How to counter Indian aggression against Pakistan

Collectively, we can counter the Indian aggression!

How can an individual citizen like you ‘counter’ the Indian aggression…

Indian aggression against Pakistan

There’s a lot of general talk about how the Indians have been posturing aggressively against the Pakistani nation since the creation of Pakistan.

However, we don’t ever see any concrete steps being taken to counter a hostile country’s aggressive steps that have shed a lot of Pakistani blood senselessly.

But there’s another very interesting angle we, collectively as a nation, have not looked at yet…

Most Pakistanis have the same mentality and mindset when it comes to standing by any kind of ideology or values: defensiveness.

Why are the majority of Pakistanis so defensive when it comes to bragging about what they have and what they value?

The answer is simple: they’re very much confused about what they were taught by their parents and what they were taught by the founding fathers.

Most Pakistani parents are what the world calls “brown parents…”stigma of brown parents

Meaning that they have some stereotypes attached to them:

  • They’re fat
  • They’re always angry
  • They’re never happy (no matter what happens in their life)
  • They’re never satisfied with the performance of their children
  • They’re always defensive
  • They’re way over protective of their children
  • They’re always wanting their children to get into a profession to make money

The fact of the matter is, these stereotypes are brutally true!

Many of these so-called “brown parents” are really cretins.

They never achieved anything in their life because they were simply too cowardly.

They’re defensive about their beliefs and overprotective of their children because they’re clearly ashamed of who they are and are too afraid to let their children strike out on their own and find meaning in life by themselves.

The “white parents” in this regard are a lot more open-minded and allow full freedoms to their children so they can flourish in their life however they want.

Even the Koran teaches this!

Each individual is responsible for their own actions, not the actions of other people.

Brown parents seem to think that they’re responsible for their children.

And hence because of their closed-minded attitude become the laughing stock of the world.

Yes, you do have to protect your children, but you don’t have to smother them in order to give them a good life!

Why the millennial generation of Pakistanis feel like they’ve been cheated out of their future!

This same sense of inadequacy and inferiority complex has propelled a hard working, highly intelligent generation into the abyss that is senseless war, restriction of available resources, and complete cutoff from growth opportunities.

They feel trapped, cheated, lied to and disillusioned by the way that their parents have treated them.

Since nothing was good enough, they have developed a sense of inferiority that’s so severe that it might not go away in their lifetimes.

Unless this generation works harder to achieve something that their parents never wanted them to achieve or have – confidence and trust of one’s self.

The Pakistani parents felt extreme shame towards being born a Pakistani, and so they transferred this feeling of shame and guilt towards their offspring(s).

Without realizing that much that has been said about how “bad” Pakistani people are is mere propaganda – yes, all of it!!!

Having married multiple times doesn’t make you a pervert or a bad person.

It just means that your previous marriages were incompatible with you, so you had to go your separate ways.

Never believe your own hype or propaganda on news ticks.

These are meant to hype up ratings and make money – nothing else….

But since the Indian aggression includes the concept of a 5th generation war, which is to subdue your enemy via false propaganda 24/7/365, Pakistani elders of the 2nd and 3rd generation (the ones who came after the ones who helped create Pakistan) bought into the false narrative of Pakistani Army being a rapist army that helped create Bangladesh.

Nothing can be further from the truth!

How many enlistees of the Pakistani Army belong to your household?

What about the ones whose father, brother, uncle, husband or close friend fought in the 1971 war?

Would they paint the same picture of a rapist about their loved ones that the rest of the population so vehemently does without just cause or credibility of information?

No! They would certainly say that theirs’ were loving, caring, and very loyal towards Pakistan.

They’d use words like honor, integrity, discipline, faith, and bravery to describe those soldiers who (no doubt) bravely fought in the 1971 war against an enemy far exceeding their own numbers.

Would you describe your brother, husband, uncle, or close friend as a rapist or a bad human being?

Pakistani soldier with LMG

Most certainly not! Because if you know their character and how they behave and what principles they live their life by, you will NEVER believe false and baseless accusations levied against them!

Yet, the Indian aggressor lays down these accusations like a continuous burst of a machine gun….

And most people even naively believe such lies!

The main reason for such mass stupidity is simple: Pakistanis are ashamed to be born as Pakistanis.

They see themselves as inherently bad people with a flawed language who are genetically inferior to the rest of the world populace.

I ask the reader this question here: can you really think that just because you’re born in Pakistan or born to Pakistani parents that your gene is inferior? Or that the Creator of the universe who has repeatedly mentioned in the Koran that ALL human beings are equal in His sights except in piety and character would ever give you something inferior to live with?

This is absolute madness!

Yet we see this madness continue when our parents claim that they love us when in reality they’re harming us!

Our parents were supposed to teach us what language they spoke, and how well they speak it.

They were supposed to be proud of who they were and what they were…

They were supposed to teach us about goodness, and how to live a fulfilling life.

But they didn’t!

Because their parents (our grandparents) had seen the bloodshed of the 1947 partition.

And how brutally it had taken away from them, the very loved ones they wanted to protect within the borders of Pakistan!

Can you imagine moving to a country that promises to be everything you worked for in your lifetime, where your family would be safe, and where you will not be made to feel any shame towards who you are and what you are?

Only to have taken your loved ones taken away in a sweeping genocide conducting by the murderous tendencies of your enemy who wishes you dead?

Then how can the millennials buy into this propaganda?

This is completely false! Your parents, grandparents, siblings, friends, and spouse(s) fought to create Pakistan and then keep it safe…

So that YOU can enjoy having health, wealth, love, and happiness in your lifetime.

Pakistan Army’s motto is as follows:

And if I don’t come back, tell them, that I’ve sacrificed my today for their tomorrow!

General Raheel Sharif

Then how can you be ashamed of having such an incredible army backing your corner?

Who roots for your success and continuously defends your freedoms and your integrity from foreign forces who wish to do harm to you and your loved ones?

How can someone feel this much embarrassment when they’re ALREADY a nuclear power of the world?!

The only reason I can think of is that YOUR parents didn’t teach you to be proud of WHO and WHAT you are!

You’re a Pakistani Muslim holding a passport, an identity, an ideology, and heck, even your VERY OWN LANGUAGE!

You have no right to complain…but rather you’re supposed to be saying “Alhamdullilah” (Praise be to Allah) day and night for what has been given to you!

You have a nuclear weapon and one of the world’s most powerful armies backing your corner.

Then how can you afford to not take any risks in your lifetime?!

Don’t ever forget that Pakistan Army will always fight to the last man and last bullet.

Only to protect YOUR freedoms and identity, so that you may propagate your culture and way of life to the world.

And take your rightful place as the most powerful Muslim nation on the face of this planet!

Then how can you allow a country such as ‘India’ to scare you into a corner?

Don’t you know who your ancestors are? Haven’t you read up on their lessons yet?

What can an average Pakistani do today to create a safer Pakistan tomorrow

If you have children, then teach them to read Koran, teach them about the Urdu language.

Instill in them the love of Pakistan and Islam.

Teach them the art of life, how to live life, and how to have a fulfilling life.

Teach them various other languages so that they may benefit from foreign literature and ideas.

Teach them the value of hard work and patience (applying time to everything you do in life) so that they may pray for you when you die.

Most importantly, and this is something you CANNOT avoid at any cost, teach them how to defend themselves.

Teach them how to defend their liberties and constitution by arming them at a relatively young age with guns and knives.

Show them how to use these weapons to not kill anyone senselessly, but to defend their own freedoms and as well as the freedoms of their loved ones.

You’d be mad to pass up such a wonderful opportunity to give back to this world!

If you don’t have children or are a child yourself, then please apply these things to yourself.

If your parents are not letting you take part in self-improvement activities then I encourage you to find employment, and then use that money to make yourself better.

If one or both of your parents strongly object to you keeping weapons to symbolize your values and freedoms, then tell them how Switzerland makes its laws.

How every single Swiss household has a cabinet full of rifles, pistols, and other manners of deadly weapons.

Tell them how the Swiss can muster an army of 300, 000 strong within 24 hours without having to conscript anyone in case of a war outbreak.

Swiss girls with rifles

Despite having a population of only 8 million people!

Introduce your parents to concepts such an integrity, honor, and loyalty.

Honduras vs Switzerland

Learn about every subject matter that you can think of or are interested in.

I was always fascinated with healthcare, economy, and how algorithms make our world work as smoothly as they do.

As such, from a very young age, I was introduced to books, fiction and non-fiction alike, who have shaped my world view and who I am today.

My mentors (alive or dead) have taught me the value of life and how can I better myself so that I may pass on what I’ve acquired and used in good faith to others who may need it.

It’s exactly like a situation in an airplane, when the outside pressure is unstable, the oxygen masks from above your seat drop down so you can breathe easy.

The instructions are always to put the oxygen mask on yourself first and then the child.

This is the exact attitude you need to have towards your own children.

They are looking to YOU the father towards guidance and help.

Not the mother, because the mother can only play the role of nurturing, caring for, and introducing new concepts of life to their children.

It is the father’s responsibility to TEACH their progeny about identity, defense, and economy.

That’s why you need a mother AND a father to complete your upbringing.

And if your parents were such who were incapable of providing you the help you needed, then it is YOUR responsibility as a human being to SEEK OUT knowledge and apply it appropriately.

How to arm yourself with knowledge and weapons

If you don’t know where to start…

Then start by reading books of various manner.

I’d suggest you start with first aid training and work your way up to how to use a rifle.

Get your local barracks or infantry division to teach you how to use a weapon.

If they don’t want to teach you, then seek out a retired soldier or a professional marksman who can help you teach how to use a weapon for maximum effect.

Pay money if you have to…and you most certainly will have to at some point, so don’t be afraid of exchanging money for real and lasting value.

Build your character by learning from your favorite mentors.

Keep in mind what Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) has said about acquiring knowledge – you have to get it from anywhere you can, and by any means necessary.

Start teaching yourself about Pakistani economy and read monthly economic reports of various companies.

This will give you an idea of how and where to make a stable and reliable income (and to a large extent establishing a reliable income source).

When the Prophet (PBUH) passed away, his home was no larger than a small hovel, but he had numerous weapons, shields, bows and arrows, lances, swords, spears, and battle-axes hanging all over the walls.

This shows us just how much he valued personal freedom and defense over having food to eat or clothes to wear.

This is the only way that the Pakistani nation can defend against and reply to the imminent Indian aggression which threatens to destroy them, and their loved ones in the process.

Tread carefully friends, you really don’t know how wonderful life truly is!



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