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5 benefits of having critical thinking skills

developing your critical thinking skills

How critical thinking needs to pervade our lives

Critical thinking, its benefits and why it has become a necessity

Often times we think about critical thinking as some far off concept that cannot ever be understood by the average person.

100% of the times we’re wrong about this concept and often put it off because it “seems” difficult.

100% of the time, critical thinking is much easier to do than you think.

But it involves some work on your part.

It’s like a coffee table from Ikea furniture store: you buy the whole coffee table and the benefits that come with it, but some assembly is required on your part.

Here are 5 benefits of having critical thinking skills and what they can do to further improve your lifestyle:

1) You’ll be able to measure things that matter the most

This has to be the most obvious benefit of the said strategy…

The way you think about things and why you need to measure a few of them becomes glaringly obvious when you take their impact on your life into account.

For instance, how many push ups you were able to do today vs. how many you did yesterday may seem like a trivial matter.

But compounded over time, you’ll come to realize that you measuring your push ups each day will aid you in making informed decisions about your health.

Conversely, not doing so will keep you in a state of guesswork and confusion.

The choice to develop your critical thinking skills is so lopsided in its favor that it’s hard to ignore such a wonderful strategy for your daily activities.

Building on the example of exercising every day…you can also measure the amount of money you have in your bank account.

So that you don’t get any nasty surprises the next time you check your account. You’ll have to measure these things each day.

You don’t have to become a money-obsessed goblin-like creature, but you DO have to think critically about where to invest your money for maximum returns.

You can literally apply this concept anywhere in your life.

We find this approach to be particularly useful when attempting to change a certain aspect of one’s life on a permanent basis.

2) You’ll learn to preload your movements and focus viscerally on your goals more often

The best gift you can give yourself is to be able to critically think about a situation and develop a response about that situation within mere seconds.

Often times, these situations require deep thinking skills, and you should be able to develop these given enough time and practice.

The more you practice to think about your goals in a creative way, the more you’ll be able to think critically (and deeper) about them.

You don’t have to be a genius to figure out what foods to eat to keep yourself healthy and disease free.

But you DO have to put in the work to become healthier every day.

3)  Seeing alternative and easier routes becomes almost second nature to you

The more critical thinking skills you develop the more you’ll be able to see problems and their solutions.

You will be more eager to solve these problems rather than shutting yourself out of a possible opportunity to make your life better.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with wanting more from life, hence, you also have to understand what you NEED to do in order to get to where you want to be.

The only real way of doing this is to develop your critical thinking skills in a manner that is most effective and is faster than other more slower methods.

Seeing easier routes and being able to solve your problems faster is a true gift of intelligence!

Hence, not wanting to develop your critical thinking skills is the collective suicide of the mind and physical well-being of the body.

4) Critical thinking skills can grant you some level of oversight in some very limited cases

Oversight is not the best thing for you when you’re looking to launch your business or become healthy.

But you do need to realize that developing the said skills will allow you a lot of leverage over your own life.

Having done so will allow you some oversight over very limited cases.

Such as thinking about what your peers will do next, what your parents and siblings think about you, and what the society thinks of you in general.

This leverage will allow you to develop your game to the maximum potential and become obsessed with the ‘right’ thing to do instead of worrying what consequences it might bring.

5) You’ll unlock the ability to leverage your position more often

Think of developing your critical thinking skills as a tiered approach.

At the lowest tier of critical thinking, you develop a strong sense of right and wrong.

And the highest tier of critical thinking, you can do whatever you want keeping the rights and wrongs in mind – with maximum leverage!

And as Archimedes once said:

Give me a ‘lever’ long enough and a fulcrum on which to place it, and I will move the world.

– Archimedes

This ‘lever’ of Archimedes can be thought of as both physical and metaphorical.

In our example, the physical leverage is having wealth of information (knowledge) and money (currency).

Whereas the metaphorical leverage is having moral high ground and the ability to think fast and act fast.

As you might’ve already come to the conclusion that critical thinking skills are of vital importance for, we want you to take a minute and absorb all that information.

Think about what it means to be able to leverage yourself in a brutally competitive world and what contributions you might be able to bring to the table.

Critically thinking in the past, present, and future

In the past, you may not have been aware of your critical thinking skills to a large extent, but that’s fine.

Because you can easily develop these skills in your present by (obviously) starting now.

By starting now, and committing yourself to developing such an essential life skill will make you appreciate life more and would make it infinitely easier to move around the world on pure and righteous intentions.

The future represents your potential and what you can do to develop it further.

You can always do certain things easier and more effectively than you did in the past, but keep in mind that the simplest solutions are often the best ones.

Having said that, these “simple” solutions might not be so easy to implement and that’s where your critical thinking skills come in handy.

What you’ll need to do in the next few hours in order to develop these skills:

  • Join a critical-think club or study
  • Take inventory of everything that you own and what you want to do with it all
  • Take a mental inventory of everything that you need in order to start building your life around leverage
  • Develop the ability to think critically by reading books on the subject matter and developing your curiosity
  • Develop a taste for knowledge and taking up small-yet-doable projects which can help you develop your skills further

As you can see, this is not a complicated process.

It starts in the mind and then glosses over the physical aspect of what you need to do in order to become a critical thinker.

When you start you’ll find yourself often balking at the fact that you didn’t do this sooner, but that’s okay because that’s how you live and grow.



Chinese hemorrhaging cash – recipe for global economic meltdown

How the Chinese are hemorrhaging cash

Here’s another “conspiracy theory” in your face

No, we’re kidding, this isn’t a conspiracy theory, this is real!!!

So we all know about the well-known conspiracy theorists like Alex Jones, Breitbart etc.

But do we know what are they really talking about?

Often 9/10 times they’re selling a news piece or an “information piece” that sounds a lot like fear mongering tactics – to make money of course!

But here’s the kicker, while all the conspiracy theorists talk long shaded information pieces, we often ignore the real ones…

Precisely because of the behavior of these conspiracy theorists.

They throw so much garbage in the mix with nuggets of truth and information that an average person like you and me becomes highly cynical of any information given to us at all!

But fear not dear reader! We’ll make sense of this mess yet!

So here’s what we mean when we say that Chinese hemorrhaging cash is a recipe for a disaster:

It’s not that the cash is being hemorrhaged because of some weird loop hole in the economy; it’s the government of China (namely the CCP) that concerns the Chinese people greatly!

Here’s how the phenomenon recycles itself via multiple channels:

  1. Communist regime takes over in China through brutal and nihilistic force
  2. People are then further subjugated and brainwashed into believing the communist propaganda
  3. The economy slowly becomes highly controlled and monitored by a select “few” people in the communist regime
  4. Some people realizing that their wealth is being taken over by an unjust force (such as the CCP) take their cash out whenever the possibility presents itself
  5. Rich Chinese who can afford to buy expensive homes in foreign lands either emigrate there with the entire family or send their children, pardon me, child, overseas so they can live a better life free from the clutches of a totalitarian regime that wants to control everything
  6. Since all the money is being invested in foreign countries, island nations, and private investments, nothing is left for the destitute Chinese people
  7. All the Chinese money is then hemorrhaged into foreign bank accounts owned by the wealthy Chinese people where ‘it’ disappears into the ether – forever!

And the cycle repeats itself, over and over again.

This is the same cycle that we’ve seen repeatedly in countries like Panama, Ecuador, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Venezuela, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Libya, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Congo, Mali, Chad, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Egypt and a lot more.

In the light of this, we now see the “first world” countries following the trend with countries like Australia, New Zealand, Canada, UK, USA, and Japan now frequently hemorrhaging cash because of their flawed policies and continuous exploitation of the little guy.

Well, guys, the little guy has responded – in a small yet very big way: voting with his/her money smartly and allocating their assets and wealth in varied portfolios.

How asset allocation has caused trillions of dollars of movement on the world market

In his book Money: Master the Game Anthony Robins explores the ideas of how a financial monetary portfolio should be divided so that even the little guy can make tons of money using the very system that’s rigged against him (fine, or her).

The side-effects of this book had come into play well before this book was even published.

But when looked at in a holistic view, a lot of the side-effects that are plaguing the world markets today finally make sense – when one starts to read.

The upper and middle classes aren’t disappearing at all! The smart are moving their money overseas…

Often in the case of tax havens and island nations that bolster such laws so anyone can manipulate the money market however they want.

However, this type of thinking has had an unintended consequence: the world governments have failed miserably in keeping a check and balance on the movements of such monies overseas.

Partly because they don’t want to, and partly because the ministers and leaders sitting in high positions in your country are also involved in this big time!

This racketeering will only stop if the little guy becomes smarter and starts reading more and more books to educate himself and his family.

And also because he (or she) will ostensibly manage their monies in a prudent and effective way.

We’re not giving out any more hints on this because we really want you to read your way out of your problem.

[Plus, giving away such critical information will diminish the fun of finding things out for yourself!]

Because gathering information is a sign of superior intelligence.

Regarding that “trillions of dollars of movement” part, well if you haven’t figured it out yet – it goes something like this:

  • The smart and rich figure out a way to protect their savings from very high and unjust taxes (since they read a lot!)
  • Then they figure out a way to allocate their funds to an offshore bank account
  • Other people such as ministers and other government officials follow suit
  • Trillions of funny-money or banker-made-money then is transferred overseas
  • Since the local populace don’t know about this and don’t really care, they start feeling the after effects such as destitution and lack of resources
  • The smart and rich live a life of luxury until they’re dead or are physically unable to

This vicious cycle repeats itself over and over again.

As long as the monetary policy of global governments is based on fiat currency, the world will keep seeing this exploitative cycle repeat itself into oblivion.

This isn’t some conspiracy theory! We’ve literally laid out the real information in front of you as it is.

What you do with it is really up to you…

But we’d like to provide some insight before you burn down your local bank in a fit of rage!

Don’t burn your local bank to the ground!

Alright, so the first and foremost step is to realize that there’s a real and distinct problem.

The way we managed our money had become increasingly difficult prior to the introduction of the monetary system in Muslim Spain some 400 years ago.

This change to paper receipts made it infinitely easier to “carry our gold” with us, so to speak, wherever we went.

Some people – namely bankers – took advantage of the fact and pulled a disappearing act with our gold and silver.

This condition continues to this day – as people still believe that the fiat currency holds some sort of value over their lives.

Murder, mayhem, chaos, kidnappings, rapes, wars, genocides, and other forms of extremely violent crimes shot up several thousand percentages.

And people became disillusioned with their old way of living overall especially when they saw no benefit in saving their money in the banks – since inflation rates will render their cash useless anyway.

In order to combat this kind of usury, people started investing their monies smartly in indices, stock markets, forex, and other forms of monetary exchanges.

Monetary contracts became the widespread phenomena and by over usage of investing strategies and uneven playing grounds, the entire wealth level of the globe came under the possession of the very few people who are simply known as the “elite.”

We hope that our perceptive readers will see this as a kind of childish manipulation of wealth and extremely malicious intent.

Not as harmless or benign attempt to better control the world’s resources.

In order to understand what’s happening in China or to Chinese people…

We have to understand that this has happened before, many times in fact when a government failed to control their monetary policies effectively.

The Pre-Islamic era was rife with these problems, only it was less widespread as wireless communication hadn’t changed the world back then as it has now.

So, what’s the solution to such a gigantic, monstrous problem?

Simple, we re-introduce gold into the economy, albeit slowly and with a benign intent.

Since a malicious intent will again lead to the mess that we’re in today.

Introducing gold into the economy will help our addiction to consuming subside to a large degree.

And the Chinese smog factories will finally dismantle themselves and do business with other human beings in a social setting – just as it was meant to be.

Another way we can counter this malignant threat is by smartly investing our monies in the investing machines.

Namely, the trading markets, as more volume will ensure better regulation and less exploitation by way of strong computers that can help monopolize the resources in favor of a single organization or person.

The most effective way to make this work is to reclaim the government for the people.

As the government is made by the people, for the people.

It’s not meant to be a vehicle by which a few powerful people can control the entirety of the resources of a single land.

The concept of nation states is fairly new and dangerously destructive to humanity….

Taking charge of the economic cycle and how to stop the Chinese hemorrhaging of cash

The citizenry of Pakistan here has to take a frontal role and show some leadership on the behalf of future generations of humanity.

Since our borders will become irrelevant in a not too distant future, we must ensure that we can secure the future of our children and great-grandchildren as soon as possible.

In order to retake the economy from the clutches of big banks, we have to first arm ourselves with powerful knowledge and then use that knowledge to an effective degree as well.

Our government is our own, so we have to take some responsibility in how things are run and how laws are made and enforced.

The citizenry has to make sure that the government listens to its people.

If not by way of reason, then perhaps via economical sanctioning.

This can be done by citizens forming governing bodies within their municipalities and pouring money and effort into local projects which can catch the eye of the government.

When the government would demand subsidies for these projects, you simply demand that the government change a rule or law according to the wishes of the citizenry.

This project has to be eye-catching and so good that no one can do without – not even any foreign bodies/governments.

In doing so, the citizens can display their ingenuity and bring about a revolution in a peaceful, non-violent way.

That is of course if they really want to.

By simplifying the learning process and removing the schools from the education programs.

The elders and professionals have to take charge and teach their apprentices directly by hiring the ones who display remarkable ability and drive to join the profession.

Such as engineering, soldiering, farming, producing, and computing (computer sciences).

Only by way of educating themselves (and NOT by being educated) can the citizenry come out on top and show the world how its done!


Why does Pakistan exist? (Pakistan’s ‘WHY’) [Chapter 7: Social responsibilities]

emaan itehad tanzeem

Uncovering Pakistan’s ‘why’ one step at a time

What are the social responsibilities that Pakistanis value?

The first generation Pakistanis – the ones who sacrificed their lives to make Pakistan were somewhat of an odd group of people.

They didn’t think twice what Pakistan will give them.

For them, Pakistan was a symbol of hope, self-governance, and Islamic values.

It’s something magnanimous to the ones who are still alive from that generation.

Sadly, though, they couldn’t pass this knowledge on to their direct descendants in time.

The 3rd and the 4th generation of Pakistanis were left without a goal, a sense of direction and support.

It’s not to say that we’re completely shooting blanks in the dark, but it’s pretty damn close….

In order to understand why Pakistan was made, one cannot analyze social responsibilities separately from the character of Pakistan.

What does it mean to be a socially responsible person?

As many of us are already aware, social responsibility was taught to us at a very young age.

Although this auspicious task was never seen as a complete system and way of life, it was still given to us as means of making sense of life.

To be honest, we don’t need to improve anything about ourselves.

What we do need to improve is the way we do things.

The way we live our lives and the way we interact with other people.

This isn’t to say that you can say anything to anyone as you please.

But, we don’t want to take away from the fact that human learning should come naturally to you at all times.

No matter the age you’re living through, learning should always be easy as eating pie.

In fact, in some instances, learning is easier than eating pie.

Imagine a child, someone who’s learning to speak a language for the first time ever.

He/She hasn’t read any books or completed any lengthy courses in order to utter their first word.

Yet, he/she still utters their first words without any effort, without needing any systems or methods of speech.

Just as a baby bird knows how to fly naturally without needing to figure it out, a baby human can learn to arrange the world in a way that’s suitable to their liking.

There’s nothing hard or strange about it.

I was once caught in a trap where I was being told that I needed to self-improve – that I was lacking in something or that something was wrong with me.

When you meet someone for the first time, it’s always a novel experience, yet you can almost immediately (within seconds) determine if this person is trustworthy in that moment or not.

How is that possible?

The only explanation is that you have it hardwired into your genes…to be able to recognize patterns and learn things that other beings can’t.

Just like that, you should also be able to figure out what socially responsible means.

It’s not hard, yet some Eastern and Western philosophers make it difficult because they don’t know any other method of making money.

You already have it in you to be a socially responsible person.

But how do you become a socially responsible citizen?

As discussed, it’s easier than it sounds. You try to understand what patterns are around you.

What patterns can you learn from?

Do you need a book to tell you what they are? Absolutely not! You don’t even need Koran for this!

But, you do need a book (say, Koran) to tell you what can you do better to live more fully….

[That’s a topic for another day, not discussed here]

If you still don’t understand what I mean here, then here’s a small checklist that you can use to check yourself and see if you’re a socially responsible person:

  • You’re always curious about the most subtle things
  • You talk to others assuming that you’re projecting positive energy unto them
  • You look towards things as if you’re looking at them for the first time ever
  • When you see someone in need, you lend your hand out to help them up
  • You never question anything that you do – that’s also morally responsible
  • You never question or doubt yourself that you’re a bad person
  • Most importantly, you don’t doubt your parents, your family, your friends and your way of life

Do you need a lifestyle change then in order to come back to these roots?

Perhaps you do, and perhaps you don’t…

See if you’re somebody who has never committed a felony or hurt anybody for petty reasons, you’re probably already good with this.

But, if you’re somebody who was wronged by other people because they had wronged themselves, then I suggest you read what’s written here very carefully.

If you’ve answered ‘yes’ to “self-improvement” then that means that you’ve lost your way.

And believe me, that’s completely fine. You don’t become a horrible monster just because you’re depressed or that you don’t know where to go or who to turn to.

It’s natural that as social animals, humans tend to do better in social settings and groups.

What are the behaviors you need to change in order to “improve” yourself and get back on track?

  1. Form good habits (there’s a reason why this point is on the top of the list)
  2. Learn to speak a beautiful word, and learn to write a beautiful word
  3. Look at the things around you, do they really make you angry? Sad? Lonely? If so, then why?
  4. Answer the ‘why’ of your life based on what you already know and what your upbringing has taught you
  5. Take time away from fancy gadgets such as cellphones, computers, and tablets and really focus on what you really want from life
  6. Try to live your life the way you would as if you were a child learning everything from the beginning (it shouldn’t be hard to do)

Fortunately, Pakistan’s founding fathers made provisions for this in our constitution and social structuring.

Unfortunately, their methods were hardly ever implemented.

This caused a schism between the elite and the average in such a ruthless way that it’ll take the collective energy of the entire citizenry to overcome this shortfall.

Social responsibility that supports the ‘why’ behind the existence of Pakistan

To not be a miserly fool, or a wretch who hurts other people for his/her amusement, the integrity of social responsibility must be protected at all times.

Muslims are a people who are taught to respect other humans and cultures since the time of the Prophet (PBUH).

This tradition had continued until the British usurpers destroyed the Muslim way of life not very long ago.

It’s not to say that the Muslims aren’t at fault here, but to call a duck a duck, and point the finger towards malicious intent.

Muslims were living peacefully in their lands, with 99% literacy rate in Urdu and Persian languages, then why bother to change the system?

Because of ego, hubris, and a belief that one’s way of doing something is better than others.

Muslims never said anything like this until they were forced to do so.

When their very existence came under severe fire and their way of life was in utter danger of getting destroyed.

Everyone talks how wonderful the railway is, but no one really gives credit to the ones who built it in the first place: the Ottoman engineers.

Everyone knows about Tesla, but does anyone know about Ibn e Firnas and his contributions to the scientific world?

The bias in the Western narrative is not only apparent, it is quite (might I add ‘deliberately’) widespread.


Pakistan is meant to uphold social responsibility so that any human being calling Pakistan their home can enjoy a fulfilling and happy life.

The social responsibilities include:

  • Looking out for others and providing them with support
  • Helping yourself becoming a person of knowledge and who uses his/her skill set to the best of their abilities
  • Becoming a society where trustworthiness is not the exception, but the rule (notice I didn’t say honesty)
  • A society where no one will need help, but it would still be provided for them should they ever need it
  • A “system” where people feel that they don’t have to struggle to make ends meet or keep their financial energies up
  • A federation that rewards those who look after one another and help them increase their level of satisfaction in life
  • A secure society that takes full responsibility for its actions and even failures

Failures aren’t a bad thing within themselves, they’re rather a window into your current skill level.

It doesn’t take much to get started and do something worthwhile, it’s the consistency in your action that’s the challenge.

How the first generation saw a socially responsible Pakistan

The thought never crossed their mind that something was wrong with them.

Because there was literally nothing wrong with them.

Yes, they had flaws and gaps in their knowledge, but not in their character.

They were the best of human beings who laid down their lives or saw the massacre first hand so that their great grandchildren can live in a prosperous Pakistan.

Their sacrifice was thoroughly acknowledged and accepted by Quaid e Azam (the Great Leader):

The social responsibility of every citizen also contains the right to not become mentally challenged.

Or go so far ahead in religious zeal that it would become difficult for you to hold the perspective of the truth.

The first generation truly appreciated the words of Allama Iqbal and Quaid e Azam to such a degree that it moved them to leave their livelihoods to create Pakistan.

This is the kind of social responsibility I’m talking about here.

That you realize that there’s always a goal bigger than yourself, follow that goal and spend your health, wealth, love, and happiness in the way of Allah.

That’s the true way of mo’min.

Someone who had aligned themselves with how Allah wants them to be, not how they want to be or how they want to pursue things according to their own desires.

Social responsibility is truly something grand in content, and sublime in existence.

You have to find it on your own and live it the way no one else but you can.


How to counter Indian aggression against Pakistan

Collectively, we can counter the Indian aggression!

How can an individual citizen like you ‘counter’ the Indian aggression…

Indian aggression against Pakistan

There’s a lot of general talk about how the Indians have been posturing aggressively against the Pakistani nation since the creation of Pakistan.

However, we don’t ever see any concrete steps being taken to counter a hostile country’s aggressive steps that have shed a lot of Pakistani blood senselessly.

But there’s another very interesting angle we, collectively as a nation, have not looked at yet…

Most Pakistanis have the same mentality and mindset when it comes to standing by any kind of ideology or values: defensiveness.

Why are the majority of Pakistanis so defensive when it comes to bragging about what they have and what they value?

The answer is simple: they’re very much confused about what they were taught by their parents and what they were taught by the founding fathers.

Most Pakistani parents are what the world calls “brown parents…”stigma of brown parents

Meaning that they have some stereotypes attached to them:

  • They’re fat
  • They’re always angry
  • They’re never happy (no matter what happens in their life)
  • They’re never satisfied with the performance of their children
  • They’re always defensive
  • They’re way over protective of their children
  • They’re always wanting their children to get into a profession to make money

The fact of the matter is, these stereotypes are brutally true!

Many of these so-called “brown parents” are really cretins.

They never achieved anything in their life because they were simply too cowardly.

They’re defensive about their beliefs and overprotective of their children because they’re clearly ashamed of who they are and are too afraid to let their children strike out on their own and find meaning in life by themselves.

The “white parents” in this regard are a lot more open-minded and allow full freedoms to their children so they can flourish in their life however they want.

Even the Koran teaches this!

Each individual is responsible for their own actions, not the actions of other people.

Brown parents seem to think that they’re responsible for their children.

And hence because of their closed-minded attitude become the laughing stock of the world.

Yes, you do have to protect your children, but you don’t have to smother them in order to give them a good life!

Why the millennial generation of Pakistanis feel like they’ve been cheated out of their future!

This same sense of inadequacy and inferiority complex has propelled a hard working, highly intelligent generation into the abyss that is senseless war, restriction of available resources, and complete cutoff from growth opportunities.

They feel trapped, cheated, lied to and disillusioned by the way that their parents have treated them.

Since nothing was good enough, they have developed a sense of inferiority that’s so severe that it might not go away in their lifetimes.

Unless this generation works harder to achieve something that their parents never wanted them to achieve or have – confidence and trust of one’s self.

The Pakistani parents felt extreme shame towards being born a Pakistani, and so they transferred this feeling of shame and guilt towards their offspring(s).

Without realizing that much that has been said about how “bad” Pakistani people are is mere propaganda – yes, all of it!!!

Having married multiple times doesn’t make you a pervert or a bad person.

It just means that your previous marriages were incompatible with you, so you had to go your separate ways.

Never believe your own hype or propaganda on news ticks.

These are meant to hype up ratings and make money – nothing else….

But since the Indian aggression includes the concept of a 5th generation war, which is to subdue your enemy via false propaganda 24/7/365, Pakistani elders of the 2nd and 3rd generation (the ones who came after the ones who helped create Pakistan) bought into the false narrative of Pakistani Army being a rapist army that helped create Bangladesh.

Nothing can be further from the truth!

How many enlistees of the Pakistani Army belong to your household?

What about the ones whose father, brother, uncle, husband or close friend fought in the 1971 war?

Would they paint the same picture of a rapist about their loved ones that the rest of the population so vehemently does without just cause or credibility of information?

No! They would certainly say that theirs’ were loving, caring, and very loyal towards Pakistan.

They’d use words like honor, integrity, discipline, faith, and bravery to describe those soldiers who (no doubt) bravely fought in the 1971 war against an enemy far exceeding their own numbers.

Would you describe your brother, husband, uncle, or close friend as a rapist or a bad human being?

Pakistani soldier with LMG

Most certainly not! Because if you know their character and how they behave and what principles they live their life by, you will NEVER believe false and baseless accusations levied against them!

Yet, the Indian aggressor lays down these accusations like a continuous burst of a machine gun….

And most people even naively believe such lies!

The main reason for such mass stupidity is simple: Pakistanis are ashamed to be born as Pakistanis.

They see themselves as inherently bad people with a flawed language who are genetically inferior to the rest of the world populace.

I ask the reader this question here: can you really think that just because you’re born in Pakistan or born to Pakistani parents that your gene is inferior? Or that the Creator of the universe who has repeatedly mentioned in the Koran that ALL human beings are equal in His sights except in piety and character would ever give you something inferior to live with?

This is absolute madness!

Yet we see this madness continue when our parents claim that they love us when in reality they’re harming us!

Our parents were supposed to teach us what language they spoke, and how well they speak it.

They were supposed to be proud of who they were and what they were…

They were supposed to teach us about goodness, and how to live a fulfilling life.

But they didn’t!

Because their parents (our grandparents) had seen the bloodshed of the 1947 partition.

And how brutally it had taken away from them, the very loved ones they wanted to protect within the borders of Pakistan!

Can you imagine moving to a country that promises to be everything you worked for in your lifetime, where your family would be safe, and where you will not be made to feel any shame towards who you are and what you are?

Only to have taken your loved ones taken away in a sweeping genocide conducting by the murderous tendencies of your enemy who wishes you dead?

Then how can the millennials buy into this propaganda?

This is completely false! Your parents, grandparents, siblings, friends, and spouse(s) fought to create Pakistan and then keep it safe…

So that YOU can enjoy having health, wealth, love, and happiness in your lifetime.

Pakistan Army’s motto is as follows:

And if I don’t come back, tell them, that I’ve sacrificed my today for their tomorrow!

General Raheel Sharif

Then how can you be ashamed of having such an incredible army backing your corner?

Who roots for your success and continuously defends your freedoms and your integrity from foreign forces who wish to do harm to you and your loved ones?

How can someone feel this much embarrassment when they’re ALREADY a nuclear power of the world?!

The only reason I can think of is that YOUR parents didn’t teach you to be proud of WHO and WHAT you are!

You’re a Pakistani Muslim holding a passport, an identity, an ideology, and heck, even your VERY OWN LANGUAGE!

You have no right to complain…but rather you’re supposed to be saying “Alhamdullilah” (Praise be to Allah) day and night for what has been given to you!

You have a nuclear weapon and one of the world’s most powerful armies backing your corner.

Then how can you afford to not take any risks in your lifetime?!

Don’t ever forget that Pakistan Army will always fight to the last man and last bullet.

Only to protect YOUR freedoms and identity, so that you may propagate your culture and way of life to the world.

And take your rightful place as the most powerful Muslim nation on the face of this planet!

Then how can you allow a country such as ‘India’ to scare you into a corner?

Don’t you know who your ancestors are? Haven’t you read up on their lessons yet?

What can an average Pakistani do today to create a safer Pakistan tomorrow

If you have children, then teach them to read Koran, teach them about the Urdu language.

Instill in them the love of Pakistan and Islam.

Teach them the art of life, how to live life, and how to have a fulfilling life.

Teach them various other languages so that they may benefit from foreign literature and ideas.

Teach them the value of hard work and patience (applying time to everything you do in life) so that they may pray for you when you die.

Most importantly, and this is something you CANNOT avoid at any cost, teach them how to defend themselves.

Teach them how to defend their liberties and constitution by arming them at a relatively young age with guns and knives.

Show them how to use these weapons to not kill anyone senselessly, but to defend their own freedoms and as well as the freedoms of their loved ones.

You’d be mad to pass up such a wonderful opportunity to give back to this world!

If you don’t have children or are a child yourself, then please apply these things to yourself.

If your parents are not letting you take part in self-improvement activities then I encourage you to find employment, and then use that money to make yourself better.

If one or both of your parents strongly object to you keeping weapons to symbolize your values and freedoms, then tell them how Switzerland makes its laws.

How every single Swiss household has a cabinet full of rifles, pistols, and other manners of deadly weapons.

Tell them how the Swiss can muster an army of 300, 000 strong within 24 hours without having to conscript anyone in case of a war outbreak.

Swiss girls with rifles

Despite having a population of only 8 million people!

Introduce your parents to concepts such an integrity, honor, and loyalty.

Honduras vs Switzerland

Learn about every subject matter that you can think of or are interested in.

I was always fascinated with healthcare, economy, and how algorithms make our world work as smoothly as they do.

As such, from a very young age, I was introduced to books, fiction and non-fiction alike, who have shaped my world view and who I am today.

My mentors (alive or dead) have taught me the value of life and how can I better myself so that I may pass on what I’ve acquired and used in good faith to others who may need it.

It’s exactly like a situation in an airplane, when the outside pressure is unstable, the oxygen masks from above your seat drop down so you can breathe easy.

The instructions are always to put the oxygen mask on yourself first and then the child.

This is the exact attitude you need to have towards your own children.

They are looking to YOU the father towards guidance and help.

Not the mother, because the mother can only play the role of nurturing, caring for, and introducing new concepts of life to their children.

It is the father’s responsibility to TEACH their progeny about identity, defense, and economy.

That’s why you need a mother AND a father to complete your upbringing.

And if your parents were such who were incapable of providing you the help you needed, then it is YOUR responsibility as a human being to SEEK OUT knowledge and apply it appropriately.

How to arm yourself with knowledge and weapons

If you don’t know where to start…

Then start by reading books of various manner.

I’d suggest you start with first aid training and work your way up to how to use a rifle.

Get your local barracks or infantry division to teach you how to use a weapon.

If they don’t want to teach you, then seek out a retired soldier or a professional marksman who can help you teach how to use a weapon for maximum effect.

Pay money if you have to…and you most certainly will have to at some point, so don’t be afraid of exchanging money for real and lasting value.

Build your character by learning from your favorite mentors.

Keep in mind what Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) has said about acquiring knowledge – you have to get it from anywhere you can, and by any means necessary.

Start teaching yourself about Pakistani economy and read monthly economic reports of various companies.

This will give you an idea of how and where to make a stable and reliable income (and to a large extent establishing a reliable income source).

When the Prophet (PBUH) passed away, his home was no larger than a small hovel, but he had numerous weapons, shields, bows and arrows, lances, swords, spears, and battle-axes hanging all over the walls.

This shows us just how much he valued personal freedom and defense over having food to eat or clothes to wear.

This is the only way that the Pakistani nation can defend against and reply to the imminent Indian aggression which threatens to destroy them, and their loved ones in the process.

Tread carefully friends, you really don’t know how wonderful life truly is!


The biggest ‘threat’ to Pakistan’s national security

national security for Pakistan

The biggest threat to Pakistan’s national security is lack of learning

I’m not kidding!

National security is a matter of utmost importance for Pakistanis or any other nation.

The reason why we even have national security is to keep the fabric of our society protected under rules and regulations that help us thrive.

This used to be something that was the most important thing for Pakistan back in the 90s.

But now, things have declined considerably.

national security and social studies

And the only reason is that we’ve stopped researching!

We’ve stopped reading and think that it’s cumbersome.

Hopefully this article is easy on your eyes and not too hard so that you click away.

But still, a lingering sense of “doom and gloom” still persists.

How to get the right education at the right time

Okay, maybe to say or write the word “education” is a deadly sin in of itself.

I should rather say ‘ilm’ or better known in English language as knowledge or learning.

Learning is another extension of knowledge that goes beyond the scope of books and implements things in real time.

In Urdu word ‘ilm’ both knowledge and learning are interlinked – they don’t mean the same thing, but they’re interlinked by this one word.

To get the right knowledge/learning, you must understand first what national security really means for a nation.

It means to protect the sacred laws the society has built upon (not status quo or bureaucracy) its cities and industry.

It also means to read the right books at the right time.

There’s always the right time to read a good book – provided that you can do so in a quiet spot.

This book or collection of knowledge doesn’t have to be a school book.

In fact, I urge you to read books that enhance your knowledge via authors who’ve wrote about an experience.

For example, you can read the ‘Nuclear war surviving skills‘ guide to enhance your knowledge in case Pakistan and India go to war.

You don’t have to read only one, read several guides that enhance your knowledge!

Americans have gone through nuclear war, and so have Japanese people.

Learn from their experiences and build upon them to strengthen your own national security.

That’s why Pakistan has only one layer of protection (i.e. Army/ISI) whereas it should have at least 6!

Borne creativity and how to leave the competition in the dust

That’s easy.

Read as many books as possible.

Experiment with as many projects as possible – failures or successes are all part of the game.

Come up with new strategies and keep improving your mind by building Pakistan with other businessmen and national security agencies.

Fund or invest in projects that have tremendous value and can move Pakistan forward through centuries.

And keep a lookout for hyenas or wolves (you know the neighbors to the East, and occasionally to the West *wink wink*).

At the very end (well, to be honest, there’s no end to this) you’ll become very satisfied with the result you’ve gotten.

Just do this one thing: open your mind to new possibilities and learn and gain as much knowledge as possible about the subject matter.

I’ll give out a few books you can read about national security in another more elaborate article which will detail a lot of things about how complicated national security can get.

Until then, keep hunting for ‘ilm’.

Forget Being human; We Be Royal

Cofounder Citizen Awareness Program

In theory, there are two basic methods of voting, namely secret ballot and open ballot, although in practice modern democracies prefer secret ballot for the purpose of safeguarding the sanctity of individual freedom of choice, as basic right of a voter. The government of Pakistan has announced restriction on the method of secret ballot while replacing it with open ballot in the upcoming senate election, justifying the proposal as a technique of relieving the senate election from horse trading resulting from bribery and corruption.

It is still quite contradictory to the utopia of corruption-free system of government absent in Pakistan, keeping in view that Pakistan follows bicameral legislature amidst scarcity of financial resources, with upper house called senate representing a wider and multiple range of sections in society assigned with duty of providing a more sober second thought compared to public-driven popularly elected lower house – National Assembly. To create the upper chamber may have been a sensible decision at the time of independence or later, witnessing serious economic crisis, financial discrepancies, deterioration in business and national enterprises, bicameralism could easily be termed as extravagance today.

Its functionality has been eroded to nothing with little prospect for change, despite empty speeches and useless promises. It seems absurd to imagine the Senate should take up even an hour of serious discussion, as most of the senate members have been bestowed with a membership in relation to their wealthy connections, which is an outright negation of competence, while on the other hand it is a complete waste of finances spent on the senate sessions, wages, and protocols. Upper chamber has become a repository of political cronies, former political personalities, business tycoons and many other depressingly unserious characters. Today it serves no real purpose other than to bring itself into disrepute. From a practical perspective, Pakistan already has a unicameral legislature. Why not make it official? – On a daily basis evidence piles up that reveals our upper house to be neither useful nor necessary.

While talking about state over-spending, misuse of financial resources, one cannot overlook such many unnecessary offices enjoying the royal treatment as free-ride. Conspicuous out of these is the office of provincial governor, who is practically “Queen” of the Westminster parliament in Pakistan, served with pampering accessories at his very own provincial “Buckingham” palace.

Have any other countries/territories ever abolished their senate?

And the answer is a YES! Following are the countries that have redesigned the composition of their legislatures and have moved to unicameralism, keeping in view the larger good of the state. Nevertheless, countries stated below are financially capable to entertain bicameralism with ease compared to Pakistan’s crippled economic position.  It is quite ludicrous to justify a system merely because it was proposed by the ancestors or because it has not been opposed by some one before. In the nutshell, Pakistan’s senate is a highly undemocratic institution and a total burden on an already feeble state of economy.

Queensland (Australia)










Nebraska (United States)


many other local, and national states

How can I help?

Write to your MP. Let them know that the Senate is an unnecessary institution. You would rather see the money spent elsewhere or returned to your pocket.

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