning stages, but as the system develops, citizens should be able to enjoy free WiFi in the majority areas of Pakistan.

3) LiFi internet option

This is a fairly new technology, and admittedly, more work needs to be done in order to commercialize this option.

However, this is by far the best option available in terms of wireless connections.

All the information available on the internet is directed to you via fiber optic cable, but the data delivered is through LiFi bulbs – using light.

Using light means much safer options for using the internet as well, as hacking becomes a matter of identifying who’s doing in the same room.

Since light waves cannot travel through walls as easily as radio waves can, it’s next to impossible to hack someone’s device without alerting them first.

This is upcoming technology is pretty much like the Hyperloop of Tesla Technology.

However, there needs to exist a vast infrastructure for this to become a fully operational entity.

Countries like Singapore and Germany are already working on integrating LiFi in their networking infrastructure.

Not to mention the speed of the deliverance of this mechanism – which is impeccable.

Selecting the fastest and cheapest internet service provider

“Cheapest” is not a good word, so we’ll use “affordable” more often here….

The way you select an ISP who would be motivated to give you the best internet service is by looking at the package.

If you understand what they’re providing you in the package, you need to read the service agreement before signing on with the package.

When you see that there are unsatisfactory or missing items from the checklist, you need to make sure that the customer service team hears about this.

Let them know that you will be taking your business elsewhere and telling other customers to do the same, unless the desired outcome is achieved.

This way, the Pakistani ISPs will be much more motivated to provide you the citizen with the best care possible.

Until the above-mentioned technologies can be fully implemented in Pakistan, it’s the responsibility of EVERY citizen to work towards this goal relentlessly.

There’s no nation on Earth at the moment which has excelled in technological prowess except with the help and support of the internet.

If citizens want to make sure that there’s more liquidity in the Pakistani markets and more ways to make a living for every individual citizen, then they must rally in favor of making this technology the standard of Pakistani economic and technological endeavors.

While looking for your ‘best’ internet service provider, keep in mind that every ISP will have varying packages.

Not all ISPs are equal in strength and intelligence of algorithms…

Hence, one must pay careful attention to what’s being offered and in what terms.

Reading your contract (no matter how long it takes) can be to your biggest advantage, as ISPs and other service providers depend heavily on your cash, it’s only prudent to let them know that you won’t be taken for a ride.

Every citizen must arm themselves with knowledge and understand how to do things better.

You don’t have to “improve” yourself perse, but you do have to improve the way you do things.


Adding diplomatic strength to Pakistan’s foreign policy

How do we add diplomatic strength to Pakistan’s foreign policy?

The answer seems as if it’s something of a big concern to all parties involved in this intricate dance of life and death.

However, the answers are so simple to implement and so mindbogglingly easy to get our heads wrapped around, that only a complacent idiot or a negligent criminal will ignore these calls for national strength and sovereignty.

Pakistan is a nuclear-armed state that has the world’s strongest and most resilient armed forces.

The ranking doesn’t matter, the fact of the matter is, that we have held off aggression from countries like India, Afghanistan, United States, and USSR.

All in the history of just 70 years or so in Pakistan’s existence!

This is a feat worthy of telling stories about in its own right….

But in order to understand the Pakistani stance here, we have to look at the psyche of our government and how it uses its lackeys to continuously humiliate our national identity in order to preserve its own interests.

Yes, it simply sacrifices the national interests of all 200 million Pakistanis collectively for its own personal gain.

Will you still just stand there and watch as Mr. Sharif and his lackeys erode our national sovereignty due to personal grudges against the people of Pakistan?

Of course, you will because you don’t know how to take your country back from thugs yet.

And that’s okay because we all know that it will take some time to get the government to listen to us the loyal citizens of Pakistan.

If we want anything at all to be done about our present situation.

The average Pakistani is so misinformed that he/she doesn’t have a clue about what’s going on in their lives or around them.

For this purpose, it is your responsibility: the reader, to actively pursue instances of gaining knowledge about Pakistani affairs and reading up on situations which are happening across the country.

If economic uncertainty is something you’re afraid of, then you have to be able to read about finances and how to acquire multiple income sources for yourself.

Citizen Awareness Program is not at the stage where it can provide the good citizens with such capabilities just yet.

But with the combined support of the citizenry, we are positive that we can make a lasting impact in determining how Pakistan should be governed and its national policies broadcast all over the capitals of the world.

Pakistani foreign diplomatic stance regarding regional issues

Pakistanis collectively have decided that India is a hostile, enemy nation which MUST be treated as such.

For this diplomatic stance to hold ground, our government officials MUST be united in propagating this image across the world.

  • Tell the world about the atrocities which the Indian aggressor has committed when Bangladesh was forming in 1971.
  • Highlight the Kashmiri cause and strengthen diplomatically and as well as economic ties with Kashmir as necessary.
  • Treat Bangladesh, and Afghanistan as hostile nations and cut all diplomatic ties with them pronto.
  • Fence the Afghan-Pakistan border and repatriate the Afghan refugees at an increased rate.
  • Stop cross-border trade between Afghanistan and India which is going through Pakistani routes.
  • Or if stopping the trade is not possible, then levy heavy sanctions and taxes on Afghan goods that pass through Pakistan.
  • Treat Bangladesh the same way as we would Afghanistan.

Keeping in mind that Pakistan is a nuclear-armed state, we can threaten these nations whenever we want and however, we want.

We can also commit any act of aggression in Pakistani national interest as WE deem necessary.

The same can be said about India as it is already tagging Afghanistan along for a ride to kill maximum amount of innocent Pakistanis in the Balochistan province and fan the flames of hatred towards the federation on a high-intensity level.

Such brazen acts of violence and outright war cannot go unpunished!

The world needs to understand that dealing with Pakistan MUST be done on equal grounds or when Pakistan is in the position of strength.

It is NOT enough for the Pakistani citizens to change their government and bring in a loyalist government.

Pakistan needs to build up its military in order to keep a strong check and balance on any acts of aggression from countries like India and Afghanistan.

Pakistan also needs to build up its intelligence network to weed out any hostile agenda from any potentially harmful countries like Iran.

Not that we would mark Iran as a hostile enemy, one can never know when the ones we call brother today can turn against us on the behest of aggressors like India and the United States.

Pakistani foreign diplomatic stance regarding international issues

Don’t confuse the international issues with regional issues.

Yes, once you step outside of the borders of Pakistan you’re in international territory, but one must also understand how Pakistan should deal with countries which don’t directly border it and are hostile to it.

European map

European countries like France, Spain, Denmark, and Britain must be treated as hostile nations who have a malignant agenda against Pakistani citizens.

One must not tread too far in order to understand why these countries are on the list here.

The next batch is Asia itself, fortunately, we don’t have any nations which are hostile towards Pakistan, but in the near future, this can all change should the United States and China have a war in the South China Sea.

Asian map and diplomacy with Pakistan

African countries aren’t very much of a threat so we can perhaps layoff Africa or have a neutral stance towards any nation wanting diplomatic relations.

As far as the Middle East goes, except for Turkey, Jordan and maybe Iran, the entirety of the region is hostile towards Pakistan.

Middle East and diplomacy strength for Pakistan

Countries like Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar, Kuwait, and the UAE must be treated as hostile nations.

As they have a past record of fueling terrorism and insurgency within the Balochistan province and the city of Karachi.

Israel is the most hostile region of all – we refrain from calling it country since we don’t recognize the Israeli identity.

Israel MUST be treated with high level of alertness and as well as diplomatic and military strength.

There’s no talking to such tyrants, we don’t negotiate with enemies of humanity, thus we HAVE to treat Israel as a region we are at war it at all times.

As far as North American countries are concerned, only United States stands out as the most hostile country in lieu of Israel.

North America and Pakistan diplomatic strength

South American regions are neutral and should be treated as such until further notice (how situations evolve following the war between USA and China).

Friends of Pakistan at the present time…

This topic is a little difficult to write about since Pakistani government has not made any leeway towards establishing diplomatic ties with much of the world’s countries.

However, based on empirical evidence and how the behavior of certain countries has been towards Pakistan we can conclude that countries listed herein are foremost well-wishers and friends of Pakistan:

  • Turkey
  • China
  • Bosnia
  • Azerbaijan
  • Japan
  • Albania
  • Jordan
  • Sri Lanka
  • Russia
  • Thailand
  • Egypt
  • Indonesia
  • Malaysia
  • Brunei

Out of these countries, Pakistan has strong diplomatic ties with Turkey, China, Egypt, and possibly Russia.

Countries like Jordan, Bosnia, Azerbaijan, Thailand, and Albania are very much neutral but don’t hold any hostilities towards Pakistan.

Furthermore, Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Brunei and Sri Lanka can prove to be useful allies in the future should Pakistan need to depend on geographical strategic posturing and fluid military movement.

Turkey, China, and Russia have to be treated as the most important allies for Pakistan, as a weakness will invite aggression.

As it already is from the Indian and Afghani side.

Should Pakistan need to rely on Chinese goods, Russian military strength, and Turkish trade, we can apply diplomatic strength in such a way that can allow us to not step on any toes and get what we want as well.

Neutral countries that can be converted to become Pakistan’s friend in the long run

These countries don’t exactly know the history of Pakistan, as much of the world doesn’t…

But these nations can be used as bargaining chips to put pressure on hostile nations like India, Afghanistan, USA, Israel, Britain, and Bangladesh to drop certain stances which harm Pakistan tremendously.

The list is as follows:South America and Pakistan diplomatic strength

  • Iran
  • Bolivia
  • Brazil
  • Germany
  • Tajikistan
  • Kazakhstan
  • Kyrgyzstan
  • Uzbekistan
  • Armenia
  • Morocco
  • Cuba
  • Venezuela
  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • Canada

The point of listing these nations here is so that Pakistan can further strengthen its diplomatic ties with these countries.

Doing so will help us in negotiating treaties from common tax laws to criminal handling procedures.

Not to mention the flow of resources that would come to Pakistan in case such a wonderful foreign policy ever forms within the next 5 years.

Pakistan can negotiate or renegotiate a lot from this exercise if it plays its cards correctly.

Kashmir issue can also be handled with a diplomatic strength that allows Pakistan to acquire resources and label Indian aggressor as a terrorist state.

Any Indian organizations working inside Pakistan or on behalf of India can be scrutinized and/or expelled based on Pakistan’s economic and diplomatic strength.

This is all relative to how educated and well-informed citizens want to become in the very near future.

The more well-informed and entrepreneurial minded citizens we’d have, the stronger our diplomatic ties with the rest of the world.

Leveraging Pakistan’s immediate allies for regional stability and economic development

Pakistan, as any other country on the planet, has full right to pursue economic interests.

As such, Pakistan has looked to its Chinese neighbor to help build a sustainable economy that can help propel Pakistan into the ‘developed nations’ arena faster than before.

However, the Indian aggressor doesn’t like this move and hence has put measures in place to continuously halt the Gwadar port project which has resulted in countless senseless deaths and further victimization of Pakistan by terrorism.

Economic development of Pakistan is none of India’s business. It should focus on its own human rights violations or be prepared to face the music in the very near future.

Pakistan can use China, Turkey, and Russia – its most immediate allies and well-wishers to further develop its economy.

Turkey is already a country that has bilateral and brotherly ties with Pakistan, in fact, much of Turkish population resembles Pakistani features and culture.

Turkey and Pakistan diplomatic strength

Trading with Turkey and taking advantage of its military and economic prowess can open new opportunities for growth and development for Pakistanis of all ages.

Whether they be male or female can be made immaterial by further borrowing technological advancements from nations like Canada, Japan, and Russia to fulfill any shortfalls.

Iran can be used as an ally to stabilize the Central Asian region.

China has this dual role with regards to Pakistan, but Beijing is more concerned with Washington now that the new President Elect Donald Trump will be coming to power on January 20th, 2017.

Pakistan must look towards its own citizens to help provide resources, and human ingenuity in order to counter any aggression or hostilities from India, Afghanistan, and Bangladesh.

Russia is a foremost manufacturer of weapons and technology.

Hence President Vladimir Putin can be asked to invest in Pakistan via way of mutual benefits and friendship.

Vladimir Putin and Pakistan

Russia can provide the much-needed weapons’ technology to Pakistani Armed Forces’ arsenal…

As well as provide with the technological prowess that is unknown to Pakistan.

Trading partners such as Indonesia, Malaysia, and possibly Brunei can help boost Pakistani economy and accelerate its return to the gold-standard.

South East Asia and Pakistan diplomatic strength

Strategic military alliances such as Sri Lanka, Japan, and Australia can boost Pakistani Navy’s operational capability and modernize it faster than before.

Australia and Pakistan diplomatic strength

New Zealand is also a technological hub, so to ignore its capabilities will be very foolish indeed.

Countries like Jordan and Egypt can provide strategic depth to Pakistan’s Middle Eastern adventure.

We can use these countries as launching pads to liberate cities like Medina and Makkah from the yolk of the Satanic house of Saud.

Furthermore, the Palestinian cause can be directly championed and campaigned for in case Israelis get any funny ideas on how they want to deal with Muslims in the region.

Countries like Syria are not important to Pakistani strategical maneuvering, however, should they want to come into the fold, Pakistanis should use the opportunity to further strengthen their militaristic strength.

Understanding the Pakistani mission

As a world class country, Pakistan is committed to peace and stability in the world.

We wish nothing more than to develop and champion the human cause in all aspects of life.

As such, we can’t do this without the help of our citizens and our most immediate allies.

We ask that any non-Pakistanis reading this message consider their stance to be of that of friendliness and congeniality instead of a hostile or neutral one.

Doing so will give you the opportunity to help create a better world for the future generations and contribute to a technological well that is bound to grow should Pakistan succeed in subduing the enemies of humanity.

In order to understand ‘why’ exactly does Pakistan, please head over to our series “Why does Pakistan exist?” and read up on our true mission statement and how we differ from all other nations on planet Earth.

Final thoughts on diplomacy and tying it all together…

We’ve understood what we need to do in order to strengthen Pakistan’s diplomatic strength and economic stability.

We’ve also visited the fact that there are many hostile nations who wish to disintegrate Pakistan and harm its citizenry for racist tendencies.

It is unfortunate that countries like the United States have decided to go against Pakistan and have allied themselves with India.

However, in the near future, we would like the United States to cease hostilities and see Pakistan as an agent of peace and stability in the world.

There are many nations which can be made as close allies or made to have brotherly ties with as well.

These nations can provide Pakistan with much needed technological prowess, and economic growth that has been stagnant in Pakistan for the last 30 years or so.

Citizens of other nations (with the exception of India, Afghanistan, and Bangladesh) can play their part in helping Pakistani cause come to fruition…

And once again establish lasting peace and prosperity for the majority of human beings in the near future.


How to counter Indian aggression against Pakistan

Collectively, we can counter the Indian aggression!

How can an individual citizen like you ‘counter’ the Indian aggression…

Indian aggression against Pakistan

There’s a lot of general talk about how the Indians have been posturing aggressively against the Pakistani nation since the creation of Pakistan.

However, we don’t ever see any concrete steps being taken to counter a hostile country’s aggressive steps that have shed a lot of Pakistani blood senselessly.

But there’s another very interesting angle we, collectively as a nation, have not looked at yet…

Most Pakistanis have the same mentality and mindset when it comes to standing by any kind of ideology or values: defensiveness.

Why are the majority of Pakistanis so defensive when it comes to bragging about what they have and what they value?

The answer is simple: they’re very much confused about what they were taught by their parents and what they were taught by the founding fathers.

Most Pakistani parents are what the world calls “brown parents…”stigma of brown parents

Meaning that they have some stereotypes attached to them:

  • They’re fat
  • They’re always angry
  • They’re never happy (no matter what happens in their life)
  • They’re never satisfied with the performance of their children
  • They’re always defensive
  • They’re way over protective of their children
  • They’re always wanting their children to get into a profession to make money

The fact of the matter is, these stereotypes are brutally true!

Many of these so-called “brown parents” are really cretins.

They never achieved anything in their life because they were simply too cowardly.

They’re defensive about their beliefs and overprotective of their children because they’re clearly ashamed of who they are and are too afraid to let their children strike out on their own and find meaning in life by themselves.

The “white parents” in this regard are a lot more open-minded and allow full freedoms to their children so they can flourish in their life however they want.

Even the Koran teaches this!

Each individual is responsible for their own actions, not the actions of other people.

Brown parents seem to think that they’re responsible for their children.

And hence because of their closed-minded attitude become the laughing stock of the world.

Yes, you do have to protect your children, but you don’t have to smother them in order to give them a good life!

Why the millennial generation of Pakistanis feel like they’ve been cheated out of their future!

This same sense of inadequacy and inferiority complex has propelled a hard working, highly intelligent generation into the abyss that is senseless war, restriction of available resources, and complete cutoff from growth opportunities.

They feel trapped, cheated, lied to and disillusioned by the way that their parents have treated them.

Since nothing was good enough, they have developed a sense of inferiority that’s so severe that it might not go away in their lifetimes.

Unless this generation works harder to achieve something that their parents never wanted them to achieve or have – confidence and trust of one’s self.

The Pakistani parents felt extreme shame towards being born a Pakistani, and so they transferred this feeling of shame and guilt towards their offspring(s).

Without realizing that much that has been said about how “bad” Pakistani people are is mere propaganda – yes, all of it!!!

Having married multiple times doesn’t make you a pervert or a bad person.

It just means that your previous marriages were incompatible with you, so you had to go your separate ways.

Never believe your own hype or propaganda on news ticks.

These are meant to hype up ratings and make money – nothing else….

But since the Indian aggression includes the concept of a 5th generation war, which is to subdue your enemy via false propaganda 24/7/365, Pakistani elders of the 2nd and 3rd generation (the ones who came after the ones who helped create Pakistan) bought into the false narrative of Pakistani Army being a rapist army that helped create Bangladesh.

Nothing can be further from the truth!

How many enlistees of the Pakistani Army belong to your household?

What about the ones whose father, brother, uncle, husband or close friend fought in the 1971 war?

Would they paint the same picture of a rapist about their loved ones that the rest of the population so vehemently does without just cause or credibility of information?

No! They would certainly say that theirs’ were loving, caring, and very loyal towards Pakistan.

They’d use words like honor, integrity, discipline, faith, and bravery to describe those soldiers who (no doubt) bravely fought in the 1971 war against an enemy far exceeding their own numbers.

Would you describe your brother, husband, uncle, or close friend as a rapist or a bad human being?

Pakistani soldier with LMG

Most certainly not! Because if you know their character and how they behave and what principles they live their life by, you will NEVER believe false and baseless accusations levied against them!

Yet, the Indian aggressor lays down these accusations like a continuous burst of a machine gun….

And most people even naively believe such lies!

The main reason for such mass stupidity is simple: Pakistanis are ashamed to be born as Pakistanis.

They see themselves as inherently bad people with a flawed language who are genetically inferior to the rest of the world populace.

I ask the reader this question here: can you really think that just because you’re born in Pakistan or born to Pakistani parents that your gene is inferior? Or that the Creator of the universe who has repeatedly mentioned in the Koran that ALL human beings are equal in His sights except in piety and character would ever give you something inferior to live with?

This is absolute madness!

Yet we see this madness continue when our parents claim that they love us when in reality they’re harming us!

Our parents were supposed to teach us what language they spoke, and how well they speak it.

They were supposed to be proud of who they were and what they were…

They were supposed to teach us about goodness, and how to live a fulfilling life.

But they didn’t!

Because their parents (our grandparents) had seen the bloodshed of the 1947 partition.

And how brutally it had taken away from them, the very loved ones they wanted to protect within the borders of Pakistan!

Can you imagine moving to a country that promises to be everything you worked for in your lifetime, where your family would be safe, and where you will not be made to feel any shame towards who you are and what you are?

Only to have taken your loved ones taken away in a sweeping genocide conducting by the murderous tendencies of your enemy who wishes you dead?

Then how can the millennials buy into this propaganda?

This is completely false! Your parents, grandparents, siblings, friends, and spouse(s) fought to create Pakistan and then keep it safe…

So that YOU can enjoy having health, wealth, love, and happiness in your lifetime.

Pakistan Army’s motto is as follows:

And if I don’t come back, tell them, that I’ve sacrificed my today for their tomorrow!

General Raheel Sharif

Then how can you be ashamed of having such an incredible army backing your corner?

Who roots for your success and continuously defends your freedoms and your integrity from foreign forces who wish to do harm to you and your loved ones?

How can someone feel this much embarrassment when they’re ALREADY a nuclear power of the world?!

The only reason I can think of is that YOUR parents didn’t teach you to be proud of WHO and WHAT you are!

You’re a Pakistani Muslim holding a passport, an identity, an ideology, and heck, even your VERY OWN LANGUAGE!

You have no right to complain…but rather you’re supposed to be saying “Alhamdullilah” (Praise be to Allah) day and night for what has been given to you!

You have a nuclear weapon and one of the world’s most powerful armies backing your corner.

Then how can you afford to not take any risks in your lifetime?!

Don’t ever forget that Pakistan Army will always fight to the last man and last bullet.

Only to protect YOUR freedoms and identity, so that you may propagate your culture and way of life to the world.

And take your rightful place as the most powerful Muslim nation on the face of this planet!

Then how can you allow a country such as ‘India’ to scare you into a corner?

Don’t you know who your ancestors are? Haven’t you read up on their lessons yet?

What can an average Pakistani do today to create a safer Pakistan tomorrow

If you have children, then teach them to read Koran, teach them about the Urdu language.

Instill in them the love of Pakistan and Islam.

Teach them the art of life, how to live life, and how to have a fulfilling life.

Teach them various other languages so that they may benefit from foreign literature and ideas.

Teach them the value of hard work and patience (applying time to everything you do in life) so that they may pray for you when you die.

Most importantly, and this is something you CANNOT avoid at any cost, teach them how to defend themselves.

Teach them how to defend their liberties and constitution by arming them at a relatively young age with guns and knives.

Show them how to use these weapons to not kill anyone senselessly, but to defend their own freedoms and as well as the freedoms of their loved ones.

You’d be mad to pass up such a wonderful opportunity to give back to this world!

If you don’t have children or are a child yourself, then please apply these things to yourself.

If your parents are not letting you take part in self-improvement activities then I encourage you to find employment, and then use that money to make yourself better.

If one or both of your parents strongly object to you keeping weapons to symbolize your values and freedoms, then tell them how Switzerland makes its laws.

How every single Swiss household has a cabinet full of rifles, pistols, and other manners of deadly weapons.

Tell them how the Swiss can muster an army of 300, 000 strong within 24 hours without having to conscript anyone in case of a war outbreak.

Swiss girls with rifles

Despite having a population of only 8 million people!

Introduce your parents to concepts such an integrity, honor, and loyalty.

Honduras vs Switzerland

Learn about every subject matter that you can think of or are interested in.

I was always fascinated with healthcare, economy, and how algorithms make our world work as smoothly as they do.

As such, from a very young age, I was introduced to books, fiction and non-fiction alike, who have shaped my world view and who I am today.

My mentors (alive or dead) have taught me the value of life and how can I better myself so that I may pass on what I’ve acquired and used in good faith to others who may need it.

It’s exactly like a situation in an airplane, when the outside pressure is unstable, the oxygen masks from above your seat drop down so you can breathe easy.

The instructions are always to put the oxygen mask on yourself first and then the child.

This is the exact attitude you need to have towards your own children.

They are looking to YOU the father towards guidance and help.

Not the mother, because the mother can only play the role of nurturing, caring for, and introducing new concepts of life to their children.

It is the father’s responsibility to TEACH their progeny about identity, defense, and economy.

That’s why you need a mother AND a father to complete your upbringing.

And if your parents were such who were incapable of providing you the help you needed, then it is YOUR responsibility as a human being to SEEK OUT knowledge and apply it appropriately.

How to arm yourself with knowledge and weapons

If you don’t know where to start…

Then start by reading books of various manner.

I’d suggest you start with first aid training and work your way up to how to use a rifle.

Get your local barracks or infantry division to teach you how to use a weapon.

If they don’t want to teach you, then seek out a retired soldier or a professional marksman who can help you teach how to use a weapon for maximum effect.

Pay money if you have to…and you most certainly will have to at some point, so don’t be afraid of exchanging money for real and lasting value.

Build your character by learning from your favorite mentors.

Keep in mind what Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) has said about acquiring knowledge – you have to get it from anywhere you can, and by any means necessary.

Start teaching yourself about Pakistani economy and read monthly economic reports of various companies.

This will give you an idea of how and where to make a stable and reliable income (and to a large extent establishing a reliable income source).

When the Prophet (PBUH) passed away, his home was no larger than a small hovel, but he had numerous weapons, shields, bows and arrows, lances, swords, spears, and battle-axes hanging all over the walls.

This shows us just how much he valued personal freedom and defense over having food to eat or clothes to wear.

This is the only way that the Pakistani nation can defend against and reply to the imminent Indian aggression which threatens to destroy them, and their loved ones in the process.

Tread carefully friends, you really don’t know how wonderful life truly is!


Why does Pakistan exist? (Pakistan’s ‘WHY’) [Chapter 6: Healthcare and education]

Explaining Pakistan’s ‘why’ via breakthrough research

What healthcare and education should look like in Pakistan…

The current education and healthcare system in Pakistan are appalling in every aspect.

Poor citizens can’t get quality healthcare nor education.

Whereas the upper middle class and upper class easily ship off their offspring to countries which have a good system.

Is it any wonder then, that even the elite of the country think that the country’s system is falling apart?

Why are we still keeping this system in place even though everyone knows that it doesn’t work?

First off, I know some people will cry hard: “it’s hard to change things!”

Of course, it’s hard to change things! Otherwise, everyone could do it!

It takes a lot of time to build something lasting.

The millennial generation and the generations before them are too hasty in many issues regarding education and healthcare systems in Pakistan.

The way to change this is obviously a better quality of information that’s available to the citizens.

So how do we go about giving the citizens such an information and ensure their progress, growth, and development in every area of life?

Let’s ask our favorite book the Koran…

The Koran talks about many ways a common person can take care of their health in very inexpensive and effective ways.

If you eat wholesome foods, your body will feel wholesome and strong, whereas if you drink alcohol all day long or eat too much sugar and salt…well let’s just say you won’t feel your best (to put it mildly).

How to solve the education problem in Pakistan

I don’t intend to make this article very long since the solution to this sort of problem can be spelled out in the fewest words possible.

But I do need to explain some background information first that may prove to be very useful to you.

A common theme across many of the developed nations is that they all boast a strong system of libraries around their cities.

They do this by modernizing their libraries and fitting them with the latest technologies available; such as tools for learning, and teaching.

The Internet is such a tool which can be used to teach more people with the maximum effectiveness of any person who wants to teach a subject.

You visited this website in order to gain some information about a topic you’re most interested in.

This is the kind of relationship between the student and teacher that’s being talked about here.

See, I might not have all the information about a specific topic, but if I can tickle your curiosity about it enough, you’ll eventually go out on your own and seek it somehow.

This opportunity is being blocked by the Pakistani education system which is solely based on the British one!

Even the British themselves have immense libraries which are highly advanced and have already abandoned the dead carcass of the system that’s still implemented in Pakistan!

Let’s head back to just before when Genghis Khan conquered the Baghdad and overturned its elite citizens.

At that time, Baghdad boasted the largest library in the entire world – let alone the Muslim world of the time!

The Iraqis of that time were voracious readers and contributed to the world of science, technology, and language in very meaningful ways.

However, it seems that our own people don’t understand the concept of abandoning old ways that don’t work and integrating the ones that do in our lives.

As Bruce Lee famously said:

I don’t believe in styles, all these styles separate man! You have to take that which works, and abandon the thing that doesn’t, and then add something of your own to it so it becomes relevant to the way you want to live…

– Bruce Lee, Actor, Martial Artist, Inventor of Jeet Kune Do

The education policy of Pakistan is so rotten and unworkable that they have to ask the British to write their curriculum-related books for them!!!

If this is not madness and total collapse of the educational infrastructure, then I don’t know what is!!!

Even our ancestors didn’t build schools prior to the British invasion, in fact, they built libraries, or common spaces of knowledge and enlightenment so that ALL may benefit at the same time, without differentiating between classes or races.

The best way for Pakistani education to excel at a crisis like this is to literally redefine the entire policy and bulldoze all the schools within the country!

And simultaneously build highly advanced and modernized libraries which would have knowledge from around the world translated into Urdu and made available to the common citizen for free!

In order for this to work, though, the government has to be onboard for this auspicious undertaking.

The legislation itself will have to change in order to accommodate people with experience to teach on the internet without interruption or hesitation.

People should be able to teach any subject they like except medicine.

Because medicine is a very serious subject matter and cannot be done without the full supervision of highly qualified medical professionals who have a long history and career in the medical sciences.

Other than that, everything else should be fair game for anyone to teach. Provided of course, that they actually know about the subject.

This would brutally eliminate all the fakes and leave those with experience and expertise to teach freely and help their students succeed.

Their fee would have to be very reasonable as I’m sure most people already understand such delicate topics.

Once we have a strong educational system that depends heavily on a modernized network of libraries and people with knowledge, we can most certainly expect Pakistanis to become the most educated and highly sought after group of people in the world.

Just ask Finland about how their high school system climbed to the absolute TOP of the world’s ranking:

Just because it’s a country with foreign beliefs, and people who look very different from that of our own, doesn’t mean that we can’t learn from them.

As our Prophet (PBUH) has said himself in numerous Ahadis (sayings):

…You have to travel the world and acquire as much knowledge as possible! It doesn’t matter how hard it is for you, or where you have to get it from…just get it! Even if you have to travel as far as China to get it!

– Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), Sahi Bukhari (Rough translation of the Hadis)

Islam and the Koran have always taught the Muslims to acquire knowledge at great lengths.

Because knowledge (information) is the most important thing in the world in order to build a lasting and civil society.

One cannot lay the foundations of a building without a strong attention to detail towards certain aspects such as the quality of concrete and the way the pillars are placed within the foundation.

So to can one not build a society without first paying attention to how its citizens behave towards each other and how they interact with the outside world.

Canada is a prime example of how civil and educated people behave both within and outside of Canadian borders.

However, Pakistanis’ example is like the one of who’s uneducated, ill-mannered, and ill-informed who don’t know how to act in socially responsible ways with other groups of people.

And that’s totally fine!

It doesn’t have to be that just because Pakistanis don’t know about this, it makes them a bad group of people.

It only makes them highly malleable and gullible.

If you or someone you know continuously criticizes the way that Pakistanis act within or outside of Pakistan then ask them (or yourself) about the possible solutions to this problem.

Do you know better manners and etiquette than the idiots who act moronically without knowing?

Great! Then give us that knowledge! Write a book about it…but if you can’t then either shut up and put with it or ask someone who knows how to read and write to do it for you!

But don’t criticize without first giving your neighbor the opportunity to hear you out or read your material.

And even if after reading your work or hearing your thoughts about the issue, they don’t improve themselves, then let Allah deal with them directly.

As your duty is simply to give information and making sure that it gets in the right hands.

That’s why Pakistan exists, in order to be a beacon of hope and symbol of democratic power by providing the highest quality of education to its citizens that’s available out there.

One only has to take the right step in order to make the change happen on their own terms.

As such, Citizen Awareness Program would love to see if a project about a local library is pitched to the government by the citizens inside (or even outside) of Pakistani borders.

This would allow us all to work together towards a common goal and help our fellow kinsmen stand on their own feet.

How to fix the healthcare system of Pakistan

Now, I don’t have any doctors in the room nor am I one myself…

But I do know a thing or two about how can we fix the healthcare system of Pakistan in as little as one year!

All it requires is full and complete dedication of the citizens and an unflinching effort to translate millions of books about health sciences from various languages directly into Urdu.

Not just that, the citizens have to contribute towards either selling these well-written and highly valuable books in bookstores or make an effort to give one (or more) away to the halls of a fully modernized library.

This could be either a Sadaqah e Jariyah for you or a cash incentive, whichever is more important to you.

But you have to be able to contribute in one way or another.

The biggest condition for this “dream” to come true is if there’s a pre-existing library in Pakistan that’s unmatched and unrivaled in terms of the volume of books it contains and the amount of latest pieces of knowledge it makes available to the Pakistani citizens.

There can be several libraries or just one, they can be in any city or just one city of your choosing, but it (or they) MUST exist for the medical sciences to flourish.

There are more conditions that must be met before allowing any doctors/medical professionals to practice in Pakistan on a larger scale.

All the existing doctors/healthcare professionals in Pakistan must conform to basic standards of providing quality healthcare to all their patients.

Whether it be in a form of surgical or non-surgical ways of fixing your patient, you MUST adhere to these regulations in order to raise the Pakistani standard of healthcare and help the system stand on its feet (again).

You can form a committee or ask Pakistani doctors who live abroad for advice and planning. But you have to make sure that the health care that you provide MUST be the best of quality by any standard.

The moment you associate your practices with trustworthiness, and reliability, you’ll automatically retain 95% of your patients and be completely fulfilled that your role as a healer and wise man/woman has helped countless lives not just in Pakistan but globally as well.

See this is the kind of standard I’m asking you to hold yourself to.

YOU are responsible for making this happen, and no one else but you.

If you can rise above petty issues of “making money” or social unaccountability (just because you’re a doctor so they have to listen to you) then this change of yours will resonate across the planet.

Whether you’d know it immediately or not.

Abu Ali Sina didn’t know if his book ‘Kitab al Kanoon fil Tib’ would provide guidance to the medical sciences community for 6 centuries, but he wrote it anyway, knowing that it would help turn around the lives of countless people.

The first eye surgery was done with a dash of strong alcohol to sedate the patient.

Today, the medical community uses various drugs which are much more powerful and safer choices for doing so.

Just because one man wrote a book about his experiments and findings….

That’s the only way forward if you truly wish to turn the healthcare system of Pakistan around for the better.

If you’re not a doctor/healthcare professional and reading this article, then please pass on this information to them as this can help many people turn their lives around.

Even if you’re not a doctor you can help the cause by talking to any doctors in your close circles and letting them know about this information so that all may benefit.

One last word of ‘wisdom’…

Pakistan has suffered greatly because the quality information was either suppressed or wasn’t present in the first place.

In order for us all to help hold Pakistan’s educational and healthcare systems to a higher standard, we all have to work together to achieve this dream.

One single person is not enough for this to come true.

EVERY citizen is responsible for spreading the word in their own capacity to the largest amount of people as possible.

Not because it only benefits you, but also the community at large.

Only by standing together, gathering information and compiling it in coherent terms can we ever hope to organize ourselves as an important country among the group of nations on this planet.


Why Pakistan’s every endeavor has failed in the last 10 years

Why Pakistan’s endeavors keep failing

(Since the last 10 years)

When the word “failure” is talked about, one tends to avoid the subject matter altogether…

As if, failing or failure of one’s endeavor(s) is a bad thing or a bad word.

Though it’s true that failing is an undesirable outcome, it always has a silver lining attached to it.

The Koran says in this regard:

With every difficulty comes ease.

– Koran, verse summary

For instance, Thomas Edison failed 10, 000 experiments before he was able to discover the light bulb that worked.

And when he was asked about his failures, he simply said: “…I’ve simply found 10, 000 ways how ‘not’ to make a light bulb…”

Whereas one person in the United States often fails yet attributes his qualities to never giving up after his eventual success, people on the cusp of success in Pakistan often give up after having everything as they want.

The recent example of Junaid Jamshed comes to mind.

Not that he wasn’t a failed superstar in the showbiz, but he left the showbiz in order to pursue an unrealistic goal.

He left success, and a position of strength where he could have influenced people through his music and instead brought about a bigger change decided to associate himself with creatures (they’re unfit to be called people) such as Mullah Tariq Jamil.

These people are not men of good science nor of the Koran itself…

They are bandits, often cloaked in the robes of learned men, who come to us with the devil’s forked tongue.

They speak rosy words yet only deliver lip service to the genuine cause of the Muslims.

They do nothing but eat sugar and salt all day long, and completely ignore (to the point of criminal negligence) the genuine pains and sufferings of the average Musalman.

They do nothing to address the issue of terrorism and the smear campaign that has been launched against Muslims at large.

Instead, they support such dirty deeds…they support the capitalist pigs who sit in their “castles” and direct millions of deaths of average Muslim citizens by directing their armies and resources against the innocent populace who’s continuously impoverished and taken advantage of by all manners of governmental instruments and rules.

They knock on the doors of rulers of today and ask for compensation in order to further enslave and impoverish the citizenry at large.

This unacceptable behavior of the class and racial divide is precisely the thing that Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) came to fight.

When the world was enslaving the blacks of Africa, he was giving them a seat in high governance alongside him.

When the European men were treating their women like trash, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was giving them rights and legislating rules to let them acquire property and teach other citizens of his country.

The point of singling out these people and using them as an example is to demonstrate to the reader how ‘your’ attitude determines your failure or success rate.

This lengthy explanation was necessary in order to build the foundation of what’s to come (next).

The Pakistan-Iran Gas pipeline project

This gas pipeline was to be built through the Balochistan province of both the countries.

[Yes, there’s also a Balochistan in Iran]

This pipeline was to supply the Pakistani energy shortfall for a fraction of the price that we deal with in buying expensive oil from the United States and other countries in order to fuel polluting generators.

The endeavor failed when it was already marked to be a success.

The reason?

Money of course…

Capitalism to be more precise.

Pakistani politicians are often of the mindset that existed in feudal (or lordship system) Britain.

They don’t allow anyone else to get rich unless their pockets are filled to the brim first.

They impoverish the citizenry for their own selfish gains.

They sacrifice others so that they may gain.

That’s not leadership. That’s fiefdom!

But this is only a mere surface level symptom of a much larger problem.

The Pakistan-Iran gas pipeline project was dropped due to pressure from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the United States.

For no other reason than racism: they’re Shia and Irani while we are Sunni and Arab…what they don’t realize is that they are both Muslim.

Pakistan is easily influenced by the Saudis due to a complacent and often moronic behavior towards them.

The reason is simple, Pakistanis love Islam and they love the Prophet (PBUH), but to an almost sickening degree.

They love Islam not because of what it gives them, but because what it symbolizes for them, they don’t really love the Prophet (PBUH) they just say they do so they don’t appear to be hypocrites to their friends and family members.

The underlying problem is not Islam or the Prophet (PBUH) themselves, rather they are the solution to our problem…

The REAL problem is the way the Pakistanis live their lives and how they treat each other.

The REAL problem is the twisted mindset that has been propagated across the community due to ill-informed people or herd behavior.

Just because he’s doing it, I should too! The true definition of a lemmings train, if one falls off the cliff the rest of the monkeys follow blindly.

Whether they know they’ll die or not.

Musharraf’s economic reform, its rollback, and rise of foreign elements

It’s no secret that Gen. Pervez Musharraf’s economic reforms were hailed as the best that Pakistan had seen in the modern century.

However, where he failed to deliver was the (again, unfortunately) complacency of his behavior towards the Saudis.

Dear Pakistanis! Saudis are not Gods, YOU hold a nuclear weapon, they can merely ask for your protection.

Should you choose to annihilate them in one shot, you can do so…you can also annihilate any enemy of yours at the press of a button.

Yet, your complacency and ill-informed behavior are the cause rather than the effect of what’s happening in Pakistan at this very moment.

When Musharraf was deposed as the Pakistani president, the Zardari regime brutally rolled back all of his reforms and brazenly raped the country’s resources to its heart’s content.

When Zardari was done, he handed the blood-filled chalice back to Nawaz Sharif. So now he’s doing the exact same thing, albeit in a more brutal fashion than his predecessor.

Nawaz Sharif completely sold the country out to Indian Modi so he can do to us as he pleases.

In layman’s terms, Mr. Nawaz Sharif sacrificed the Pakistani citizens so that he may gain.

That’s not how leadership works.

Leaders get their own heads chopped off before seeing their followers get hurt.

Prophet Jesus (PBUH) sacrificed his needs for the needs of his disciples. And God Almighty sacrificed a look like in his place.

But the persecution he suffered at the hands of the Jews, how they shouted to have him executed…

How they repeatedly told the Roman Imperator that Jesus (PBUH) was guilty of treason against the Jewish people and the Roman senate.

They didn’t succeed, but the mere fact that he spoke up against their illegal dealing/stealing of the people’s money was enough to paint a giant bullseye on his back.

One campaigned to stop his people from being ripped off, and the other campaigns to sell off the very people he claims to represent.

As long as we have this sort of “leadership” we will continuously get ripped off, and every future endeavor of Pakistan will utterly fail as well.

For no other reason than criminal negligence, despotism, and the brazen raping of the resources without involving the national interests first.

Diplomacy, treaties and positions of strength

Pakistan could have easily asserted itself as the leader of the Muslim nations.

Could have also easily put diplomacy on the fast track with Russia, China, Japan, and European countries.

But instead, it chose to hand over such a sensitive and critical task to its enemy: India.

Does it really make any sense to hand over the keys to your house to some stranger let alone a known enemy who wants to kill you?

Then how can the Pakistani citizenry allow such a grave sin to be committed against itself?

The answer is simple: Pakistanis are a bunch of ill-informed people displaying herd behavior.

They don’t know what they want, they don’t know what their direction is, they refuse to listen to people with experience, and they most certainly don’t want to do hard work in order to achieve results.

They want everything to be done for them, to be handed to them on a silver platter.

Sorry, but that’s just not possible at all!

It’s like asking a tree to plant itself and then give you its fruit!

Absolute madness!!!

Pakistani FIA (Federal Investigation Agency) repeatedly mentioned this fact to the government many times over.

The head of the Cybercrime branch has repeatedly told his circle of influence that we need treaties with countries like UAE, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Turkey, European countries, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Malaysia, Japan etc. in order to hold a position of strategical advantage in all situations.

No country on this planet ever sits still on a diplomatic front.

Every country holds meetings with their counterparts in order to discuss matters of mutual benefit.

A country like China used to be a place where you could get all sorts of drugs and any commit any kind of sin you can imagine.

Without much social consequences.

Today, it’s directly telling the United States to back off its territorial claims in the South China Sea.

Is it any wonder that such a strong diplomatic stance can emerge from a country that was heavily addicted to opium and heroine just 68 years ago?

Yet, Pakistanis refuse to look at this fact and solve their problems via powerful examples.

Why would they? It’s too hard!

I have only one solution for such crybabies: either read your eyeballs off by immersing yourself in highly informative and valuable books and apply that knowledge accordingly or lay down and ask the Indians to commit another genocide against you, effectively ending the Pakistani nation once and for all.

How can an individual citizen of Pakistan solve Pakistan’s problems…

I don’t care how scarce resources are for you.

If you have the internet at your disposal, then you pretty have the entire world at your disposal.

You can overload yourself with information a million years over and still not be able to go through the entire index of the internet.

There are so many stories of people from around the world, who have overcome extreme obstacles and difficulties.

They are rich in many different ways, and they have a lot of information that’s available for your pleasure.

All you have to do is either acquire it for free BY READING or paying a small amount of money for an extremely valuable source.

If you have money to spend on designer clothes, cologne, cars, and homes…then you absolutely have money to invest for your future.

You have money to acquire the information that will liberate you from all the confusion and provide you with solutions to your problems.

Yet, it’s too difficult to do right?

Well, let’s not start with being all wonderful and full of knowledge the next day.

Nothing happens in one day.

It’s the accumulative process of character building, application of knowledge, and learning from your mentors that WILL eventually help you succeed.

On the way, you also have to meet and retain people who believe what you believe.

If you don’t do that, and won’t take action, then as Allah says in the Koran: “He’s more than capable of replacing your kind with another nation who will glorify Him day and night, and would follow their desires according to what Allah has outlined for them in the Koran.”


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